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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Including Playstation Games On Your Phone

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play enables you to play PlayStation games on your phone as it includes a slide out controller. The handset comes with preloaded games and supports multiplayer gaming too, meaning that you will always be able to grab some entertainment on the go.

The handset is already being called the PlayStation phone by technology bloggers as it is certified and provides full console controls which slide out from beneath the large 4 inch capacitive multitouch display featuring incredible graphics thanks to the internal Snapdragon graphic processor respectively. The phone is preloaded with up to 7 games for you to test your gaming skills, while you are also able to access from thousands of other titles created for Android by developers and this includes PlayStation games.

The Xperia Play really does take your gaming on a mobile to the next level. Its slide out controller has all of the dedicated gaming keys necessary including L/R shoulder and the 4 symbol keys as with any PS3 controller, which offers you greater control precise accuracy when gaming and physically makes you feel like you are simply gaming at home. You can use the 4 way directional buttons which are also present of course, as well as the AB keys for both smartphone navigation and the multi-key gaming experience offered. The handset also features superb stereo sound for the experience along with the fantastic graphics. Internal storage for games is also offered with 8 gigabytes worth of microSD card memory included out of the box, and support for swappable cards that old up to 32 gigabytes.

The handset will doubtless provide serious competition for other handheld gaming devices while also competing against other smart phones which also offer games, and the Android operating system. You will be able to play full racing or fighting games and more on this handset and have the best controls which are dedicated to gaming present to do so. In addition to all of this, you still have a great mobile phone too, with simple touch controls and offering everything from email to a 5 megapixel camera for photos and videos.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is a compact and stylish handset which is offering something completely new and as such has created excitement within the technology and gaming world simply by virtue of its games based design in addition to the software offered. If its gaming you really want besides all of the web browsing and communication of your Android smart phone, this is doubtless the handset you will go for.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo

Ps3 Consoles – Best Hardware Of All The Platforms

It is a not Brainier dollar for dollar PS3 Consoles Slim is the most bang for the buck hardware wise. Xbox360 with it’s overheating and need for $ 100 add on for wifi is inferior. I am not going to argue Blue ray since I do not need to.

If that all sounds like a ps3 fanboy review read on

Once we get past the hardware we have to look at the software and interface. In this the Xbox360 is far ahead of PS3 Consoles. PS3 Consoles home does not make any sense and just repeats functions the PS3 Consoles store has. Online is inferior but It is free at least.

I have owned PS3 Consoles and Xbox360 since launch and I find myself playing 360 allot more. In fairness PS3 Consoles is catching up with better titles but still has a way to go.

Bottom line is I still think xbox360 is superior but they better watch out since it looks like PS3 Consolesis planning a comeback with this amazing PS3 Consoles Slim hardware and more and more quality exclusive titles. They just need to overhaul thier online service and ditch the Crappy PSP like Interface.

PS3 Consoles – Great System, but it still heats up fast

My old PS3 Consoles 60gig overheated a few months back and died. I heard rumors that Sony was going to cut the price soon so I decided to wait and not get it repaired but just buy a new one instead. Lucky I was able to turn my dead PS3 Consoles in at the local Gamestop and get $ 140, so that worked out well. After all the waiting, I finally picked up the PS3 Consoles slim the day it came out.

The system is great, but I am disappointed that it still heats up, FAST.

I played for about one hour and I felt the bottom of the system and it was burning hot.Even the top and the sides were warm. The PS3 Consoles was properly ventilated and I had the AC on full blast, so the environment was chilly in my room. Since my old PS3 Consoles overheated, I am kind of concerned that this Sony didnt do a better job adressing this issue. Modern Warfare 2 is coming out so this baby is going to be working overtime; Hopefully it doesnt die on me again!

More Detail…

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Ps3 Console – Beyond My Expectations And Somewhat Affordable

I expected the slim model to have a less quality built. But once I got it in my hands I realized it was actually better than the original. The Slim model is not a fingerprint magnet like the earlier models. I don’t want to complain about backwords compatibility because I don’t think I will play any of my PS2 games. And for this price, I shouldn’t complain at all. Along with the gaming power this thing has, it is also one of the best blue-ray players out there. (or at least the best bang for your buck)

I had both, the PS3 Console 80GB model and the PS3 Console 120GB model; both new. This is what I found to be different:
The obvious differences is that it is smaller, more energy efficient, has more HDD storage (and easy removable) and the case differs.

1 – The PS3 Console Slim papers and information were nearly identical. Except for the logos/images of the console. But the PS3 Console Slim (for some reason) did not have the yellow sheet that the previous versions had. The yellow sheet included the 1800 number (1800-345-SONY/1800-345-7669)

2 – The previous PS3 Console power cable was a 3-plug (both from the outlet and into the PS3 Console); The new one is not as thick and is only 2-outlet

3 – When you first turn on the PS3 Console, the tune is similar but different and the default OS is 2.73 (I think) The NEW PS3 Console logo is displayed along with the default (regular) theme but in Pink.

As you noticed, these changes are insignificant and somewhat irrelevant to what is really important. The new PS3 Console is by far the best gaming platform/entertainment system out there. Sure there is no backwards compatibility, but if possible, Sony might attempt to let people download PS2 Games from the Playstation Store – or we can only hope. But to be honest, PS3 Console Games are now cheaper than ever. You can find Resistance Fall of Man for around $ 10 used here on Amazon.

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PlayStation Goes Mobile With The Sony Ericsson Play


The Xperia Series has created various handsets that are synonymous to cutting edge mobile technology. It all started with the X10. This handset opened our eyes to a number of possibilities we never thought possible. As the technology evolved, new handsets such as the Neo and Arc are now available. When mobile gaming comes to mind, you will enjoy intense gamming action with the Sony Ericsson Play.

There are so many of us who would wish that we could bring our PlayStations wherever we go. However, this is impossible. These consoles were never meant to be portable. Now, you can take your PlayStation games wherever you go. The Play makes all of this possible.

At first glance, you will not think much of this Xperia smartphone. It looks just like any other modern android phone. It comes with a large 4.0 inch capacitive touch screen. However, if you slide the touch screen upwards, a gaming control is revealed. If you look much closer, the controls look exactly like conventional game controllers.

This android smartphone is the first phone certified by PlayStation. It comes with a 1 GHz processor and a dedicated graphics processing unit for 3D gaming like never before. Not only is does the phone deliver outstanding 3D graphics; it also delivers great audio quality with its stereo speakers. This makes the Sony Ericsson Play perfect for mobile gaming.

Now that you know about the handset, where do get the games? The phone comes pre-installed with games that are sure to keep you playing for hours upon hours. If ever you need more, you can easily download popular titles. All you need is high speed internet that the phone comes with. You can either make use of its 3G capabilities or its Wi-Fi capabilities.

You do not have to play all by yourself. The smartphone supports multi-player gaming. You can place the handset on the multimedia dock and play with friends while you play your favorite game titles. You can play racing games, action games, adventure games, and so much more. There will never be a boring moment on the Sony Ericsson Play.


The Sony Ericsson Play and the Sony Ericsson Arc both run on the latest Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread).

Ps3 Consoles – Will Let You Down When You Least Expect It

I’ve had my PS3 Consoles almost 6 months to the day, I have become an avid gamer within that time and finally realized what I was missing since the days of original Play station. the thing is, the original won’t let you down. this console, the 80 gb, on the other hand will. for no apparent reason yesterday, my console died. xbox has the red circle of death, I got the red screen of death.

upon turning the system on I’m greeted with a bright red screen with the words “serious problem” and “contact technical service.” so now I’m going through all the hoop-la of having to return my system for repair, and in the meantime can’t play anything. I would like to add I have NEVER done anything out of the ordinary with the system, and just the night prior to this disaster I was watching a dvd with no problems. it is a huge inconvenience and I’m sure sony will do nothing to compensate for this issue. so beware: your system will go out eventually. just hope its still in warranty when it does.

PS3 Consoles – Great System

This is an excellent game system at a great price. The $ 400 set up I bought from Amazon.com arrived in two days and worked great out of the box. It was easy to set up and the video output is tremendous. I bought Resistance: Fall of Man along with the system and while the output on that particular game is 720p it still looked amazing on my 42″ LCD. The inclusion of a blu-ray player in this system makes it a steal compared to the XBOX. A decent blu-ray player costs $ 300; if you’re going to make the jump that means you’re only paying $ 100 for a killer system.

I found the menus easy to understand and navigate and the sixaxis controller is wonderful. I can’t say how pleasantly surprised I am with this system.

PS3 Consoles – Just What I Needed

I already have the 60Gb model, and I was in the market for a blu-ray player for my bedroom. Since I have been very happy with the PS3 Consoles that I currently have, I decided to get this one. Price is right, and as far as the features that is lacking, I don’t miss it. I think the kids have played maybe 1-2 PS2 games(just to see how it plays) when we first got the 60Gb one. We use a bluetooth keyboard and the only thing that we use the usb slots other than charging the controllers is a camera…which is seldom used.

We have yet to use the memory slot on the original PS3 Consoles…we have one PC set up as a media server and stream all the pics, music and videos to the PS3 from our network.

As far as reliability goes…so far we have not had any issues. As far as our XBOX 360(s) goes(notice the plural…and we only have one running system)….that’s another story.

So, overall a very good buy for the features that you get.

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How to Play Dead Space Game

I assuredly absitively to aces this bold up, now that it was appear on “Platinum Hits” and let me say that Dead Amplitude is a bold that is on the top of my list. There isn’t addition way to call it. The absolute time I was arena this game, it had me afraid at the bend of my seat. The acumen I say this is because I wasn’t assured this bold to be as alarming as it was, you’ll never apperceive what is ambuscade just about the corner psp games.

Dead amplitude has been advised to body up the astriction central of you and again alarm the active daylights out of you. In the alpha of the bold you are walking down a alley and out of boilerplate a huge alarming monster comes out, you are never accustomed a moments rest. If you are a big fan of absurd Sci-Fi flicks, abnormally movies with aliens, again this bold will abound on you.

You can in fact acquaint the developers put in a lot of plan into alarming the pants off you. The Graphics are in fact amazing. The levels and every allotment of the ambiance has been fabricated in abundant detail, I analyze the atmosphere to Doom 3 and Bio-shock. The aliens accept been advised actual scary, they attending like those aliens in “The Thing”.

These aliens never accord you a admonishing if they are traveling to pop out, able-bodied I’m lying sometimes they do. The complete in this bold is absolutely amazing, sometimes if you are walking, absorbed your own business, you will apprehend screams at the distance, usually you will apprehend metal confined bottomward and that agency an adversary is near psp games.

The bold has the best some of the best complete superior I accept anytime heard in a game. Most of the weapons are Sci-Fi, acceptation that you wont acquisition a lot of today’s weapons in the game, usually you will acquisition laser guns, Plasma rifles, Plasma cutters and a saw weapon alleged the ripper, the acumen this weapon is alleged the ripper is because it is actual bleeding and in fact rips the aliens apart.

The bold play is unique, has aqueous controls that are simple to master.

You can aces this bold up and alpha arena like a pro. The bold has an amazing affection in which you can adverse attacks by application abutting abode combat, which can appear in accessible if getting attacked by your adversary if you run out of ammo, and this happens a lot through out the game. The basal band is if you are apathetic and wish to aces up a new game, again this one will not disappoint, you can aces it up at your bounded bold abundance for about $ 10 used.

For more info about psp games please visit my website and enjoy yourself.