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Ps3 Console Slim Is The Best Value In Entertainment

I previously owned a 40GB version of the PS3 Console, and when the 120GB Slim version was announced, I decided to buy it. Since the PS3 Console holds it value well, I was able to sell my older model and purchase the newer slim model for about a $ 50 difference. With the new price level, the PS3 Console continues to set the bar for a complete entertainment system. While stand alone blu-ray players have seen prices drop, the overall value of getting a blu-ray player and a new game console in one package is still outstanding. The built in wireless means you will never have to worry about firmware updates as long you have an Internet connection and a wireless router.

The PS3 Console makes it easy to update your software, games, and firmware with just a few steps. The new PS3 Console Slim is not only smaller, but it also seems much quieter in my opinion, though I never had a big issue with my old 40GB model to be honest. If the noise of the older models was a concern for you, then you will be happy with a slim model. The larger disk space of 120 GB versus my older 40GB model is a nice benefit of upgrading as well. I would like to see Sony implement some other features such as Netflix on demand in the future; however, the overall value of using the Sony Playstation 3 as your primary entertainment system is pretty amazing in my opinion.

+ Cost effective entertainment system
+ Blu-ray Player
+ Built in Wireless Internet Adapter
+ Playstation Network membership is free

The only negative I could find is that the system does not support PS2 games, however since I do not own any PS2 games, it had no effect on my rating.

PS3 Console – Silent , Yet Deadly!

The first thing I noticed about the PS3 Console slim was the sound/noise . Oh wait there wasn’t any ! Even after playing battlefield 1943 , and call of duty 4 for about 2 – 3 hours and the system was barely heated and it made NO sound what so ever unlike the 80 GB! This system has a new processor in it which makes it faster and lower in noise . I would have purchased a 360 , but I didn’t feel like paying money for online …Plus I really wanted to get Killzone 2.

Im not a fan boy just someone who wants a system that won’t empty out my wallet , and that is a reliable product . And the PS3 Console slim had both , plus 120 GB .The only thing I didn’t like about the slim is the the power button and the DVD / CD /game disc slot .
Its a button instead of a censer when you press it .

I love the system and I believe its the best bang for ya buck . If you don’t mind paying for online for the 360 then I would push to the Xbox. Unless you want the exclusives for the PS3 Console which I do = P

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5 Ways to Catch Your Lover Cheating

It’s not always easy to catch your lover cheating but living with the questions rolling around inside your head is even more difficult. If you have these particular questions, you need answers fast. Here are five ways to catch your lover cheating so you can stop living with the questions and move on to whatever comes next for the two of you.

1) Take advantage of GPS (global positioning satellite) technology. Use a GPS tracking device to track the movements your lover makes when you’re not around. Modern devices are small and easy to plant in your lover’s car, person, and even in your lover’s pocket.

2) Hide cameras in strategic locations around your house. This does two things. First of all it can catch your lover in the act of cheating if your lover is cheating at home. It can also catch one side of conversations your lover is having with the “other person” when you’re not in the room.

3) Track your lover’s online activities. There are many different key logging programs that log all the keys your lover types into the computer. You can track the sites your lover frequents, email passwords and messages, and instant messages sent over the computer. You’ll only see one side of the conversation but that’s generally enough to get the “big picture” about what’s going on.

4) Hire a private investigator. This is an expensive option and one that isn’t very attractive to most people in your situation. It is one of the most effective however. This is an expense better saved for a potentially costly divorce case where prenuptial agreements and large sums of money are on the line in addition to the pain and betrayal of being cheated on.

5) Set a trap that is sure to catch your lover in the act. Plan to be out of town for the weekend but stick around and see what your lover does with that extra time on his or her hands. You might be pleasantly surprised or your lover may have some serious explaining to do.

Whether you find out that your suspicions were correct and catch your lover cheating or you discover that your lover really has been true to you, knowing the truth will prove to be a huge weight off your mind. Then you can move on to some of the bigger decisions like what is going to come next for you and your lover.

Even if you break up after you catch your lover cheating, it’s possible to get your ex back and have a long and happy future together.


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The plain black dresses

The black dresses go with shoes having visual interest, contrast, as well as elaborate detailing. But the black shoes are pretty predictable, so that means that you need to consider shoes in any other color than black. These tend to add a nice contrast.

You may add a small clutch or handbag to the black dresses. A larger bag goes well as casual wear while a simple clutch that is in a dazzling color can dress up for more formal events. You may even pair your dress along with a sequined handbag as well as strappy shoes for a night out dining with your partner.

In case you go with shoes that are in a contrasting color and not black, you need to choose a purse that is able to pick up the color of the shoes. Even if it is not exact, but it will at least harmonize in some way.

A belt at the waist will be able to create great emphasis as well as interest to the plain black dresses. The belt can be cinched around the waist, or it may even be worn loosely around the hips. This will be able to change the look of the black dresses completely. This belt can even change the entire shape of your dress.

You can also place the belt of your black dresses a few inches below your breasts. This is because a belt will be able to give the illusion of a bigger bust. Besides, it will also be able to give the illusion of a different look and shape to your body. Rather than using a regular belt, you can even try wearing a silk or velvet ribbon. This works well in place of the regular belt. You can even get inspiration in the ribbon aisle at your local craft shop. Here you can choose either a wide ribbon or a thin ribbon, or even patterns to solid. Basically, a ribbon belt is a great way for you to dress up your black dresses.

In case you are considering a colored belt you need to make it match with those perfectly colored shoes.

Scarves are a favorite way if you wish to spice up your plain black dresses. You may use a lightweight scarf in any season as that will accent your outfit. There are a dozen ways for you to tie your scarf when you wear a black dress.

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