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Hollywood Hottest Women Have Been Cheated On

Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, Elin Nordegren, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry may be the names that come to mind when people think of the women who have everything anyone wishes from fame to tons of cash and killer looks. However, the beauties couldn’t prevent their husbands from having love affairs with other women.


Reese Witherspoon

Seven-year-marriage with Reese Witherspoon, one of the most powerful actresses in Hollywood, and two adorable children couldn’t prevent Ryan Phillippe from having a love affair with another hot blond, Abbie Cornish. Reese then remarried Jim Toth early this year and the couple has a full marriage life.

Reese Witherspoon


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria announced her divorce to professional basketball player Tony Parker after hearing rumors about the love affair between her husband and French supermodel Alexandra Paressant.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker


Sandra Bullock

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock experienced a long-time shock caused by her divorce to husband Jesse James after bombshell Michelle McGee said that she and Sandra’s hubby spent some nights together.

Sandra Bullock earned an Oscar in 2010


Elin Nordegren

Sweden supermodel Elin Nordegren had a difficult time when some women confessed to hook up with famous golfer Tiger Woods, who at that time caused a late-night car crash. As a result, she got separated from him.

Before the love scandal of Tiger Woods, Elin always trusted her hubby


Jennifer Aniston

While filming hot scenes in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie set an on-screen romance. Therefore, the handsome actor decided to split up with Jennifer Aniston and got married to Angelina.

Jennifer Aniston is among most powerful actresses in Hollywood


Halle Berry

Another Oscar-winning actress cheated by her husband is Halle Berry. She felt very shocked when her hubby, R&B singer Eric Benet, explained that he had a sensual addiction, so sleeping with one women wasn’t enough.

Uma Thurman

If people see the killer look of Uma Thurman at Cannes 2011, they hardly know that she was cheated by her husband, Ethan Hawke, who had an affair with their kids’ nanny. They got divorced just after the scandal.

Uma Thurman is one of the jury members of the Cannes 2011


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What Makes Shooting Games So Popular?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding shooting games – Duke Nukem was blamed for a shoot out in a cinema while countless others have been accused of poisoning the minds of youths and making them more likely to participate in gun crime. Despite the controversy however, they remain one of the most popular genres with only driving games and fighting games coming anywhere near to toppling them. Even those games that are mostly focused on exploration (such as Tomb Raider) or theft (such as Grand Theft Auto) often still have elements of shooting in them.

So what is it that makes them so appealing to young folk? Well really, it’s not at all a new phenomenon and it can be found just as readily in other genres. Take films – the action genre is by far the most popular with all the big budget summer blockbusters falling into that category. Almost every single one of these films involves guns and could be described as ‘shooting films’ and really computer games are no different.

The purpose of a computer game, like most other entertainment, is escapism. People who play computer games want to feel cool and have adventurous lives. They want to mimic their superhero idols, be space heroes from the future, try being a cop in a dangerous part of town, or being on the other side of the law… they want to be pirates, soldiers, and rebels without a cause. In short, it’s much more exciting to walk casually out of an explosion with a shotgun over your shoulder than it is to be a school teacher or learn knitting patterns. And why is that? Because you can do those latter things in real life! If the games want to stay realistic then they need to involve guns. The other reason that’s more exciting obviously is the higher stakes – if it’s a matter of life or death then that’s more exciting than winning a gold or silver medal… and guns certainly facilitate this. In short shooting games enable a player to feel ‘cool’, feel as though they’re taking part in an action film, feel a rush of adrenaline, and experience something they’ve never experienced before while remaining fairly realistic.

Shooting games also have a number of other advantages on top of their escapist appeal. On top of the cool factor, shooting a gun also requires fast reflexes and good special awareness to aim. These are two elements that lend themselves very well to the gaming experience and add an element of skill and challenge. This is also far easier to mimic realistically than a fighting game as the controller can make a great replacement for a firearm but not really the entire human body. When you shoot a gun you’re pulling a trigger, and when you’re using a controller you’re pulling a trigger or pressing a button – the translation makes good sense. While shooting games involve skill, they also involve tactics and quick thinking – shooting an explosive barrel to take out an opponent, or smoking them out with a grenade while you get cover behind a nearby wall. This mixture of tactics and skill is something that isn’t really found in other game genres (football or point and click games are tactical while driving or fighting games are more skill). This not only makes them a fun challenge for the user but also means that they’re developing those skills – improving hand eye coordination and the ability to make quick decisions.

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How to Fix PS3 DNS Error – Can the PS3 DNS Error Really Be Fixed?

The PS3 DNS error that many people are having, is a common problem among the Playstation 3 users. Whenever you want to play a game online, there will be a DNS error popping up, and it’s quite obvious that this is in a need of a fix, but how? You see, it’s hard to fix something you don’t know anything about, but with the tips and option I am giving you, you simply cannot fail! Check out the tips and options below.

How To Fix PS3 DNS Error

Shut down your modem, after that’s done put your modem on again. It this did not work properly, you are in need to check if the router it’s firmware is in need of an update. If the UPnP and the media center connectivity is turned on, turn it off. Both can cause the error that your Playstation 3 is having. If this is not what’s going on, move on to your next steps to take!

How To Fix The Error With Your Router.

Go grab your router, and check it’s status area. Look at the DNS IP Adresses that you will see. Write them down on a piece of paper, and go back to your PS3. Put the address into the menu, but do it like this: Put the second IP adress you’ve writing on the piece of paper down as the first one. And the first one as the second one. This might sound confusing but just read it on a few times.

Nothing Worked? Time To Use A Guide?

If the steps on how to fix PS3 DNS error didn’t work, or you didn’t understand how apply this information. Than I’d recommend you Get A Repair Guide. This may cost some money, but so does paying for a new router. Know what I mean? If you want to have fun, nothing will be for free, unfortunately.

If you know how to fix your PS3 DNS error, but not know how to apply the steps, then you should grab a Playstation 3 repair guide. This will not only give you step by step instruction with videos and pictures to fix the DNS error, but it also has bonuses. It will give you the ability to transfer music from your iPod to your console, and it will also let you install linux on your Playstation 3! Get more information about the guide here: PS3 Fix Guide

Ps3 Hdmi – Why Ps3 Was By Far The Best Value For Us

I had sat on the sidelines of the next gen video games up until a couple of weeks ago. I had tried Wii almost as soon as it came out and was captivated by the motion sensors but the limited availability and sameness to the games as well as limited graphics was frustrating.

Xbox 360 the $ 50 a year subscription and more importantly it lost the Blu-ray/HD battle were big no points for me. I enjoy games, my wife does not. She does enjoy movies and the internet. When I pointed out that PS3 was a Blu-ray player (with excellent reviews) and could let us surf the internet, she was all for it.

I have an ‘old’ HDTV (3 years old). It has a maximum resolution of 1080i and a DVI input but no HDMI. I did some research before buying this so I bought an HDMI to DVI cable at the same time. I was worried about hooking it up and getting it to look right and also getting sound. I should not have been. It took literally a few minutes. Plugged the HDMI end into the PS3 HDMI and the DVI end into the HDTV. Received a picture (great picture) right away. It detected that 1080i was the highest resolution and I choose that.

Sound I simply choose the option to put sound out correctly and received gorgeous sound. I only use the speakers that came with the HDTV but it sounds fantastic on Blu-Ray. I can only imagine what people with surround sound systems will get.

The Blu-Ray discs are stunning. Even with ‘just’ 1080i. Truly beautiful. And it also up-converts very well. My favorite movies are the LOTR expanded editions. I have seen LOTR on TNT HD broadcasts. With the PS3 HDMI they look almost as good perhaps even better than the HD broadcasts. Also one of the coolest things and I have no idea if this for all Blu-Rays are just PS3 HDMI is that it remembers where you were on discs (Blu-ray and DVD discs)even if the disc was last played 8 discs ago. So say for instance you a third of the way through Fellowship. You then put a few game discs in, some other movie discs, then go back to Fellowship. It actually remembers where you left off that disc. Love it.

The internet browsing has been very cool. At first it was ok but it did not fill up the screen and the lettering was too small. But then I discovered zoom in and zoom out. And now it is really fun to browse. As an aside when I started browsing if someone was on our lap-top we would get a connection conflict and would not be able to surf on the lap-top. I called Linksys and they were able to change a bunch of settings on the router and it works just fine now, no problems on using both at the same time.

As for games I have Assassin’s Creed and Oblivion now. Both look amazing. I have also downloaded demos for Mirror’s Edge (stunning) and Motor storm (fun and also amazing graphics). Even as a gamer truly I only really have time for a half dozen games every year or two or even three. A lot of these games last a long time. So in reality the 360s edge on variety is for all intents moot. I am planning to get Little Big Planet and maybe the new Spidey game when it comes down in price. That will more than hold me over to God of War and which ever other few games I will get in 2009. Having a handful of great games, to me, is more important than 50 titles coming out a year.

Bottomline is if you have an HDTV (particularly if you have a home theater set up) and no Blu-ray and enjoy gaming the PS3 HDMI is truly awesome. You get a great Blu-ray player, an 80gig hard drive, incredible gaming capabilities (just downloading the demos would be cool), internet browsing and video watching on your TV. You can also download the LIFE utility that has an incredibly cool visual globe where you can get live weather and news headlines around the world. And you can help cure diseases by linking to a Stanford project that looks at how proteins work and fold. If you allow it your processor can be added to the processing power being used for the Stanford project (when you are not gamin and such).

Sony has succeeded in making a truly great heart of your home media experience. This is so much more than Wii it isn’t even close. And with Blu-ray and free Sony playstation network, it really is a much better value than any of the 360 choices you have. Right now heading into the 2008 holiday season, PS3 HDMI stands alone as clearly the best system and the best value. Not only for gamers but for the entire family.

More Detail…

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Sedu Black Hairstyles

What styling tools, products and accessories do you have stored in your vanity drawer? Since hair is considered to be a woman’s crowning glory, most actually spend a lot of their hard-earned money purchasing products, tools and accessories which will make styling their hair a lot easier.

The good thing about having such tools – flat irons, curling irons, straighteners – at your disposal is that no matter which type of occasion it is that you are attending – or even if you’re just gearing to spend a day out with friends – you will get to say no to bad hair days.

Here, we will take a look at one of the most popular African American designs worn by Hollywood celebs: Sedu black hairstyles.

What Exactly is a Sedu Hairstyle?

As indicated in their website, Sedu means to seduce, turn on the object of your desire and to bring out the seductive goddess in you. Basically, sporting Sedu black hairstyles mean that you will be using one of the many Sedu design products which can be purchased through their site.

Perhaps the most popular product that they have is their  flat irons – although they have a line of dryers and styling products as well. So what is it about Sedu black hairstyles which make them a must-style to wear?

If you have wavy, frizzy or curly black hair, you can tame your locks into a sleek, smooth and silky-looking style which is straightened with the help of an “appliance”. What makes flat irons a “must-have” is you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars getting your hair chemically straightened in a salon. You can do it right in the comfort of your own home whne used with the right shampoos, conditioners and oil treatments.

Get Glamorously Straight & Wavy Results

Let’s now check out the some of the glamorously straight-look and wavy designs you can get with a quality flat iron, a little creativity and the right products:

Sedu Short Hairstyles

Celebrities like Halle Berry and Naomi Campbell are usually seen sporting short Sedu black hairstyles. If you have an extremely short hair in a pixie cut, you can use a Sedu styling flat iron to come up with an ultra-glam look.

After straightening, you can use a hair mousse or oil (Emu, Jojoba or Argan) to add moisture and volume and scrunch your hair up any which way to give it that tousled, yet still glamorous look. Or, you can use a styling product which adds sheen to your locks and style your short hair in a super-short, straight and sleek ‘do.

Sedu Long Hairstyles

Beyonce, Tyra Banks and Halle Berry when she’s wearing her hair long can also be seen sporting long Sedu black hairstyles. This is suitable for women with black hair reaching past their shoulders – or even those who have a short, straight bob. All you need to do is straighten your curly hair using a flat iron to get that long, sleek, straight and silky feel and appearance.

With a few minutes of preparation, you can turn your curly hair into a super silky and straight style – all with the help of Sedu black hairstyles ideas.

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Jetking cheat reports should be ignored


The IT sector has become hugely popular in almost every country across the globe. People have realized that it is definitely one of the most promising and rewarding sectors in today’s times. There are a large number of people who want to learn the finer nuances of this sector that will enable them to climb to the top positions and do so quickly. Having complete knowledge about computers, software’s and everything else that might prove to be detrimental to function effectively in this sector is essential. There are a number of institutes that train students to carve a niche for themselves in the IT industry. One such institute is Jetking. Jetking is known to be one of the finest institutes that train students to face every challenge in the IT industry and yet there are instances when one comes across reports labeling Jetking cheat.

What is important to know is how much of truth is contained in these reports. A number of individuals, who claim Jetking cheat, are usually at fault themselves. They claim that Jetking has duped them and they haven’t learnt all that is essential and important. But it is in fact these students who take their training sessions casually and do not think it is remotely important also till they face hurdles and hardships. Also, if one was to believe such reports, why would the leading IT companies choose students passing out from Jetking over any other as their first preference?

Another issue that people pick up while reporting Jetking cheat is that they were promised practical training session but did not receive any. If this was even remotely true, a majority of students passing out from Jetking wouldn’t be consulted by their respective firms to address and solve a hurdle. Those who claim that they haven’t received practical training have themselves to blame for it since they did not take the class seriously and were having their own fun.

Jetking cheat reports hold no truth and this is very evident. Also, if these reports were true, every student should have faced troubles. But this is not the case. As for those who lodge Jetking complaints, they should be grateful to Jetking since they at least got a job in the 100% placement scheme followed by Jetking.


Ni Runfeng: Home Appliance Industry, “the Godfather” First Instigated A Price War – Color

“upstairs, downstairs, light phone.”
Home Appliances Hidden behind the original people of the modern imagination. “Torch it!” In Zhao Benshan’s skit, the black of the “appliance” to applause. In the new China was established, China’s most family-owned appliance is not much more than the black family. Because of this, rich Chinese people quickly develop from the world’s largest home appliance market.

State-owned enterprise reform, “the first person to eat crab”
Whether one talks of Chinese home appliance business, “who try their hand”, or state-owned enterprise reform, are not open around the Sichuan

Changhong The head of Ni Runfeng. In its heyday, he and Zhang tied the flag for China business. His domineering to Changhong issued from the southwest corner of the nation’s voice.

Ni Runfeng has been phased out and the lakes are home appliance industry in China has been hailed as the “Godfather.” Changhong’s 19 years in, the fire control radar experts Changhong hit from a small factory owned brand value caused by the world’s 330 million

TV King, who launched China’s home appliance industry price dive, and so was regarded as a commercial hoarding CPT war classic.

1970 12 26, the first color
TV Machine factory in Tianjin, the birth of 712, opened China’s color TV production of large screen, but the scale of production, production, performance, quality and so have access to high-speed development with the same period in contrast to Japan to catch up.

With the popularity of TV speed, is located in Mianyang of southwest corner of Changhong Machinery Factory, began to walk the road of transformation: in 1972, Changhong color TV project launched, the first step towards conversion. At that time, 28-year-old Ni Runfeng entry Changhong factory has been 5 years. Ni Runfeng charge in 1985, conversion of Changhong, and to become the first from

Matsushita The introduction of color TV production line company.
Command of the Chinese television industry first
Price war Ni Runfeng bones with Knight’s feelings, the phrase “Changhong to national prosperity, responsibility, dedicated to you?? Changhong red sun”

Advertisement Word is sensational. Imports in the domestic color TV and color TV in the duel, he cut prices 30 percent to the Japanese brands as Pindiao “battle lines”, and then only 25% of Changhong’s gross margin, this data has been difficult to trace.

1989, the seclusion and long-Ni Runfeng began moves: the price cuts. This is the TV industry in China, the first price war, price cut to 600. He personally put on a red silk belt, standing in front of Chengdu to start shopping, “salesperson”, that was a miracle the price war, national brands over foreign brands, Changhong has become TV King. His competitor analysis “Changhong with large-scale, low-wage cost advantage to the large number of Paohuo leading the way dealers bring the market demand.” “With this price war, we have attributed to China’s color TV prices reasonable to achieve the Chinese television industry upgrade from black and white to color TV. “witnessed the price cut the bangs in the war, recalled that the price cuts in Changhong’s income is rapidly expanding its market share to 8%. Ni Runfeng-style TV price war, in which Chang’s achievements on behalf of national brands.

“People can not stand” while “No he will not do”
From 1985 to 2000 15 years, Changhong, Ni Runfeng can be called the soul, and his atmosphere, domineering as if a symbol represents the peak phase of Changhong. In the Changhong company, saying circulated among two sentences: one is that “people can not stand Ni Runfeng Alone”; other is, “Changhong no Ni Runfeng not work.”

Ni Runfeng from Changhong out twice, once in 2000, occurred after he lost hoard color TV picture tube; the second time in 2004, when he is not in Mianyang, they were suddenly removed. Share of notice is complete, Ni Runfeng will no longer serve as chairman of Changhong Group and the joint-stock companies, CEO positions, even directors are not held. His identity to become the provincial government consultant. In the meantime, journalists have the opportunity to Ni Runfeng twice face to face, throughout the interview process, the Ni Runfeng noodles, dignified, sternest, to answer questions is very simple, usually two or three words on the solution end of the interview immediately after the big leave.

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Do you want to improve your device colors or joysticks design? Our range of customized consoles is compatible with major games of today. You can even find selections that can modify the bright colors the way you prefer. If you want to lead the battle, this is the time to make your own gaming console with its unique features.

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How To Be A Starcraft2 Diamond Player With The Right Guide

I was thinking how to be a Starcraft2 diamond player if I don’t have the right
Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide. It seemed forever to master this grueling battles where it always boils down to, “where do I begin?” If I am to start with my favorite raise, what are my strengths and weaknesses against what class? How can I make sure that I’ll win over the battles if I am not able to see the whole thing going? These are complex questions and is answerable by experience and in-depth knowledge of the game. Get back to the basics of the Starcraft2. Help yourself by getting a guide that will suit you best and will answer all your questions by just reading it and not wasting time playing and get ridiculed by pros or just mere average players.

There are lots of obstacles we are facing when ever we start the game. Confusion, lack of confidence, all these negative thoughts add up and make a whole bunch of barriers on getting to the top and be a diamond player.

We got 3 raises namely:

* Protoss
* Terran
* Zerg

I have lots of questions based on these classes:

1. I wanna win my battles with only 1 class I’m loyal to, how can I do that?

2. What are the pros and cons of my class and how will I figure it out quickly?

3. My friends are not going to tell me their strategies because they are also my enemies.

4. There has to be a way to get to the top without being ridiculed or even practice all day and try figure out all things that even myself am confused about.

5. What am I going to do?

There’s always an answer and that’s why there are lots of strategy guides out there that are for free. Mostly are confusing and can easily be access by your friends and that means you’ll on the same stream as them. I would recommend for you to get a guide that will help you be on the lead rather than be on par with them.

To be at the top?

The secret is to be revealed right in our eyes if we have the right
Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide. Do something about it. There’s lot of work to be done, but If you have the right guide? Help yourself and make it as seemless as possible, play and have a positive experience and have the winning feeling of achieving something without too much hard work. Can’t believe it? Just do it. Go get
yourself one.

Dorian Strong is a Starcraft 2 pro player and game tester.

Go help yourself and be happy.

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Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide