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Android tablet price war

Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Asus … … the face of the impact of Apple iPad, PC industry giants have finally started to expand the “counterattack.” Tablet PC‘s “Hundred Flowers”, may soon trigger a price war. 

Sources yesterday on the “First Financial Daily” said Acer android Tablet PC with China’s market to promote new growth. “The afternoon of 15 will be released in Beijing.” The source said. 

JT Wang, Acer’s chairman and CEO, a few days ago set the tone for this strategy: 7 May, he presided over in Lake Lugano, Switzerland in a note to investors, on the topic specifically as “Towards a mobile terminal Leaders of the Road “and stressed that if the Tablet PC shipments this year goes well, will be able to recover behind schedule. 

This is known as “King of artillery,” the PC leader stressed that Acer would not deliberately impulse, will focus on the value of tablet PCs, and will increase R & D investment. External rendering seem to be afraid of Apple, last week, Acer announced that specially in the United States took the lead, will be launched this month, 24 cellular Tablet PC, Apple iPad 2 cheaper than the low $ 50 minimum configuration version. 

Lenovo has not bet all of the resources in the open source operating system, and yesterday it announced this year in June, the new Tablet PC will be available worldwide, in addition to Android version of the Microsoft Windows version will be released, and, also with the naming Music Pad differ. 

“We will also introduce for enterprise users of tablet computers, integrated business features Thinkpad advantage.” Yesterday afternoon, Chen Danqing Lenovo spokesman told this newspaper that it is only the beginning, Lenovo’s mobile Internet product strategy planning than these to much richer. 

The advantage may lie in temporary factory prices of flat products to push their new Apple iPad 2 basic than the lower price. 

The PC giant trailing Apple’s big push Tablet PC, even with short term price advantage, but in terms of core competencies, and perhaps find it difficult ahead of the competition.Although selling Apple hardware terminal, but its core competence lies in the back of the online services platform. As of now, Lenovo is in addition to rapid adoption of its “App Store”, the other PC companies have not yet matured plan. The number of software downloads Apple APP Store has already more than 100 million times. 

Analysts believe that as soon as possible if you can not build an application model, these swarms of tablet PCs, next year may fall into a price war. “It’s like the market of netbook in 2009.”

Should You Stay With Your Cheating Lover?

It’s difficult to answer some questions in a relationship. Should you stay with a cheating lover? That’s one of the many difficult questions you will have to answer once you discover your lover has been cheating. Unfortunately, it’s also a question for which there are no easy answers. But it’s also one that no answer should be made lightly.

This is one of those times in life when you’re just going to have to sit down and come up with a list of all the reasons to stay together and work things out and all the reasons to walk away now.

Reasons to Stay With Your Cheating Lover

Here are a few common reasons for staying together even after your lover cheated on you.

You really do love one another.This means you have no doubt about your love for your lover or the love your lover has for you. Some people do not equate sex and love and it’s easier in these situations to forgive (not easy by any means just easier) a lover for cheating.
You believe this is a one time thing.This is not something that any relationship is going to weather well if it’s an ongoing problem. If you are convinced it will not happen again then you might find it easier to forgive and move forward.
You believe you are creating a family together.Two people can be a family. If you have children involved in the relationship, the love you feel for one another can be complicated by children but it can also be complemented by them. Family is a deeper kind of love than the love of a casual romance and it’s much harder to turn your back on.

Reasons to Walk Away from Your Cheating Lover

There are also plenty of reasons to keep in mind that might make walking away from your cheating love the right choice for you to make at this point in time.

Your relationship seems directionless.You need to be going somewhere with your relationship. You don’t have to be headed towards the altar. Not all people are meant for marriage but you need to be working together towards a common goal. If your relationship lacks direction you either need to find one or consider moving on.
You believe this is going to be a pattern in your relationship.If you aren’t sure this will never happen again or you don’t believe your lover that this is a one-time deal then perhaps it’s best to guard your heart against this kind of pain again.
You aren’t sure about the love in this relationship.Whether you believe you may love your lover more than your lover loves you or you believe that your love is fading fast there is no reason to continue if the love has gone.


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Article Marketing CHEAT Sheet – Overcome Writers Block With KILLER Content Style Templates

Who else is having a hard time overcoming writers block? If you are an article marker who COUNTS on your content to put food on the table, staring at a BLANK screen, or having an idea crisis is NOT good for your brand, or your business.

The GOOD news?

Anyone who makes their living creating content for a living has certain cheat sheets, or templates, or idea joggers that help them LEAP out of the lurch of brain freeze, and BACK into the warm and welcoming wellspring of creative inspiration. 🙂

I’m going to give you a few of my OWN simple content TYPE cheat cheat idea joggers, in the hope that you can apply them to your OWN niche, or your own marketplace, or your own suite of services or offers that make YOU money.



The easiest way, especially if you are passionate about your industry, to create KILLER content is to challenge, or confront a big fish in your industry. I will often look for tweets, or popular authors, for example….and find things about their ideas that DON’T mesh with my own. I’ll confront them, or their ideas, directly with my content…..and once that article goes live on a directory, or on my blog, the traffic starts to come in VIRAL waves of support, or disdain!


The polar opposite approach of the above, is finding people, or perspective you AGREE with, or that jive well with your ethos. Compliment them. Everyone likes hearing their name mentioned in a positive context, and MUCH like the above, you’ll find that the target of your kind words will often LINK to either you, or your article, giving you tidal waves of traffic that build your business…..and your brand!

Content Type: CONFESSION

This works like MAGIC in just about every niche…and even, in some variation you can see it at play in THIS article. For example, if I were to confess to suffering from writers block for MOST of my professional career, and simply outline the ways that I’ve been able to overcome it, it not only gives me an idea for new content, it also creates a bond, a rapport and a commonality with many of the people reading this, who obviously, by virtue of the fact that they’re reading this article… share in this pain!

The truth is, having a long list of TYPES of content for any and every situation is a great way to overcome writers block FAST…and when you’ve written thousands of articles like I have, and have millions of readers as a result, unfortunately… writers block is simply NOT an option when you’re trying to GROW your business in a BIG way like me!

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