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Psychic Connections – The Minds Eye & How to See Ghosts

Throughout several years of being in a privileged position of being granted access to some of the United Kingdoms most haunted places, conducting investigations and aiding private individuals with answers to their spiritual questions around hauntings and recently departed friends and relatives, one of the most common issues asked of me is how do you see a ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’. Do they appear to you? as in the movies? faint glows with effects? Do they interact with you, or indeed can you feel, touch them?

From my experience, it would seem that everyone whom can communicate with spirits conducts this process differently. It is worth bearing in mind even though that I would not consider myself to be a ‘born psychic’, but moreover, I have amassed experience from a number of mentors along the journey and have come to understand my own awareness and personal understanding of spirits which reside on a different plane to our mortal residence.

So how do I sense presences? In my case, the minds eye plays a pivotal role in recognising and communicating with the spirit world. By that I mean the momentary voices and pictures which on occasions form in your mind without you intentionally thinking about anything. Now you may feel that this is just your imagination, and for the most part, you would be correct because this is exactly what it is. The ‘gift’ in my case anyway is separating the ‘noise’ which is genuinely your imagination, from what is not present in your mind – this is the ability to fine tune these noises away and be left with what is, in fact a connection to the spirit world.

For those of you wanting to ‘learn’ to communicate with spirits I am afraid this is something that comes with several years of practice and experimentation and cannot effortlessly be taught from any book. That said, there are some truly ‘gifted’ individuals whom for whatever reason were born with the ability straight out of the cradle. However, for most of us, it is not, but fortunately can be achieved through experience in understanding your minds eye, and what it shows and tells you.

The ‘connection’ to the spirit world in my case is made in a manner as described above, and once I have identified a presence I on occasions see the subject. The ‘seeing’ of the subject is not literal, it is bought to me through my minds eye but in most cases is very intense and is from time to time hard to distinguish between reality and your minds eye projection. It is impossible to physically ‘feel’ the spirit, although you sometimes think you could reach out and touch them but from my experiences and on occasions you can be subjected to contact typically on the arms, hair and back.

The minds eye is without question a very powerful and as yet not understood any in comprehensible way, although given neural experts consider we only utilize a very small proportion of our brain capacity perhaps at some point in the future we may be able to better understand the Psychic connections and the impact of this on the minds eye.

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The Fastest Way To Improve Your Golf Game

Copyright (c) 2010 Scott Cole

Most golfers will agree that golf is a very difficult game to learn, particularly for adults. Kids, on the other hand, have a greater ability to imitate than adults do, so they tend to pick up the game much more quickly. Adults simply have much more difficulty imitating a good golf swing for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, conventional instruction does not deal very well with teaching adults who may have less ability than others. Conventional instruction normally just introduces the fundamentals to an adult beginner similarly to a child beginner. This simply does not work for most people, due to their inability to imitate. As a result of these issues, an industry was born several decades ago, and it continues to grow. This is the golf training aid industry. Combined with the technological advances in golf equipment, the training aid industry was developed to help golfers improve without having to practice much. Unfortunately, the average handicap for male golfers has barely moved from around 16.

There is a faster way to learn, however. In many disciplines, we are taught to take notes when learning a new vocation, taking a class, or in any other educational environment. While some golfers do take notes at times, they are usually not focused in the right areas. In other activities, such as the martial arts, a good instructor will require a student to keep a journal and notebook. Students of martial arts are required to learn many forms or kata, and within these forms are many details that are difficult to remember without notes. The golf swing is similar to a mini form, as are many other areas of the game. Also, as in the martial arts, the golfer must learn to prepare for different conditions. While golfers get to experience the real deal more often, unlike the martial artist who will rarely fight, they still should take notes.

In other businesses, such as trading the financial markets, the best traders typically keep very detailed notes so that they can learn from their past failures and successes, and also to have a good reference tool for when market conditions change.

Golfers should follow this example as well. They should take notes and keep detailed statistics in order to get much better feedback from various parts of their game. These techniques have been applied by some instructors with very positive results with their students. This is according to Ed Feeney, a corporate behavior analyst who applied his craft to golf instruction. Top instructors are now incorporating these ideas into their instruction programs. These techniques now give both the student and the teacher a method of measuring results.

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Is Cheating on your Diet Making you Feel

Copyright (c) 2007 Leeann Simons

The next time I hear someone say “I was bad” when referring to cheating on their diet, I just may have to shoot them. I meet successful people all the time — people who have achieved great things in business, sports, academics, you name it. I bet I could live very comfortably off just the taxes that some of these people pay!! Do they consider themselves successful? Are they happy with their lives? Generally speaking, yes, they do. But there is one area in which they consider themselves to be failures — and they would trade in their success any day to attain just this one goal: to lose weight.

Last week, one of my clients came into my office, head down, staring at the floor as if she were ashamed. She was ashamed. We exchanged our hellos, and I asked how she was doing. She looked sheepishly up at me and said, “I was bad.” I looked at her and heard myself ask, “Did you rob a bank?” “No,” she replied. “Did you shoot someone?” Again: “No.” So I asked her what possibly could have happened to make her so upset, and she said, “I ate three pieces of birthday cake at my daughter’s party.”

Why is it that people place judgment on themselves based on their eating behaviors? It’s maddening! Someone considers themselves a “bad” or “good” person according to what they have eaten? Doesn’t it sound crazy? Don’t you think someone is good or bad based on, well, whether they’ve robbed a bank? Abused their child? Voted for the other candidate?

Yet we measure our worthiness based on our eating behavior. Let’s stop this craziness, and put our relationship with food into perspective. It is just one of the many relationships we have in our lives. Relationships wax and wane-we’re not always happy with how the relationship is going, but the healthy ones last.

Let’s save the label of “bad behavior” for when we really shoot someone.

Becoming “at peace with food” is a journey that involves developing a new relationship with food. Instead of being marked by frustration and disappointment, by fear and competition between you and the food you eat, food will take its place as one of the many activities in your life, along with family, friends, working and being active. And, like these other activities, it should be pleasurable.

In order to be at peace with food, you need to learn about yourself and why you have the relationship you do with the food you eat. As with most relationships, your relationship with food was developed over time, and for that reason, will take time to change.

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Game Advance Wars for Summer of Retro Entry

Advance Wars was originally appear aback in September 2001 as one of the aboriginal accumulation of games, which fabricated it to Nintendo’s Bold Boy Advance.

Releasing a hardcore about-face based activity bold on Nintendo’s shiny, anew built-in must’ve seemed like a chancy prospect. But the bold accustomed top reviews, and afterwards spawned breed beyond both GBA and NDS. No wonder, as Advance Wars combines absurd bold play absolute accomplished by developer Intelligent Systems.

Orange Star to the Rescue psp games

In Advance War you serve as army adviser in the country of Orange Star, which is alveolate adjoin the force of angry aggressor Blue Moon. Although arranged into a baby anatomy agency – daybed strategists charge not anguish about simplistic bold play; you’ll charge absolute cerebration to succeed, as you advance your armies to achievement or defeat.

Unit alternative is solid encompassing land, air and sea. Computer opponents are able for the task. Maps are able-bodied anticipation out. Each has assorted venues for advance and defence, and you’ll charge compassionate of area furnishings on activity to succeed. Army commanders appear with altered cool powers, that ad a bit of aroma and faculty of coercion during play psp games.

Advance Wars packs affluence of ball in the cartridge; ample campaign, multiplayer via hot bench or hotlink cable, added missions can be purchased. Even a akin editor is befuddled in for acceptable measure. The acquirements ambit is absolute – you’ll be absorbed in by the credible affluence and breeze of the aboriginal scattering of missions, but blow assured… boxy assignments lies in abundance afterwards on, if the bold absolutely has sunk its hooks into you.

Advance Wars’ simple and colourful cartoon get the job done, with apparent units and fun activity animations. Sound furnishings are barebones, and the consciousness-expanding soundtrack tends to abrade afterwards accumulate hours.

Forward March!

Above all – Advance Wars is fun. It’ll grab your absorption and accumulate you absorbed for hours after end. Activity admirers charge to get this bold backpack aback in their handhelds after adjournment – activity addicts charge not apply.

Verdict: Get it!

Verdict guide:

Get it – eBay, Amazon or arrangement bin – just acquisition it! This bold belongs in your collection.

Borrow – Not account paying exceptional dollar for, but account your time.

Never apperception – Might’ve been abundant in its day, but now…. overlook it.

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PS3 Rushing Wheel May Revive Your Own Senses

The actual racing steering wheel is considered among the objects which are standard cost for some people that play rushing games on their own gaming consoles. There’s been loads of speak concerning the reason why the Playstation 3 racing steering wheel has no pressure feedback capacity. Many happen to be disappointed once the news concerning the PS3 rushing wheel didn’t have force recommendations, unlike the prior ones.

The key reason why the Playstation 3 racing steering wheel has no pressure suggestions is principally because the pressure suggestions may interfere while using motion sensing unit features in the gaming console. The actual motion delicate function that many PS3 Wireless Controller possesses is fairly brand new and showcased in the Ps3 only. This particular new perform helps players maneuver the sport nicely simply by moving the actual controller in addition to utilizing the control without the make use of or cables and wires to connect for the system.

Regardless with the preliminary warning those may have absolutely no force recommendations and will undoubtedly think as if you are just guiding on a sleek marble ground, some providers of Playstation 3 Video Game Accessories possess managed to start making a Playstation 3 racing steering wheel that may perform the pressure feedback but still perform while using Ps3 product. Logitech is among the PS3 add-ons manufacturers as well as developers that have gotten about to conference the demands from the consumers in relation to having a practical experience in order to racing video games.

Some of the suppliers are using Universal serial bus to turned around the movement sensitivity from the system and also have much better manage with the Ps. Some upon those that have effectively been employed for the Ps3 could possibly have experienced the Universal serial bus cable linked for the program from the control. Regardless that cable television and cables may possibly end up being inconvenient for individuals who use the typical PS3 Dual Shock 3 Controller, a fixed Playstation 3 racing steering wheel doesn’t need much motion.

The Playstation 3 racing steering wheel can be a the majority of ingenious program that allows the ball player to really seem like he is truly driving a car from extremely high rates of speed with assistance in the pressure feedback rumble associated with vibration that happens when the auto strikes road protrusions another hurdles, turns edges and will go quicker. The first issue with relation to its the disturbance between the movement sensitivity using the unit along with the effect using the force suggestions has been resolved by a few by reducing movement sensitivity using the use in the actual USB for connecting the Playstation 3 racing steering wheel on the program.

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