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Coming Clean When You Cheated

Most of the correspondence that I receive comes from spouses who have been cheated on. They are looking for advice on how to heal, to trust again, and how to move on. Occasionally though, I hear from spouses who have been cheating and who want to make things right. They want to know how they can tell their spouses about their cheating, express their deepest sorrow, and ultimately save the marriage. What you say is very important in this situation but your actions are equally as important. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Before You Admit To The Cheating, Have Everything Rectified As Best As You Can: Never admit to cheating while the affair is still going on or while you still have doubts about your commitment to your spouse or to your marriage. This is going to be a huge blow to your spouse and you’re going to need to be able to truthfully tell them that you are completely out of this other relationship and are completely committed to working things out with your spouse.

Do not make your spouse deal with any more than this. It’s not fair to break this very bad news and then to admit that you are not sure about your feelings toward them, the marriage, or the other person. You want to be able to decisively and to convincingly say that it’s completely over and that you are 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to save the marriage with your spouse beside you.

If you can’t do this yet, it’s best to wait until you can. You want to give your spouse a workable plan and a safety net as soon as you break this news. You want to have your plan to heal this already set up so that you can show immediate and decisive action to prove your commitment. If your feelings aren’t yet sorted out or your commitment is in question, then you’ll need to do some soul searching before you have this conversation.

Taking Complete Responsibility For The Affair And Choosing Your Words Carefully: You never, ever want to make excuses for yourself when you were the one who cheated. This is the time to be the responsible adult and to take on the blame for the situation that you, yourself created. Many times when the feelings and accusations come out and you are staring down the barrel of your spouse’s anger, there is a tendency to become defensive and to offer up excuses or to insinuate something like if your spouse had paid more attention to you, this would not have happened. These lame excuses are only going to make your spouse even more angry with you.

The truth is, you are to blame for your own actions and choices. Sure, your marriage probably was not perfect. None are. But you did make the decision that you made and now is the time to begin making amends for that. Your spouse is going to respect you a lot more and respond to you a lot better if you have the integrity to own up to what you did.

When it comes to disclosing the cheating, you must chose your words carefully. You want to express your sorrow and your commitment most of all. You want to show your emotion. You want for your spouse to know that you are deeply sorry, that you know that this is going to hurt them deeply, and that you know it’s your responsibility to make things right. Be as gentle as you can with the details. Always refer to the cheating and to the other person as a huge mistake that is completely in the past tense. Outline your plan to make things right and as I said, never ever make excuses or place the blame on anyone but yourself.

Your spouse is going to have a lot of questions. Always answer them in the way that paints your spouse in the best light and the places the blame with you. Try not to disclose any information that is going to be personally devastating. Always try to keep their self esteem as in tact as you can.

The Words That You Say Are Not As Important As The Action That You Take: Here’s what you have to understand. Since you’ve already betrayed your spouse, they are going to take much of what you say with a grain of salt. They are going to doubt you and be suspicious. So, your actions become much more important than what you actually say. You must show and not tell. You must hang in there and continue to offer patience, reassurance, and affection. You must obtain the help for your spouse and for your marriage if it is needed. And you must be willing to walk with them as they struggle through this. Always understand how difficult this is for them and try to be as loving and as supportive as you can.

I was the cheated on, not the cheater, in my relationship. So, I know exactly how the “cheated on” spouse feels. But, I also know that healing and moving on is possible. Although I never would’ve believed this two years ago, my marriage is stronger than ever after my husband’s affair. It took a lot of work, and I had to play the game to win, but it was worth it. Because of all the work I did on myself, my self esteem is at an all time high. I no longer worry my husband will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Game Review of Zumas Revenge

The main objective in Zuma’s Revenge! is to clear sets of rolling balls by matching three or more of the same colour. The player achieves this by controlling overly-energetic if not mildly spastic-looking frog who spits multi-coloured balls. The frog must shoot these balls towards the incoming balls rolling onto the screen. These balls are cleared from the screen when three or more are matched together in a row.

The player can score extra points by shooting through newly-formed gaps between the balls when matches are cleared. Fruit bonuses appear occasionally which can be hit for extra points if the player can manage to shoot a ball between these gaps. The gaps are closed if balls at both ends are the same colour. This can lead to chain reaction ball clearing that result in additional points.

There are plenty of little extras to add to the mix. The fruit bonuses not only give you additional points, they also help slow down the incoming balls. Some of the incoming balls contain various power-ups that can help you clear the current level much easier. A slow power-up exists to make the balls roll much slower than normal. A laser sight helps improve your aim’s accuracy. Tri-shot power-ups give the frog a shotgun-like blast. Laser power-ups let you destroy single ball. Bomb power-ups take out multiple balls in one go. The lightning power-up is probably the best one in the game, as it is capable of eliminating all balls on the screen of one colour.

The incoming balls continue to roll along the game level’s track towards a skull emblem located at the end of the track. If the incoming balls reach the skull emblem, it’s all over for the frog, as the skull will become animated and eat the little bugger. Clearing all the balls before they reach the skull lets you proceed to the next level. In the game’s standard Adventure mode, some big kahuna-looking dude gives you hints along the way each time you complete a level. He also awards you with a checkpoint every five completed stages. If you lose all of your lives, you can restart at the checkpoint instead of from the very beginning.

At the end of each island area, the player confronts a Tiki god as the area’s boss battle. Killing these bosses is corny but hilarious, as they always have something cheesy to say that is bound to make players chuckly. Take the first boss for example. Defeating him will cause him to say, “You broke my tongue like ‘clahhhh!'”. Who would ever have thought that Tiki gods knew how to speak valley girl?

Zuma’s Revenge brings a few new things to the table, like new levels that operate a bit differently from the original. There is a “leaping lilies” stage in which the player must make the frog jump between lily pads in order to reach all the balls on the screen. Other new stages have the frog move along a horizontal or vertical track as opposed to the original stages which kept the frog rotating in one fixed position. After the player clears a certain amount of levels in Adventure mode, he or she is allowed to access the game’s additional modes of play.

Overall, Zuma’s Revenge! will prove to be a hit with Zuma lovers and puzzle game lovers alike. It has great sound, excellent graphics, funny anecdotes, and a pleasant tropical theme. It is silly but not completely mindless.

Zuma’s Revenge! is suited for all audiences and available via download and in stores. It has been released for the Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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Ps3 Consoles – A Review Not Written By A Fan-Boy

I now own all 3 major next-gen consoles: The Xbox 360, the Wii, and now this one. I can honestly say I’m very impressed with it. Now is definitely the time to buy one I think. Wait another year, and the prices will only continue to drop. I finally broke down and bought the PS3 Consoles based on a bundle sale that only cost me around 400 bones for the console and a couple games.

I mentioned the above, because I think there are way too many fan-boys out there to skew people’s decision what console to buy that still don’t own any of these consoles, and are thinking about purchasing one. After using the PS3 for about a month now, it’s become painfully obvious to me that neither the 360 or the PS3 Consoles is better than the other. Rather, it’s a matter of opinion what you are going to use the console for.

For me there was only a couple of reasons to own the PS3 Consoles: Blu-Ray and to play the Sony exclusive games. The PS3 Consoles is by far the best available Blu-Ray player in my opinion. It’s designed to play just about any Blu-Ray disc, it can be updated with firmware updates, and thing connects wirelessly to the internet via a wireless router/modem. Blu-Ray looks and sounds phenomenal. If you have an HDTV, and you have the extra cash to spare for Blu-Ray, … I don’t know what you’re waiting on then. There truly is an incredible difference in sound and picture between Blu-Ray and DVD. The Sony PS3 Consoles allows you to view Blu-Ray in all of its glory. With all the extra features and such, maneuvering through all the menus on the PS3 Consoles is a breeze, too.

The Sony exclusives for games isn’t as compelling I think in comparison to the 360. However, that’s all up to opinion. You’d have to play ’em to really grasp what you’d prefer. I’m more of a sports and action kind of gamer. I really love the 360 when it comes to Gears of War, Halo, and Mass Effect. The PS3 Consoles offers games such as Resistance, MLB: The Show, Killzone 2, and of course, Metal Gear Solid 4. It really comes down to what games tickle your fancy a little more. After you read all the reviews, and all of the hype, you really have to just play the games. I’ve played the games like Infamous and Little Big Planet. Those games have received great reviews, but I didn’t like them too much. So my point is, if you’re stuck on which system has the best games, my advice is to just play them and see for yourself. One fact remains about the PS3 Consoles Consoles exclusives, however, and that is that PS3 Consoles does provide the better graphics. The graphics card within the PS3 Consoles is produced by nVidia. If you’re a PC geek like me, you know that nVidia’s graphics cards have always been on the pricier side. There’s a reason for that, and I’ll just leave it at that.

The PS3 Consoles offers many things that make it better than the 360. The hard drive isn’t proprietary, and easily exchangeable with a bigger hard drive. The controllers have built in rechargeable battery backs that charge via USB, and connect via Bluetooth. You can use a standard USB keyboard/mouse. Wireless capability is included with the PS3 Consoles. It runs with a faster processor and graphics card. You can even install a separate operating system on the PS3 Consoles. Browsing the web is surprisingly easy as well. It’s not my browser of choice by any means, but it is 100% compatible with every website I’ve thrown at it. The PS3 Consoles is a Blu-Ray player, which makes it a gaming console, and your main movie player. The PS3 Consoles also up-converts your DVDs.

The PS3 Consoles is not perfect by any means, however. If you play online games you’ll want to stay away from the PS3 Consoles. Paying for the Xbox Live experience was always annoying to me, but after engaging in some online matches with Killzone 2, it has opened my eyes. The play is laggy and slow. Finding matches accourding to your skill level is also found wanting. The store and browsing for demos and such is done far better with Xbox’s Live experience. The Xbox also offers instant streaming via Netflix, and PS3 Consoles doesn’t. I find the controller for the PS3 Consoles a little uncomfortable compared to the Xbox. The buttons at times can be too sensitive, and the controller feels cramped at times. Bottom line for the controller, though, is that is strictly opinion. My wife’s hands are much smaller than mine, and the controller for the PS3 Consoles to her is 100 million times better than the 360. So it just depends on what feels right to you.

The bottom line for the PS3 Consoles is that whatever your preferences are, those should dictate what system you’ll choose if you can only choose one. There are many features available to you other than what I mentioned, and you can view those via Sony’s website, or by browsing through the other reviews posted here. There’s really no reason to not own a PS3 Consoles. If you’re looking to make the step towards Blu-Ray, you have a wireless network in your house, and you love solo gaming, then PS3 Consoles is probably for you. If online gaming is a big deal, and you’re not really convinced that Blu-Ray is the way to go for you, than you should probably go the route of the Xbox 360. The whole exclusive gaming thing is really just a bonus. Both systems offer quality exclusive games that will make you happy.

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Using wii hdtv cables

Many people are still skeptical on using wii hdtv cables sue to the fear of unknown. However, those who are using it have become the ultimate fan of this product and cannot stop themselves from praising it. They claim that wii hdtv cables provide a high video and audio quality transmission from the Nintendo Wii to their television which was not possible from any other random transmission cables. It will not be wrong to say that wii hdtv cables are the result of massive research and the development of technology. These cables are special in the sense that they transmit brightness and colors on different paths which let them to be processed separately. With this function, the image is quite clear and crisp as compared to other standard AV cables.

By using wii hdtv cables and connecting it with your HDTV, you will get a chance to enjoy the most stunning and mesmerizing graphics of your Nintendo Wii. Once you have wii hdtv cables with you, you will not be able to resist yourself from using it. Those who have used it usually recommend others as well and this is how its popularity level is surging.  There is hundred percent quality assurance with these cables.

Hooking the wii hdtv cables is fairly easy and involves only few steps. If you follow the instructions strictly, it is a matter of minutes that you will be experiencing the most stunning graphics you have ever seen. Just switch off the Nintendo Wii and the HDTV before you connect them with the wii hdtv cables. The input areas are clearly mentioned at the back of TV. The three video cables are to be connected with the video component jacks on your TV. They are bundled together and thus should not be mixed with the audio cables. Once the video cables are connected, the same process I applied for the audio cables. The red and white audio cables are bundled together. The rectangular connector is to be plugged at the other end of the video component cable into the “Digital AV Out”. Once everything is firmly connected, you are ready to use your HDTV and Nintendo Wii.

Wii hdtv cables are readily available at online stores. You can browse online and get one for yourself easily.


Game to get closer to your children

Children are God’s gift. Parents should take care and raise them but some people have different way to raise their kids. Thus, there is a gap between parents and children.

Raising children is parent’s responsibility but some father and mother think that the best way to raise their children is to give them the best education and stuffs. That is why many parents spend most of their time to work. They forget to give their children love and affection.

The most common mistake in raising children is father usually leaves their children to their mother. He forgets that children also need father’s love. This is the reason why there is a gap in relationship between father and children.

As a breadwinner father spends almost all of his time to work but this is not an excuse to leave their children without love and affection. Traditional gender roles in families has made this situation becomes worse. Father often goes to his work room or his room to rest after working.

Because of this situation, children do not really know about his father. Father has different understanding about their role. It is hard for them to put their affection and love in words. Psychologists have studied about development of the children. This development is usually focused on relationship between mother and kids.

they come to a new conclusion that father has an important and unique role in kids development. This role can be done by only playing with them. The first step in every relationship is feeling. You need to show the feeling that you are interested to your child and want to be with them. Father should prepare this relationship before their children are born. A father who is interested with his wife’s pregnancy will prepare their babies needs.

He wants to touch his babies and so on. This situation indicates the father’s will to get involved with his children. When the babies grow up become toddlers, parents start to handle their two additional needs. They should support their children’s exploration and to make a secure limit for them in order to give them safer space.

Father has a special role by playing with them. It is said that children learn how to solve problems and getting involve with others from their father. Father is not only playing with them but also provide them with safety besides entertaining them. Father usually supports them to explore their environment with their own strength. It will increase their confident and knowledge. Father has bigger time portion to play with their kids than mother has. In their game, they are more active and energetic.

Most of children love this kind of game. Even father has limited time than mother has; father has a particular role for their children through playing games. One of the games is treasure hunt game. The first thing that you need to do is make a map. This map will be a guide to find you locate the treasure.

After making the map, you need to determine what the treasure is. You can fill it with keys. When you give the map to your children, you need to tell them the playing role. You can separate the clues into several clues. Since the key is made of metal, you can also teach them to use a metal detector. It will be a very delightful game.

Your children will get new knowledge and you are closer to them. This game can be done in Sunday or your holiday. After determining the treasure location and making the map, divide the clue into several steps. It will make you and your children have more quality time. You can use a metal detector in a clue. This detector can be used as a hint to find the clue. As the main present, you can give your children some gift such as their favorite foods or toys. By doing this activity, you have taught your children to solve their problem, encourage them to explore more and increase their confident.

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