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Catch a Cheating Spouse – Reclaim Your Life

You probably know someone that has been in a relationship that ended because of infidelity. You thank the stars that your relationship is so secure; but is it? There may have been times throughout your relationship when you had doubts, only to chalk it up to paranoia. Lately, however, something about your spouse just does not seem right, and those suspicions of living with a cheating spouse are more of a concern. What do you do? Well, whether they are cheating on you or not, there are certain tell-tale signs to be on the lookout for.

It goes without saying that a cheating spouse is keeping a very big secret. They are continuously on edge in fear that they will be found out. They are paranoid, and probably will appear more anxious than normal. Small things like the phone ringing, taps on the shoulder and even simple day to day chat can trigger their anxiety. They will see themselves as if under a microscope and could feel that your questions are out of order (“How was your day?” or “What did you do today?”). Either they will make attempts to avoid conversation all together or they will be more aggressive and argumentative when they talk to you.

When it comes to their work, you may notice changes in every day habits. Do they leave for work earlier than normal? Are they coming home late, or calling to let you know they have to stay later at work? When you call to talk to them, are they conveniently out of the office? Are they taking more time “making themselves up”? You might want to look into these a little closer. If the reasons for these changes are just work related, fine. If you decide to ignore these signs, you could be sorry.

Another sign of a cheating spouse should be pretty obvious – lack of intimacy. If your spouse is intimate with someone else, they are going to distance themselves from you. They will show little desire for sexual activity and any form of closeness will be avoided. Depending on your own situation, you probably will sense this pretty quickly. Before going all out and accusing them of cheating, you will need to consider what factors in their life could be affecting the intimacy in your relationship. Money, health and work can all affect someone in many ways. Talk to your spouse, show concern, and see if they can fill you in.

If your spouse is cheating on you, it has already been long enough living with this terrible burden. The time to act and catch a cheating spouse is now.