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How to Win Your Ex Back After Cheating

Can you restore trust in virtually failed relationships? How to win your ex back after cheating? Most people understand that infidelity should always terminate a relationship. Not necessarily so. Any relationship can be saved provided both partners really want to make it happen.

So how to love after infidelity? The answer to this question lies in restoring trust which means an adjustment in attitude and actions. This re-adjustment needs to start with increasing the trust level between both partners.

If you have been cheating, it means that you have had an attitude to stray. Something is wrong at the very core of the relationship. We need to treat the disease not the symptoms. So the root cause at the core which causes the deviant attitude needs healing.

When you had an affair, what was it that your were searching? Was it your sexual relationship that was uninteresting? Or that she was not finding time for you? Was she not grooming herself lately?

I do not think you would cheat if the primary relationship is doing fine. So what can be done to improve your relationship. More often than not, you will find the answer within yourself. Or it may even be in your relationship with your partner.

Repairing the diseased core will help to restore trust in the relationship. That could also mean that you may have to go in for professional help. Do not hesitate to approach a marriage counsellor if you have to.

Self analysis and understanding of our thought patterns is the first step of a long journey. Next comes the time to take solid action to repair the problems.

Unless there is proper action substantiating the talk, trust cannot be restored. So focus on doing the right things and not just talking about it.

You can start by making small promises and proving faithful on them. If you promise to take out the garbage every evening, do it consistently. Such actions build trust when done consistently. Small demonstrations like these will build up a sense of confidence and impact the relationship as a whole.

How to win her back after cheating? Your girlfriend or wife needs constant reassurance of your change. So if necessary, do not hesitate to apologize more than once. She may comment repeatedly about the violation. Take it in your stride. Remember it is not easy to forgive such a breach of trust. But you need to give her time to do it. If you want to get her back after cheating, be patient.

Patience does not mean feeling guilty about it forever. If she is allowed to constantly take you on long guilt trips, both of you are not going to be satisfied with the new relationship you are building. It is enough to be understanding, that is all.

You need to look at this incident positively. Take it as an opportunity to mature as individuals and build a stronger relationship as a couple. A bone grows stronger at the place where it is fractured, similarly a couple can be stronger after infidelity.

Winning your ex back after cheating takes time because restoring trust takes a long time. But it is not impossible. If you are patient enough and change your attitudes and actions, the relationship can be healed. You can emerge as a stronger couple.

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PS3 Red Flashing Light Fix Tips – You Can Repair Blinking Red Lights on Your PS3 Today

So you’re having difficulties with the PS3 blinking red light problem? Don’t despair, because in this article you are going to learn some effective PS3 red flashing light fix tips that will help you repair your console and get gaming again. If you are trying to fix your PS3 then you have come to the right place, as you are going to learn how to get your console working again like brand new.

Often the PS3 blinking red light problem is caused by hard drive errors, usually overheating or a loose connection. Sony will fix the problem for you, but you will have to wait around 6 weeks before you get your PS3 back, you may be given a refurbished PS3 that won’t have your save games and data, and if your warranty has expired you will have to pay $ 150. Instead, you are much better to fix PS3 red flashing light errors yourself.

The first step in fixing your PS3 yourself is to simply remove your hard drive (HDD) carefully check the connector pins for damage, then re-install back into your PS3 console. Quite often this is all it takes to fix the flashing red light on your PS3. However, it is very important that you take the utmost care not to accidentally damage the hard drive and cause permanent problems.

If this does not work then it is highly recommended that you try to use a hard drive from a different PS3 console to see if this fixes the problem. The factory PS3 hard drives are not particularly durable, and are prone to suffering damage and data corruption, so there is a slim chance that your HDD may be properly damaged.

Another tip to help repair PS3 blinking red lights is to give your console adequate time to cool down, and ensure that its cooling systems are all working properly. If you notice your PS3 is getting hot then turn it off and let it cool down before restarting it. Also, clean out the ventilation areas on your console as well, as dust build up can prevent adequate cooling and lead to the flashing red light error.

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The War in Afghanistan


The United States Army is bogged down in Afghanistan and the news is not encouraging. The latest developments give food for thought. The US President Barack Obama has dismissed the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan Gen Stanley McChrystal, ostensibly because of rude behavior, but in reality because a scapegoat was needed for an increasingly inept war effort.

It appears that the US Presidents strategy is not working and the administration is looking for a face saving disengagement. The US administration is looking for a deal to extricate the US from Afghanistan and is relying more and more on Pakistan and the ISI for this purpose. This has dangerous consequences for the region as a whole and the USA in particular.

The Role of Pakistan

The US is perforce accepting Pakistan as the new viable partner in Afghanistan to President Hamid Karzai. Pakistan says that it can meditate and bring around Sirajuddin Haqqani an ally of Al Qaeda who runs a major part of the insurgency in Afghanistan into a power sharing arrangement. It must not be forgotten that the Haqqani network and the warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar are among the biggest assets of the ISI. It is conveniently forgotten that Hekmatyar now a sworn enemy of the USA received billions from the CIA during the war with Soviet Russia.

The remarkable thing is that the USA and Obama has been hood winked by Pakistan. While the ISI claims to fight the insurgents, yet the protégés of the ISI are killing American soldiers with impunity.

The Siege of Kunduz

Thus the USA is fighting the very people which it is indirectly funding. When the History of the Afghan war is written, it will be elucidated that the one single moment the Americans lost the war was during the siege of Kunduz in 2001.

At that time the rampaging Northern alliance had much of the top brass of the Taliban cornered in Kunduz. Like Ripley’s believe it or not the CIA authorized an airlift by the Pakistanis and at least a thousand of the Taliban leadership was allowed to escape. They were mostly mid level Pakistan Army and ISI offers in turbans. That single event sealed the fate of the war in Afghanistan.

The ISI Theory

The ISI is also putting forward a specious theory that Afghanistan cannot be subdued or conquered. But the facts speak otherwise as the Greeks, Persians, Mongols and Sikhs did defeat the Afghans resoundingly. Much of Afghanistan was conquered and ruled. So such propaganda is a subtle building up of pressure.


A defeat for American arms in Afghanistan would be bad for the region and the USA. Triumphant fundamentalists will crow that they brought both superpowers the Soviet Union and the USA to their knees. The effect of this will be a catalyst that could well affect the USA critically. Worse it would mean that China, through its proxies would be handing a third straight defeat after Korea, Vietnam and now Afghanistan. One shudders at such a eventuality.


Afghanistan-A cultural and Political History -Thomas Barfield- Princeton University Press (2010)

Captive , my Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban-Jery Van Dyke -Publisher Henry Holts Times Books imprint (2008)

The US War in Afghanistan.

MG Singh is an ex -Air Force Officer who after his pre-mature release has held significant appointments in the corporate field as a Vice President and Director. MG also writes a lot as a hobby. He has published over 50 short stories as well as written over 1000 articles on the net. He has also penned two novels that are on the anvil for publication.

MG writes on all matters, but his vast experience all over the globe helps him in choosing topics and ideas that interest the reader. His aim is to educate and give pleasure to the reader.

Watch Ghost Whisperer As They Sibilate Fear Inside You!

Ghosts are chimerical. They do not have an existence of their own; they dwell on our ubiquitous belief that tends to count imagination as real, which does not draw a line between reality and specularity; or rather, does not know how to! Whispers are profoundly genuine; they, however, are partly docile, and can sway at our moods rehearsal. We stand to watch and they have a propensity to generate conundrums that are not easily assimilated by our mind. We stand to lose and Ghost Whisperer wins!
John Gray created the premise of a spine-chilling propaganda that has left the masses wondering. The best thing he did is not let us believe it is not true; I – and had it not been for the tales I hovered myself on right from the moment I stepped out on this planet – almost believed it to be true. I even started some research about Melinda and the reasons that could possibly lead her with the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Watch Ghost Whisperer to be aware in advance, before some ghost whispers right in your ear.
As I mentioned, I really like the idea that Melinda can see dead, and even communicate with them. She helps those spirits who are stuck here, and a proper help in getting their task completed would mean their acquittal from the earthly web. Ghost Whisperer lands as a surprise when we have seen almost every ploy a ghost uses to scare us; part bathos, part melodrama but full scary, all the episodes blend a complete mix of what-happens-next telltale.
In a world where common sense is obscured by petty things, to see a ghost becoming earth-bound because he died with few unfinished businesses, perforates the common sense that seems like a jaded assault, meant to obscure common sense even further, but holds out on itself as a masterful art of storytelling, making way for some sense to peep in.
There is, however, something than can still overpower the remaining hampered sense, and that happens when we sit down to watch Ghost Whisperer online. A gothic tale told in the modern scientific era, lashed with all the new technicalities, the series works wonder to our visual sense organ. The colors, the special effects, the dark look, all make it a treat that becomes compulsory viewing this winter.
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My PS3 Freezes – What and How Should I Do to Fix My PS3 Freezing Problems?

Every time a new console is released onto the market, there is normally something wrong with the first generation. This is actually truer than ever before with the consoles that are being released today. The problem is that manufacturers are making them more like computers than ever before. As we all know, computers come with their share of problems, and the Playstation 3 is no exception to the rule. So how do we stop those ugly PS3 freezes and make the system run like it did right out of the box once again?

The first thing that you could consider is that your PS3 is being influenced by the heat. This happens to many consoles, and it will particularly cause the PlayStation 3 to freeze at some point. The same thing can happen to a computer actually; heat will either make it freeze or shut down entirely.

Now here’s something you can try- Shut down the console for a couple of minutes, and then try turning it back on. This might work, but chances are there is a more permanent problem. When this happened to the Xbox 360 many people suggested wrapping it in a towel because the towel would absorb the heat. Obviously, the more you try this, the more damage you could cause to your PS3 because it simply couldn’t fix your PS3 constant freezing problem.

The next and most obvious thing that you can look for are loose cables. If the hard drive cable is loose then a freeze would be imminent. There are other cables going to the board that might also be loose, so look about and see what you can find. In addition to this you could also try removing the hard drive and putting it back in, or replacing the hard drive if you think it is damaged.

If none of these work, you could try replacing a cooling fan or adding a cooling pad to the bottom of your PS3. Chances are though you will have to take more drastic measures. It might just be that you need to get a good guide to help you fix your PlayStation 3 freezes. There are plenty of guides that you can get all over the internet, but the trick is finding one that works like a charm, and that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

It would be best to search for user reviews of any product you intend to purchase to fix your PS3 freezes. It might seem like a lot of work, but it can get incredibly annoying just searching and searching for the right guide to fix that broken PS3. If you take your time and locate one that works on the first time, then you will be back to playing your PlayStation 3 in no time.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800

Blackberry one of the world famous manufacturers in mobile phones, launches a new mobile with a new name, new camera n new operating system. Blackberry torch 9800 is a full touch screen with Blackberry operating system 6.

Blackberry Torch 9800 is a 3.2 inch FTF touch screen display with an internal flash memory of 512 MB and 4GB built in storage memory. It has 4 GB of expandable memory by Micro SD card available which helps in storing large amount of contacts, songs, pictures and unlimited photo book entries and fields. It has sliding QWERTY keypads with back lighting with touch screen and optical track pad located on the front face of the handset. It has a 5MP camera with flash, auto focus, face detection, image stabilization, different scene modes, 2X and video recording. The main source of entertainment like playing games, listening to music can be done conveniently with the help of music player and inbuilt integrated speakers and microphone.

This mobile has a new feature of searching or scanning the folders, applications, internet or email etc. we can share, watch, and transfer songs, videos, pictures files with this Blackberry smart phone. We can customize to our favorite ring tones, wallpaper, themes easily with this blackberry torch. This handset operates with operating system 6 which gives more integrated and dynamic features to download and explore the mobile world fast in easy words. It also includes built in GPS with Blackberry maps, Bluetooth, WiFi, Email, instant messaging and YouTube services which helps in browsing internet faster and easier. Staying in touch with your friends, family and social networking sites like face book, twitter can also be done at an ease. This handset is available in stylist black, white and dark orange in color. It has long lasting battery with a talk time of 5.5 hrs GSM and standby time of 18hrs GSM.

Thus this Blackberry Torch 9800 is loaded with all the latest and powerful features and specification with its stylist design and look. It is useful for teenagers as well as for business user for easy connect to the networks and for its easy usage.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8110

Talking about the recently offered mobile phone in the market, the exclusive brand presence is dominated by the name BlackBerry. Originating with the name Research in Motion (RIM), a Canadian company, this brand has carved a special place for itself in the market. Further, this mobile phone has created a groundbreaking product range that is mesmerizing for tech savvy’s in the international market. The products have been noticed for their exceptional performance and handiness by the users, stretching across the globe.

With RIM’s outstanding background, every product launch is expected to be another innovation. Collaborating with AT & T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T Mobile, the new series of Blackberry phones came into existence. The mobile phones are known to been extremely popular with every phone lovers worldwide. BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is now a very fashionable and sleek design mobile phone that is widely available in three basic colors namely blue, black and pink.

What can be counted as the USP of this products is its petite size. It would not be incorrect to say that its size and chassis is much more sleek and compact that the other traditional Blackberries. A pocket sized, it is one of the most technologically advanced smart phones that is available in the market right now.

BlackBerry Pearl 8110 is a smart addo to the outstanding series of BlackBerry mobile phones. Supporting its grace, it has another great feature such as its GPS capability that will never get lost with its sat-nav. RIM Blackberry 8110 is considered as a lot better than the other versions that other respective models such as RIM Blackberry 8100 and 8120. You will also remembers this mobile phone for its incredible speed that helps it pick signals and is thus a favorable pick for those who constantly works in isolated territories.

This smart and sleek mobile phone comes featured with technologically superior multimedia mobile such as 2mp camera with a 5x digital zoom. The flash of this mobile phone is set enhanced due to which you have the option to take videos both in 240×180 and 176×144 resolution. The mobile phone users can also share their videos with the help of MMS facility. BlackBerry Pearl 8110 price is certainly a mart investment in case you are willing buy both smartness and functionality.

Last but not the least, it is “Sure-type” technology that basically finishes automatically the word that you type and check the spelling simultaneously.


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Online Game Addiction In Kids

Game addiction is a common term used to refer anyone who is a bit fanatic about games. But you must know that being a game enthusiast doesn’t make you an ‘addict’. Addiction is a very sensitive term which has different meanings in different connotations. To define it simply you can say that addition is something that makes a person obsessed with any activity to such an extent that it starts affecting his normal life in a rather harmful manner.

Addiction is a serious issue for growing up children, especially for teenagers who are in their adolescence. It is an age when lot of changes occurs in every boy and girl. And these changes affect their life long character and personality. This is the reason why parents are more worried about the behavior disturbances in their growing up kids. At this age, kids are also vulnerable to several factors that influence their mind easily. They have a flexible psychological configuration that can be molded easily into any desired form. More than 60 percent of drug addiction cases are reported among teenagers. Even gaming addiction is a common feature seen among kids although it exists in varying degrees of intensity.

If you are doubtful about your kids being truly addicted to games, then you should take a strategic approach in studying their behavior. The first thing you should realize is that you cannot put an abrupt end to any sort of addiction. It takes certain time. The time taken to heal an addition normally depends on the pace at which the addition has developed in a child. So, it is a subjective issue, which only you or the addict can answer.

For a person to come out of any kind of addiction requires some kind of moral support. It would be best if the support comes from the family. However, there are many instances where lack of support from family has led to devastating addiction cases. When it comes to game addiction, supporting the addict is not as hard as supporting victims of other form of addictions involving drugs or smoking.

You have to take an interactive approach. You should try to cultivate newer interests and habits into the person. The best and the fastest way to distract a teenager is to let him or her have a bigger and better group of friends. It might take some time but getting involved with real world is quite important to escape from the virtual world of games. So start giving your teenager a bit more space to analyze better options in life. It is a beginning that will start the changes automatically.

If the signs of addiction are too intense or violent in nature, then you should undoubtedly seek counseling or professional help because in such cases, the treatment strategy varies from person to person.

The author is skeptical about the effect of many of these online bike games and action games on the minds of the children.

How To Stay In A Marriage When He Cheated Or Had An Affair

The other day, I received a pretty heartfelt email from a wife whose husband had been unfaithful. She was really struggling with “staying in the marriage.” She said she would never take her children from their home or disrupt her family.  She wanted for things to remain the same, but she was having a hard time looking at him everyday and trying to pretend that nothing was wrong when this was really eating her alive.  The truth is, you can keep one foot in the marriage while getting the healing that you need at the same time.  It’s not always easy but it can certainly be done.  I will discuss this more in the following article.

You Can Stay In The Marriage While Taking A Necessary Step Back:  Staying in the marriage after infidelity doesn’t mean pretending that everything is just fine when you both know that it isn’t.  It’s perfectly fine to be clear on the fact that divorce is not an option in your family, but that there are still some issues which are near deal breakers which will need to be dealt with quite intensely. 

I understand not wanting to displace your children and to protect them from the pain of knowing what has happened. I agree that this issue should not affect them in any way.  However, there are times when they are at school and / or sleeping or napping. There are times when you can talk and interact without them present.  And, at those times, you should prioritize working through this.  Because things can not go on with out addressing the elephant in the room unless you want for the pain, doubt, and betrayal to continue on.

You can still live in your home without living in the same marriage that you used to have.  I believe that it’s acceptable to tell your husband that you need some time to work through your thoughts and feelings without carrying on as though nothing happened.  As long as you communicate where you are so that he won’t make untrue perceptions, this is your right.  You’ve been given a lot to deal with.  It’s very unrealistic to think that you can just carry on as though your world has not been shaken to the core. 

Asking you to (if this is the case) is a disservice to and is very unfair to you.  And, if you’re the one who is putting pressure on yourself, then please stop this.  You should allow yourself to take all the time you need – no matter how long this works out to be – until you are at a place of peace.  Now, this may take a while and you will likely need some answers and help from him to get to this place, but you should do whatever it takes to move yourself forward.

Redefining Your Marriage After An Affair: I’m getting ready to discuss what I think is the most important issue in terms of healing after you’ve been cheated on. This lies with redefining your marriage. Often when people ask me how to “stay in the marriage,” it’s as though they are talking about doing the impossible, and they are speaking of returning to their old, stale, and damaged marriage.  This absolutely should not be your goal.  This gives you precious little to look forward to or to work toward.

Because think about it, rebuilding your marriage so that both of you are getting your needs met and are having an enjoyable time gets you to a place where you don’t have to brace yourself to deal with it.  When you are looking to the future with hope and happy anticipation, then you are certainly not so apt to look at the past.  I’m not saying that it is easy to get here, but it is so possible. Countless people do it every day. 

Sure, staying in a marriage after infidelity is a conscious choice and it’s often not taken likely.  You don’t want to throw everything away that was so long term over one short term decision.  You’ve worked too hard for your life and your family to turn your back now.  But, while these are pretty thoughts, this is easier said than done. Often intellectually you want to get here, but the doubts remain and your emotions just don’t follow.  And this is where rebuilding becomes so vital.  You must build a new, improved, and better marriage built on both of you being honest and open and willing to put in the work, vulnerability, and time that is going to be required to get you to a place of quiet confidence and peace.

Sure, right now you feel very hurt and scared.  Doing this work with your husband may not seem like a lot of fun or what you want to do right now. There is no reason to rush yourself or move forward when you are not ready to.  But, eventually taking the next step becomes worth it.  Because building a new foundation allows you to build something new that is much more solid than before.

I know that thinking about moving forward can sometimes be very painful. And, you may struggle at first, but the effort is almost always worth it. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger than ever after my husband’s affair. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is at an all time high. I know longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at

The korean war

The Korean War was a conflict between North and South Korea that began early in 1940s with major hostilities beginning in June 1950 and ending in July 1953. The causes of the conflict were diverse but notably the attempted reunification of the North and South Korea bringing in the conflicting interest of the allied forces and the communism block of china and the Soviet Union. Another leading cause of the conflict was an electoral dispute regarding the two sides as well as a border conflict at the 38th Parallel.  In  the early morning of Sunday, June 25th 1950,  North Korea attacked the Southern army  crossing the 38th parallel with  firestorm  of artillery  behind with claims that South Korean army had under the leadership of Syngman Rhee had already crossed the border.

In a few hours time, the United Nations Security Council was convened passing resolution UNSC Resolution 82 which condemning the military action of North Korea.

On June 27 1950, United States president Truman issued a statement calling for air and se support to South Korea. At the same time, the UN passed a Resolution 83 which recommend military assistance to the Republic of South Korea. Few days after the onslaught of the attack South Koreans soldiers were outnumbered and outgunned and retreated further south. North Korean Air Force bombed Kimpo Airport in Seoul and by June 28th, they had occupied Seoul

On July 5th 1950 American Task Force Smith which was a larger part of US Army’s 24th Infantry Division  which was based in Japan fought for the first in Osan, suffering a heavy defeat. The northern army pressed on and by August, U.S. soldiers and the South Korean forces had been pushed back around the City of Pusan

In what marked the escalation of the war, the allied forces fought the Battle of Pusan Perimeter. This denied the North Korean forces from capturing Pusan. When the allied forces were confined in Pusan, they sought the US air forces which flied about 40 sorties every day. This came with the strategic bombers including B-29s which destroyed all rail and roads cutting off vital supplies to the Northern Forces.

By cutting off the vital supply, North Korea forces found themselves with weak logistical supplies and strategy moving from the Pusan perimeter. UN commander, General MacArthur called for the Amphibious landing at Incheon behind the North Korean forces. The X corps which was under General Edward Almond waged guerilla war backed by intensive shelling at Incheon recapturing Seoul

In October, UN troops continued with their offensive driving the North Korean forces behind the 38th Parallel with the US X corps making an amphibious landing in Wonsan and Iown. The South Korean forces advanced by land and with the help of the US army, they capture Pyongyang on 19th October The Northern army was fast disintegrating towards the end of October and UN forces capture around 135,000 war prisoners.

On 8th October 1950 just before the American troops crossed over the 38th Parallel, China chairman Mao Zedong had order for as semblance of Chinese People’s Volunteer Army to be stationed at Yalu River to avoid crossing over of UN troops. Denied air support by the Soviet Union, Chinese soldiers made their first contact with American troops on November 1st 1950 with thousands attacking from the North, northwest and from the west scattering the US and South Korean soldiers using a superior march and bivouac discipline

By late November, Chinese soldiers moving in three divisions marched on foot and reached Chongcond River. This resulted to the longest historical retreat of the US armies. However between 26th and 30th the US Eighth army held Chinese onslaught for 3-4 days at Kanuri helping the army to escape. In the battle of Chosin Reservoir cines surrounded about 30,000 US 7th Infantry Division and US Marine Corps which escaped with more than 15,000 casualties and heavy causalities on the Chinese division

In December 1950 –UN forces raced southwards forming defensive perimeter on Hungnam city port pushed by the might Chinese forces southwards. This helped them to carry out a major evacuation of military equipments, soldiers, civilians and supplies shipped to Pusan. In the process 193 shipload of American soldiers, 105,000 soldiers, 98,000 American and other civilians, and about 350,000 tons of supplies

In conclusion we have seen that Korean War was one of the events that market cold war atrocities between US and the communism block but which was fought outside their home territory. In the early months of the conflict, North Korean forces overpowered South Korean forces since they were well equipped and well prepared. The entry of America re-energized the southern forces that drove back the Northern forces. China entered into the conflict fearing advance of allied forces to Chinese territory. Entry of china marked a turning point in the war and the allied forces retreated eventually evacuation from the region.

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