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Headless Ghosts, Drownings, and Mysterious Screaming at Niagara

September, 1814 – Fort Erie, Niagara Region – Canada – The battle rages on. British troops maintain their hold on the Northeast corner of the fort and continue to fire cannonballs into the American defenders. The rest of the fort belongs to those flying the Stars and Stripes, but the redcoats continue to fight as the death toll nears 2000 men. Seemingly oblivious to the chaos around him, one young soldier calmly shaves another, chatting merrily about prospects when the war is over. The streaking cannonball takes them both out, decapitating the soldier being shaved and blowing off the hands of the shaver before crushing his chest. Then the powder magazine explodes and the scene gets eerily quiet as he loses consciousness.

Fast forward to today. Fort Erie has been rebuilt and is now a major tourist attraction for those on Niagara Falls tours and visiting other sites around Ontario. But It’s not just the historical significance of the fort that draws people in. Visitors report strange apparitions of American and British soldiers seemingly stuck in time where they once stood, fought and died. One of the most common sights is of a headless man and another with no hands wandering the grounds together.

When you book a Niagara Falls tour you expect to see the majestic wall of water the region is known for, visit some shops for a souvenir or two, and maybe hit one of the many local nightclubs if you’re staying a while. Have you ever thought of checking out some of the haunted happenings in the region? There are a number of them, some sites of the bloody battles of 1814 and others inexplicable and immersed in local legend and folklore. Folks have claimed battle visions at Chippewa Battlefield and Lake George, and others have visited ancient houses and inns that produce moans and creaks seemingly of otherworldly origin.

The Mahoney Dollhouse Gallery at Bertie Hall in Fort Erie, once a stop on the Underground Railroad, is said to have been the site of two terrible drownings. The tunnel into the basement flooded early in the 1800’s and killed a slave coming through to his freedom and later on the same type of incident killed the son of Captain Forsythe, then owner of the property. The tunnel was sealed but apparitions can still be seen in the house and the dollhouses appear to move on their own at times.

Last but not least on any Niagara Falls tour is the Screaming Tunnel, located in the northwest section of Niagara Falls at the end of a quiet road just off Queen Elizabeth Way. Legend has it that a nearby farm caught on fire and a young girl ran screaming into the tunnel only to succumb without being extinguished and burn to death. They say you can still hear her scream late at night. If you dare you can visit the Screaming Tunnel and find out for yourself.

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How to Get Your Ex Back After You Cheated

So your relationship broke up… and it’s all because you cheated. Of all the problems a couple could face, one that involves cheating is probably the most difficult one to repair. As bad as things might seem right now, there are some solid techniques you can use that will make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend want to see you again. Even better, there are ways to rebuild your partner’s trust as well… one of the most important aspects of getting back together after cheating.

Accept Responsibility

No matter what happens, your exboyfriend or girlfriend will never want to date you again until you’ve accepted responsibility for cheating on them. Denying it, pretending it didn’t happen, or trying to defer blame onto someone else (especially the other person) are all wrong approaches to fixing your relationship after being unfaithful. Your boyfriend or girlfriend probably broke up with you as soon as they found out what you did, but if you’re not admitting that you did it? There’s no reason for them to ever trust you again.

Swallow your pride, suck it up, and let your ex know you were 100% wrong. Don’t make a single excuse for cheating, because it’ll only get thrown back in your face over and over again later on in the reconciliation process. If you want to get your ex back after you cheated, you need to accept full responsibility for what you did.

Make Sure The Cheating is Over

This almost should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: make sure you’re not still cheating on your ex. Although you might technically be broken up right now, getting back together requires commitment. Put an end to your fling, and put the past behind you. Once you do, you can move forward with trying to get your boyfriend or girlfriend back.

Offer A Solid Apology

Your ex wants to know that you feel sorry for what you did. Being unfaithful is one of the worst possible things you can do to someone, and it hurts on some very deep levels. Try to put yourself in your ex’s shoes, and really feel his or her pain. Imagine how you’d feel if your ex cheated on you, then let them know how totally sorry you are for cheating. Let them know that you recognize what you did was wrong, and that you’d never cheat again. Even though they might not believe you right now, your exboyfriend or girlfriend still wants to hear those three little words. It’ll be instrumental in helping you get back together with your ex later on.

Give Your Ex Some Time

At this point in the process you need to step back and let your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend have some time to themselves. Giving them this space will help in two big ways: first, it gives time for the anger to drain. If you’re always around, you’ll constantly be a punching bag for whatever anger and resentment your ex still has toward you. Second, it gives your ex the opportunity to miss you. Although cheating is a worst-case scenario, the good part about it is that your ex still loves you. He or she broke up with you in response to you being unfaithful – not because they were bored with you, not getting along, or just wanted to date someone else. Because your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend still has feelings for you, it makes it easier to get them back. Let them have some space, and see how much they miss you while you’re gone.

Learning how to get your ex back after you cheated isn’t something you want to practice, it’s something you should know right from the start. You only have one chance to get things right, before your ex goes on to find somebody else. For this reason you need to be proactive in your approach. You can’t make mistakes, and you can’t sit back and hope the situation resolves itself. If you really love your ex and want them back, you need to work toward winning over their heart again.

Repairing your relationship after cheating is involved requires time, patience, and all the right moves. You need the right techniques and methods for getting your ex to trust you again. With that trust will come commitment, and the future of your relationship rides on that. Finding out what works and what doesn’t shouldn’t be something you leave up to chance.

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The Temptation to Cheat in Business

When forces of compensation and limitations on performance collide the pressure to “fudge” a little is immense. There is little doubt that, in an effort to look good on the statistics most valued an incentivized by management, employees may be tempted to “doctor” the numbers. The best advice: Don’t do it!

Those Pesky Performance Targets

Performance “stats,” “goals,” “targets,” “standards,” “indicators,” or whatever they’re called in your business, may directly or indirectly affect your compensation and promotional opportunities. So, if the performance isn’t so “good,” why not make yourself “look good” on paper.

For some, the temptation to cheat may be too strong to resist. For those with an unethical bent, this inclination may lead to even more manipulation of numbers as a way of doing business. It may be “creative accounting,’ misstatements, liberal interpretation, or downright fraud. With ENRON or Bernie Madoff it reached unimaginable proportions, involving billions of phantom dollars.

A Culture of Cheating

Cheating may begin at the top of the enterprise with intentional misstatements of quarterly profits or estimates, or at the bottom, with a salesman inflating his expense claim or sales numbers. Wherever it begins it corrupts the integrity of the organization and has a tendency to proliferate. It’s kind of a “she got by with it, so can I,” mentality which ultimately progresses to contaminate and corrupt the entire organization. And, it’s not harmless, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. At some point it may be discovered in an internal audit, or, worse, unearthed in an outside audit. It may be reported by employees, or found by regulatory agencies. If it is sufficiently egregious, it could result in the destruction of the business and/or the incarceration of its leaders.

A “Wink”

Many companies have beautifully crafted and comprehensive ethics policies However, in too many cases they are ignored either intentionally or inadvertently. If the company just has the policy as a requirement or a publicity document, or to include in a motto e.g., “we have the highest integrity in the business,” and it is not backed up by a rigorous code, practice, and performance of these values, it’s worse than no policy at all. Not only is it hypocritical, it’s unethical, and maybe illegal. If management “winks” at violations it promotes a culture of miscreants and demonstrates a tacit approval of morally unacceptable behavior.

What to Do

Here are a few tips:

–Lead by example

–Protect your organization’s reputation

–Recognize the capacity for performance goals and incentives to promote “cheating”

–Communicate the consequences of cheating to your employees

–Make an example of wrong doers

–Promote a culture of authentic integrity

–Review your compensation system so that pay isn’t too heavily influenced by one or two performance criteria

–Rigorously review and “test” reports and data

–If it is “too good to be true,” it probably is; so investigate

–Establish, realistic, attainable, and meaningful measures of performance

–Examine your firm’s Ethics Policy for clarity, appropriateness, directness and practicality

–Continuously review and update your Ethics Policies

Finally, whatever the temptation, don’t give in. The personal sacrifice of integrity and the risk of detection are not worth any potential temporary gain from unethical behavior.

Ben A. Carlsen, Ed.D, MBA, is an experienced CEO and manager. Dr. Carlsen has over 30 years experience in management, consulting, and teaching. Currently the Head of the Business Department at Everest Institute, Hialeah, FL., he was Chairman of the Los Angeles County Productivity Managers Network and President of the Association for Systems Management (So. Calif. Chapter). Additional information can be obtained at http://drben.info

War And Allied Perils

Later in some other of my article riot and terrorism will probably be considered separately, but in this section consideration is given to the way the courts have defined the various phrases and terms used in typical war exclusion clauses. There is rarely any difficulty in establishing that a formally declared war has taken place. Indeed, even without a formal declaration of war, the English courts have recognised that a war can occur.


Far greater problems of definition arise in respect of the “lesser” forms of war such as civil war and the various intermediate stages. It is rare that a civil war suddenly occurs. It is a gradual process which may develop over a period of months or even years. Tribal skirmishes may develop into guerrilla war and then to civil war. It is not clear at English law as to whether guerrilla war will be caught by a typical London market war exclusion. In a US case, Pan American World Airways Inc. v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. [1975] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 77, the US Court of Appeal held that although war can exist between quasi-sovereign entities and without formal declaration, a guerrilla war does not fall into the category of war until one guerrilla group has some incidence of sovereignty.


It is possible to isolate the various elements common to most war exclusion clauses but it is probably misleading to consider war exclusions as containing differing types of violent peril. They overlap to such a degree that it is more realistic to consider the clause as intending to cover violent and belligerent actions on a “sliding scale”. To understand the interaction, it is helpful to consider the elements in the context of an example and one can do no better than consider in detail the events in the Lebanon in the Spinneys Case



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