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E3 Card Reader PS3

Why Buy an E3 Card Reader PS3

If you have a Playstation 3 and use it a lot, then the E3 Card Reader PS3 is really a must. This device is ideal for transferring software, games, saved games and any other music, movie or information files to and from your PS3.

With the huge amount of information and games you can get on the PS3 these days, coupled with the console’s launch into the internet world, there are more things than ever you want to transfer to and from your PS3.

The E3 Card Reader is really the only way to go about this. It is compatible with almost any operating system on any computer or laptop, including most windows operating systems, the Mac OP, and even Linux. It comes with MicroSD SDHC support, which can handle any software or games that your PS3 can. And it has a high 32bit processor and 128K flash which give instant processing speeds with enough space to handle it.

The 4M flash on-board the device helps things to go smoothly. And the super drag feature means the user interface is easier than most others, with easy visual file copy and paste or drag and drop abilities.

The PS3 has risen and risen under Sony to become the undisputed king of games consoles. Each release is far more powerful than the last. To give you an idea of the progress, the latest PS3 is 40 times faster and more powerful than the original Playstation. It has 160GB of memory, an incredible amount that some laptops don’t match. This is enough for a whole host of games and software. This is fortunate given the vast ocean of quality games that are available for the PS3.

And with so much storage capacity and things to save, store and transfer, you really need a high quality card reader, such as the E3 reader is.

With the latest PS3 you can not only play a host of great games, but it acts as an excellent DVD and BlueRay DVD player, and is perfect from playing music – either from a CD or USB pen drive. Or simply saved on your library on the PS3. The image power of the PS3 gives picture perfect screen quality, you just have to get a good enough HD monitor or TV screen to keep up with it!

The 3.2 Ghz speed processor of a PS3 is incredibly fast, and it has a 1 computer processing unit, plus 8 synergistic processing units. Together with a 25.6 GB per second memory bandwidth, the effect is almost 2 trillion – that’s right Trillion not billion – calculations every second.

You certainly want your PS3 to be matched in performance power by any accessories you get and the E3 Card Reader PS3 is ideal for the job. If you buy a PS3 with a package, make sure you get at least one extra controller, a good memory stick, and of course a great card reader. This would make the ideal gift package for yourself or anyone else.

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