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Ps3 Console – Good Addition For Your Av System

The short and sweet: if you need a blue ray player, your purchasing decision is easy. Buy the PS3 Console. End of story.

And if you expect to do a fair amount of Blue Ray viewing, I definitely recommend spending another $ 20 for the Sony PS3 Console Blu-ray Disc Remote.

Rock solid hardware – enjoy blue ray movies and get a great gaming console all in one well integrated, good looking box. Looks great in your A/V rack, let’s you get rid of old DVD player(s), makes a decent media server, operates without a hiccup (including long gaming sessions), quiet, reliable.

If you already have a Blue Ray player and are looking for your first gaming console, then I urge you to carefully review all available game titles (the ones you really want to play) and consider the importance of on-line services, multi-player capability, etc. I believe XBOX 360 still has the edge for game titles and on-line play, services – but that didn’t stop me from buying latest version PS3 80GB last year (first Playstation I ever owned) and I just unboxed another yesterday.

FYI: I own both XBOX360 and PS3 Console. I like both gaming consoles and won’t give either up; see other reviews for comparisons, etc. Both look and sound great with video and audio switched through main AV Receiver (Sony STR-DA4400ES 7.1 Channel) and splashed onto 60 inch HDTV. Using a gigabit switch and CAT6 patch cables to consolidate ROKU, XBOX360 and PS3 Console (all are located in main A/V rack) internet access via wired gigabit LAN.

As mentioned above, I just unboxed and installed another (brand new) PS3 Console 80GB console yesterday (May 5, 2009). This one was installed downstairs (kids media room) as we needed another Blue Ray player and I couldn’t resist the excuse to grab another PS3 Console. This PS3 Console is connected via HDMI with a smaller HDTV (Sony Bravia KDL-37XBR6, 37-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV – biggest one we could fit into the built in media alcove). Set-up was a breeze, audio and video are great.

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