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Ps3 Console – Simply Awesome!

Just got the new PS3 Console slim today and it far exceeded my already high expectations. The video and sound quality for both games and blu-ray is truly “mind bottling.” Highlights include:

-built in wifi
-free access to Playstation Network
-beautiful video and sound quality
-superb controller
-DVD upconvert really improves the look of your movies
-excellent exclusive and multiplat. games
-a truly amazing bargain

The only drawback is the lack of HDMI or component cables, but of course you can get these for pennies through Amazon. Some complain of the lack of Netflix streaming, but in my opinion once you’ve tried blu-ray it’s hard to go back to those grainy streaming formats! Also, I think the new design is quite nice: minimalist with an appealing texture contrast.

Basically, for $ 300 you will instantly transform your tv into a high end multimedia home theater. Go buy one now!

*-one more note: I was initially worried that my 720p tv wouldn’t demonstrate the full capabilities of the PS3 Console. Needless to say, my worries wore gone the moment I fired up the unit!

PS3 Console 80GB Difference

Changes I have noted between the Slim and a PS3 Console 80GB (purchased in 2009):

* Case:
– Slim does not have side vents so less worry about blocking sides (80GB has vents on right side)
– prefer the slims tactile/pressable power on/off and disc eject buttons which also have backlighting and look nicer then the 80GB
– smaller then I anticipated which is very nice
– prefer the textured top of the case to the shiny on the 80GB
– sound is quieter then the 80GB, 80GB sounds like a desktop computer, Slim sounds more like a portable computer
– Slim does not have the “new computer” smell that the 80GB did, the 80GB just wreaked and had to have the window in the room it was in open for a week or so
– 2 pronged power cord on Slim instead of 3 on 80GB

* Energy Usage (all numbers in watts)
– Plugged in but not turned on: Slim 1 – 80GB 0 when switch on back is off, 1 otherwise
– PSOne main screen: Slim 84 – 80GB 114
– Blu-Ray: Slim 88 – 80GB 120

More Detail…

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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse Easily

You really want to catch your cheating spouse so you can learn the truth today. You are sick and tired of your spouse going behind your back and betraying you like this. You feel as though your suspicions are correct and you are going to learn the truth right now. You are going to learn how to catch a cheating spouse easy.

Although this may sound like a very daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. You can catch a cheating spouse with ease and you can make this happen today. You don’t have to hire a private investigator in order to get the information that you are looking for. You can make this happen in a much simpler way and it is time that you did this today.

The easiest way to catch a cheating spouse is to study their body language. When you and your spouse are together and you ask them a question about where they have been, if they go into great detail about where they were and what they were doing, then you can count on the fact that they are telling a lie. When a person lies, they typically over exaggerate everything in order to overcompensate for their lie. If they are going into more detail than what was required, then this is something that you definitely should look for.

As well, if your partner comes home late and starts showering you with love and telling you all of these cute things that are totally out of the blue, then they are probably cheating. The reason for this is because they are feeling guilty for what they just did, so they are trying to reason with themselves and they feel as though when they give you lots of love and affection, that they erase what just happened.

The last tip to catch a cheating spouse with ease is if they start making up terrible excuses to avoid intimacy or time with you. If your spouse is always tired or always has a headache when you want to make love, then it is not because they are sick but because they are getting their action from someone else. As well, if your spouse is spending more time with “friends” after they haven’t seen these so-called friends for years, then it is because these “friends” are actually someone new in their life.

Use these foolproof ways to detect an affair and to reveal the truth today. You deserve much better than this so it is time that you discovered what was really going on in your marriage.

Suspecting that your spouse is cheating can leave you feeling confused and alone. You may not think adultery can impact your marriage, but it can. Many men and women have no idea that their partners are being unfaithful. You can learn within the next few minutes how to catch your spouse cheating on you.

You need to know what’s going on in your marriage. If your spouse is being unfaithful now is the time to learn the truth.

Strategies To Improve Your Cornhole Game

If you want to play Cornhole well, you have to have good strategies. The sooner you learn these strategies, the better player you are. You will not only win more games but also be ready to play competitively.


The way you toss the corn bag is a very important aspect of the Cornhole game. You want to make sure that you master the toss before you start playing competitively. One of the most effective ways to toss the corn bag is to cup it in your hand and throw it underhand. If you try to throw it from the side, which is a technique that most people use, it can cause you to not have total control over the bag itself. You want to make sure that you stay in control during your throw and this can help you to have more accuracy.


Many people aim directly for the hole during game play as this is worth 3 points. A better strategy may be to make sure that the bag lands directly on the board and this is worth only 1 point, but if you make all of the bags on the board, you can easily rack up points and you will not waste several throws by only trying to make it into the hole on the board. When you are standing away from the board, the hole can seem very far away and the board may be a much easier target to pursue.


The angle of your throw will affect how the bag lands and slides when it hits the Cornhole board. You want to make sure that you master the slide that will occur depending on the angle of your throw. This is something that you can master during your practice times and you eventually be able to predict how your bag will slide and land and you can alter your throw to accommodate this fact.


You will find many other strategies to help you improve your Cornhole game as you go along and you may find things that work for you personally that may not help anyone else on your team. No matter how you play Cornhole, having fun is the biggest goal and this is very easy to accomplish.


Dave Roth runs the site http://www.cornhole-game.org, a resource site devoted to the game of corntoss. The site features rules, building dimensions, and cornhole bags and boards.

Is There Hope For Your Marriage After Cheating?

You’ve been caught cheating and now the most pressing thing on your mind is how to go about saving your marriage. It might seem like a shot in the dark at the moment but sometimes that one shot is all you need to hit the bulls-eye head on. Yes, there is hope for your marriage after cheating. The downside to that is that you’re really going to have to put a lot of effort into making things right.

What can you do to make your chances for success even better?

1) Give your spouse a little time to come to terms with everything. You do not need an answer right this very minute. While you don’t want to go on in limbo indefinitely it’s a good idea to be prepared to give the love of your life a little bit of time to wrap his or her brain around what you have done and what it might mean to the health and longevity of your marriage.

2) Avoid all appearances of evil. For a while you’re going to have to walk a very fine line. Any behaviors or activities that made cheating possible in the past are now going to be very suspect. Expect to spend a lot more time with your spouse than in the past and to be held accountable for where you are (and with whom) when you are not with your spouse. It’s understandable that trust has been breached and the leash might be a little tighter for some time.

3) Apologize to your spouse. It might not seem like a big deal to you but to the person you’ve wronged it means everything. It might not even be accepted but you need to put it out there in order to prove your sincerity. In your apology it is important that you accept responsibility, assign no blame, and ask for forgiveness. If you don’t do these things the apology will not seem to be sincere and is not likely to be well accepted.

4) Explain what will be different this time around. When you’re trying to convince the one you cheated on to give you another chance you need to have a mental list of all the things you’ll do differently this time around prepared. This proves your sincerity and that you’ve put a lot of thought into what needs to change to make things better. It also lets your spouse know that you’re taking this seriously and thinking about the future rather than just hoping they’ll do all the heavy lifting for making the relationship work a second time.

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