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Haenam: Where nature meets history, culture
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Image by USAG-Humphreys
HAENAM, Korea — Whether you’re the adventurous type, or just want to relax and unwind with your family, Haenam County, located in the far southwestern tip of Korea, has something for everyone.
Although volumes have been dedicated to Haenam, I will focus on an exclusive number of attractions here.
Haenam County has all the beauty of the countryside – breathtaking forests, mountains, valleys, and the complete benefits of a clean oceanic environment. As well as the people, the weather is very friendly too. Haenam is one of the warmest parts of Korea and it never falls below zero. And, because of the decent climate, a full range of wild foods grow here. Plus, the uncluttered seawater offers an abundant source of goodies.
When I was about to enter university, my friends and I made a secret plan to go on a walking trip to Haenam, thinking it would be so cool to “walk” to the end of the peninsula. But unfortunately, it did not happen since some of the parents didn’t allow us. However, this past October, I finally got to visit Haenam through my internship program. About 250 of us from both Humphreys and Yongsan Garrison visited Haenam County during the Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival, held by Jeollanamdo Province.
The festival is an annual event of both Haenam and Jindo, and was designed after this famous battle of Myeongryang more than 400 years ago. The Usuyeong area and the tourist resort have great significance for Koreans and to world history. One of Korea’s greatest admirals, Yi Sun-shin, with only 13 ships remaining in his fleet, defeated a Japanese navy that had 133 warships and 200 support ships, by using the strong currents of the Myeongryang straits.
This remarkable victory can be relived at the Usuyeong tourist resort every October, where one can absorb the energy from the monuments and historic remains, while strolling carefree through the Myeongnyang Victory Park.
Heard of Jindo dogs of Korea? These clever dogs are from just around the corner; you can literally cross the bridge from Usuyoung area. Jindo Island also provides lots of attractions. Vehicles can cross the bridge, except during the festival period.
Traveling with children? Uhangri Dinosaur Center and Park has an appeal of its own and can make you the best parents. Dinosaur fossils and footprints from more than 90 million years ago were discovered here. If you want to go back in time and walk with the former rulers of the earth, Haenam is the place to go.
Being in a wide grass field with the warm touch of the sunlight was just great. My favorite part at Uhangri was taking pictures with the enormous dinosaur statues all around the park.
Not far away, there is a beach that has luxuriant old pine trees, fine sand, and gentle crystal waves. No, this isn’t something from a fairytale, it is Songho Swimming Beach located in Ttangkkeut, on the southern tip of Korea. It’s quite cold for these activities, but the gentle slopes make it an ideal place for swimming and camping. If you are not much of a beach person, don’t worry. Duryun National Park will be your alternative choice. An ancient temple visit, after a pleasant hike with cool breezes, followed with a cable car ride, will be just right for your taste.
From cultural heritage, historical relics, great food of Jeollanamdo province, ancient temples and sculptures to high peaks, Haenam has them all. You can also visit the Haenam tourism web site at eng.haenam.go.kr/. The website provides much of the information you will need, including lodging, fares, guide maps and even tour course. The only problem you’ll encounter is not having enough time to do everything.
(Editor’s Note: Arisae Ryu, a student at Namseoul University in Cheonan, is currently an intern in the USAG Humphreys Public Affairs Office. While here, she is going to be writing about items in Korean culture that Americans might not usually hear about.)

Photos by Mike Mooney, Peter Yu and Sue He-so

For more information on U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys and living and working in Korea visit: USAG-Humphreys’ official web site or check out our online videos.

Black Abaya

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What Not To Do After Cheating

I often get correspondence from spouses or loved ones who have cheated on their significant other and they now want advice as to what they should do to make things right (once their loved one has learned about the affair.) It’s often only after they’ve been “found out” do they realize what a huge mistake they’ve made. And it’s usually around this time that they begin to panic and scramble to do the right thing and to begin to dig themselves out of the mess that they’ve created.

Although many ask me about the things that they should be doing, I honestly think that sometimes it’s more helpful to go over the things that you should not be doing. Because some of these very common but costly mistakes will make your job with your loved one so much harder that it’s worth going over the things to avoid to help you refrain from making things worse. So, in the following article, I’m going to outline some mistakes that you should avoid at all costs after cheating.

Don’t Continue To See The Other Person Or Continue To Lie: You would think that this one is very much common sense, but I can not tell you how many people will swear to me that they want to save their marriage and then, in the same conversation, confess that they are “confused” because they aren’t sure if they can let go of the person that they were cheating with. I can save you a lot of time and perhaps save your spouse a lot of pain by telling you that you should not even bother trying to rescue your marriage after cheating unless you are 100% done with the other person. This is not fair to any of the people involved and it all but ensures that your attempts are eventually going to fail.

And, you must know that your spouse is going to be watching even your smallest behaviors and actions very closely. There is no leeway whatsoever for lies (even small ones) or omissions (even innocent ones.) You can never ever let your spouse catch you not telling them the complete truth right now. If they do, they will likely decide that you’re still lying to them and that they can’t believe one word that you say. One of your biggest obstacles is going to be restoring their trust and faith in you. So, if you can’t or won’t tell the truth, then you’re wasting the efforts of both them and you.

Don’t Shift The Blame Or Offer Up Excuses That You Both Know Are Lame And Aren’t Valid: It’s understandable that many people are embarrassed and ashamed of their behavior after an affair. It’s also understandable that it’s uncomfortable to look your spouse in the face and to deal with the fall out that your actions have caused. But, don’t let this discomfort contribute to your offering up excuses that are meant to turn your spouse’s attention away from you.

They will respect you so much more if you act like the adult that you are and stand up straight, look them in the eye, give your heartfelt sincerity, and announce that this is all 100% your fault and was the result of your own shortcomings and actions. Whatever you do, don’t insinuate or imply that they didn’t take care of you (or themselves) well enough or that they somehow fell short.

Don’t imply that you were tricked or coerced into cheating. I so often have cheaters tell me that someone else was the aggressor and that this somehow makes them blameless. Even if this were true, you still, at some point, made a decision to cheat on your spouse and you followed that choice through. This is not anyone else’s fault but your own and you must make this very clear to your spouse. They need to know that you completely understand that this situation is one that you created and that you take responsibility for the initiation of fixing it.

Don’t Make Life Even More Difficult For Your Spouse By Pressuring Or Judging Them: Many people really do understand that their spouse needs some time to heal. And, most people resolve to allow their spouses that time – at least in the beginning. But, as life after the affair goes on day after day, it usually becomes more and more evident that things are tense and difficult. Granted, it’s difficult to live in both of your shoes right now and so it’s understandable that you would want for this period of time to go by as quickly as is possible.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should insinuate that your spouse has a finite amount of time to “just get over it.” Don’t pressure your spouse and don’t compare them to others. Don’t say things like “well you’re going to punish me forever.” All this is going to do is anger them. They need to feel like you understand what they are going through and that you’re going to help them through this because you love them and because you are sorry.

So, vow to support them and help them for however long this takes. Don’t question their attempts to feel and get better. I sometimes have husbands tell me that they worry when their wife gets a make over after his affair. They feel like she’s improving herself to punish him or to move on. This might not be the case and often isn’t. Usually, she’s trying to improve herself to help to restore the self esteem that has been damaged by your affair.

Always understand that your role is that of the one who is responsible, who is going to fix this, and who is there to support your spouse, in any and every way, as they work through this.

My husband made a few of these mistakes in the beginning and I called him on every one of them. Please understand that healing after an affair is difficult. Don’t add to the problems by making some of the mistakes I’ve outlined here. Luckily, we were still able to move on. It took work, but it was so worth it. I now understand myself, my husband, our marriage, and our intimacy on a much deeper level and I no longer worry that he will cheat again. You can read a very personal story on my blog at http://surviving-the-affair.com

Katie Lersch writes articles about moving past an affair.  Her corresponding blog is at http://surviving-the-affair.com/

Scariest Ghost Towns and Cities on Planet

There are a lot of abandoned cities and towns on our planet. The towns and cities such as San-Zhi Pod in Taiwan, Bodie in California, Hashima Island in Japan, Pripyat in Ukraine, Varosha in Cyprus and so on always attract people worldwide as some among the scariest towns and cities in the world.

Located in Taipei, Northern Taiwan, San-Zhi Pod Village is known as a haunted village. This village was initially built as a luxury vacation retreat for the rich. However, numerous mysterious accidents led to the halt of all construction. The village remains a complete mystery to locals and tourists alike. It is said that San-Zhi Pod Village is now haunted by the ghosts of those who died.

San-Zhi Pod Village in Taipei, Northern Taiwan

Hashima Island is among hundreds of uninhabited islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan. Used to be home to many people, the island is now empty and bare.

In 1908, the Kolmanskop town in the Namibia desert was built and within two years, a casino, school, hospital and exclusive residential buildings were also established. However, the town is now buried under the sand and becomes an attraction for tourists and photographers.

Kolmanskop town in Namibia

The ghost city of Agdam in Azerbaijan used to be home to more than 150,000 people. However, the city was lost because its residents had moved to other areas during the Nagorno Karabakh war.

The city of Agdam in Azerbaijan

Bodie town in the Mono County, California seems to be the scariest ghost town on the planet. Found in 1876, Bodie boasted a population of around 10,000 in 1880, but it is now unpopulated.

Bodie town in California

The town of Pripyat in Ukraine was built in 1970 as the accommodation for workers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This town was home to more than 50,000 residents, but it has been abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986.

The town of Pripyat in Ukraine

The city of Varosha in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus had a long and remarkable cultural heritage and used to exist as a luxurious holiday destination. However, it now lies abandoned following the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island.

The city of Varosha in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Scariest Ghost Towns and Cities on the Planet: San-zhr Village inTaiwan

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2012-06-16_ (115)
video game map
Image by Daniel Arauz
Photos taken during the rally against Oakland School Closures at Lakeview Elementary School, Oakland, California June 16, 2012.

Video of an educator describing the situation:

Please support the community lead protest at Lakeview School and say NO to School closures in Oakland, California.

Ways how to help: Wish List: Tents, sleeping bags, duct tape, food [meals, prepared], drinks and water, banner making materials, triple AAA batteries. At night, coffee and snacks for Nightwatch.
And also with your presence anytime of the day, and at the rallies at 2pm everyday. Lakeview School is located at: 746 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California.
Directions: goo.gl/maps/2BsD