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Ps3 Hdmi – How To Make It Near-Complete

Necessary disclosure: I do not own this model. I have what used to be a 60GB model, recently upgraded to 320GB – the gold standard.

As compared to the 60GB model:
+ less expensive (I paid $ 599 for my 60GB PS3)
+ 33% more storage
+ needs less power
+ dual shock controller (rumble)
– no memory card interfaces
– 2 USB ports vs. 4 USB ports on the 60GB
– no PS2 compatibility

This model comes with an 80GB drive. This is nice because, most would agree, 80GB is more than 60GB. If you feel that the extra 20GB is a big deal, maybe you should think again. I upgraded my 60GB to 320GB because I was about to run out of space, with only 10GB or so left. One month or so later, I’m using more than 80GB already – just downloaded the Ratchet and Clank minigame from PSN and it alone needs about 3GB. My advice is to buy this model and upgrade it yourself. It’s (relatively) easy and you can find a lot of advice if you Google for it.

If you are on the upgrade path, $ 80 would buy you a 320GB drive. I used the Western Digital WD3200BEVT 320 GB Scorpio Sata 5400 Rpm 8MB 2.5 inch myself but that was back in June/July and I paid about $ 150 then; you could get much larger drives for less now. 500GB drives are available for less than $ 100 and you should try to get one of those if you are planning to store lots of videos. One that I tested would be the 500GB 2.5″ Sata Drive which replaced my laptop’s 60GB little drive and I helped a friend upgrade his own PS3 HDMI with. The nice thing about upgrading your disk is that you are also going to be left with a perfectly good 80GB or $ 160GB drive which you can place into a cheap enclosure, and the StarTech AT2510U2 InfoSafe 2.5-Inch USB/SATA Hard Drive Enclosure worked for me. I am using the free leftover drive as a backup device for family photos.

Upgrading the disk is (relatively) easy and you can find a lot of advice on the Net. Search for ” PS3 HDMI Hard Drive Upgrade (HOWTO)” for videos that should help you decide if you are comfortable with upgrading. If upgrading is the first thing you do (before installing games or uploading personal files), everything becomes very easy because you need not worry about backups or restores. I upgraded my box in a couple of hours WITH the backup/restore steps.

The lack of memory card interfaces is annoying but you can get around it. Copy your stuff to a USB drive or flash drive and… problem solved. You can then upload your things through the USB. It’s somewhat inconvenient but it’s no big deal.

My old (10 months) 60GB model has 4 USB slots and I am using all of them. One for the PS3 HDMI Eye (camera), a second has a wireless keyboard dongle, the third is where the racing wheel plugs in and the last one I use to charge controllers. Can you live with 2 slots? I suppose you can but there’s going to be some plugging/unplugging if you begin adding peripherals. I suppose you could get one of those USB ports multiplexers. They’re ugly but… it’s doable.

PS2 compatibility… can’t get it. Sorry. I don’t play PS2 games but my kids do. In fact, they just bought some Sonic game a couple of days ago. I was surprised but… de gustibus. They’re also playing Kingdom Hearts and Destroy All Humans.

This model comes with a couple of improvements over the gold standard. It burns less electricity, which is a good thing for the rain forests, keeping them cool and maybe you save a few dollars on your electric bill. And, of course you get the advanced controller.

– If you are planning to upgrade, the 80GB model is the way to go because it is selling for $ 100 less than the larger disk version and you can use the savings to pay for your disk upgrade
– Get yourself a USB port multiplexer if you need more than 2 ports
– Transfer your photos to flash drives to get around the missing memory card interfaces
– Or or, even better, to address both the USB and the memory card issues, get the Playstation 3 Media Hub+ for 2 extra USB ports AND a card reader
– Keep your PS2 if you have one and still wish to play PS2 games in the future.
– Enjoy your new PS3 HDMI.

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Can You Make Your Cheating Wife Stop?

Not everyone who has a cheating wife wants to end the marriage. Unfortunately, not every cheating wife wants to save her marriage. Is there a way to make your cheating wife stop – even if she isn’t sure she wants to? There are times when you can save your marriage even though your cheating wife isn’t sure she’s ready to end the affair.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you really want to make that happen though.

1) Never issue ultimatums.As tempting as it may be, this is not the time to start throwing your weight around. At least not until you know she’s made her choice and that choice is you. Seriously, the decision to stay must be hers and hers alone. You can encourage but you cannot demand if you want a good outcome.

2) Try to empathize with your wife’s position.It’s not always easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes but this is a time when you want to look at your marriage through her eyes. When you show your wife that you are seeing things from her point of view she’ll see you in a new light and be more willing to give you and your marriage a second chance.

3) Take the first step in the right direction.Yes, sometimes it’s really best to be the one to make the first move. This is one of those times. You want to extend the olive branch and offer the apology. Yes, it was wrong of her to cheat. But, if you are the one who wants to save this marriage and she’s still sitting on the fence, you are going to need to be the one who starts the process of compromising.

4) Set out to win her heart all over again.You won her heart once before and you can win it again if you are committed to the cause. Be the romantic fool you were when you dated the first time around. Make her fall in love with you a second time and make it your mission in life to make her fall in love with you all over again every single day from this day forward.

5) Make the other man a distant memory.The best way, by far, to make your cheating wife stop is to make sure that the other man pales by comparison to you. Be the man you were when the two of you fell in love and continue working to woo your wife. It will pay off well for you in the end.


It’s hard to deal with a cheating wife. It’s even harder when she isn’t sure what she wants. If you want to make your marriage work there’s only one thing left to do: get your ex back. Unfortunately, that may seem a lot easier said than done.


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Astrology and Black Magic

 Dark energy and Black magic attacks have certain symptoms which are consistent and these can be checked on our website given below.

If there are certain planets which are weak or malefic in your birth charts and you are going through their dasa or cycle then there is very good chance that you will be prone to dark energy or black magic attacks. These planets are Sani {Saturn}, Rahu and Ketu which are nodes of Saturn.

In our vast experience in dealing with the Dark energy and Black magic we use Karmic and Vedic Astrology birth charts to find out the weakness or malefic planets which are present in your charts and how these are affecting you. We also check your energy using crystals which are worked out from your karmic planets. These crystals will pick up any dark energy around you or imbalance in your energy.

During consultation and after checking to see if the symptoms of the dark energy and black magic are present then we can suggest remedies which based on prescribed remedies written thousands of years ago by Sages. These remedies are given on our web site given below.

Dark energy and Black magic can cause havoc in your life from causing health problems, financial decline, relationship problems with people who are close to you. It also can cause arguments and turmoil and in time gets stronger and more malefic if not dealt with. People who are affected behave differently from their normal selves and this would be a very good indicator of the dark energy and black magic attack.

Dark energy is very strong and it takes a very long time to remove and protect from ever coming back. i can give an example by taking a glass of milk. If you put few drops of black ink in it the whole glass of milk turns cloudy and dark. In the same way the dark energy is very strong and malefic and therefore very damaging.

Please refer to our web sites www.removeblackmagic.com for symptoms of dark energy and Black magic. We are Astrologers but also deal with the Dark energy and Black Magic and my husband has more than 44 years experience in this field.

Sheela Gandhi is an Astrologer and a Palmist who has chosen this path after a near death experience many years ago. She use to be in legal field but finds this field much more enjoyable. Sheela comes from family of Astrologers going back several generations and she is very spiritual.Sheela has more than 38 years experience in this field.