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Dante’s Inferno – Game Review

“Inferno” the first part of Dante Alighieri’s poem “Divine Comedy” has been used as direct inspiration for the newest game, produced and developed by Visceral Games (known for Dead Space and Dead Space Extraction). The game stays close to Dante’s medieval concept of Hell, giving the player the chance to travel through all 9 circles of suffering, located beyond our common world, in order to fight Lucifer.

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Unlike in the original poem (where Dante plays his own role as a simple civilian who is tempted to commit suicide before being saved by the Roman poet Virgil), the main character is a warrior who returns home to his beloved Beatrice (in reality she was Dante’s secret mistress) to find out that she was taken away by Lucifer. Being worried that Dante would lose his life in the holy crusade, she deliberately decided to come to an agreement with Lucifer in which the devil will take care of her chosen one. If he does not remain faithful to Beatrice and falls for any woman, she has to give her soul to the devil.

The story is narrated through cut-scenes and cinematics but the back-story of Dante’s past actions is represented through animated cartoons. This is an original aspect which creates an interesting approach of delivering a secondary storyline which stands out to be much more interesting than the main story. Virgil (the same Roman poet from the original poem) is a ghostly companion used by the developers to further give details to the player regarding locations and major historical characters who pay their sins in one of the 9 circles of suffering: Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice or Greed, Wrath and Sullenness, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treason.

Download Dante’s Inferno PSP/PSP Go Game For Free!

The game starts on an epic scale showing how Dante enters from the earthly plane into the bowels of Hell. Each of his moves is condemned to drag him deeper and deeper into darkness by walking on fallen platforms and bridges and fighting against abominable creatures. Dante is slicing his way through hordes of hellish monsters with the Death’s scythe. Using a combat system similar to titles like God of War, Darksiders, or Devil May Cry, the developers achieved their goal of creating a brutal and gory experience involving fast combo action with instant-kill moves. But like most of the developers who tried to copy those enumerated games, Visceral Games partially failed in delivering something worth mentioning. For example, the recent Darksiders was nothing else but a compilation of numerous good aspects taken from worthy games which were recycled and combined in such a way that the final product was a pleasure to play. But Dante’s Inferno falls quickly into the abyss of mediocrity because of repetitive combat sequences, fixed camera system and wrong concept implementation.

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Popularity Of Video Game Localization

Video game localization has seen tremendous changes. Previously when the video games translation started (when the games were produced in Japan), it was common to come across incorrect, unnatural, and sometimes ridiculous translations in video games.

But now, times have changed. The modern and latest video games look like interactive films and cartoons than the simple scrolling games. Nowadays, there are many games in which the text and dialogue is the games main feature, and at the same time the world market for video games has seen tremendous expansion. With the expansion of such market, the website translation industry has also grown significantly. Unfortunately, there are numerous people who do not understand the importance of magazine translation.

If you have to get a document, video game, audio or text translated into a 3rd language from the already-translated text, it is difficult to get the true intended meaning of the text and the matter will go away even further away from the source. It has been observed that numerous times the first translation have already been forced to make adjustments to with the texts or documents or any subtleties and nuances.

While translating a game from a source language to directly into the recipient language will be simple. To translate the same into a third language with correct nuances is very difficult. Many times the third translation does not get the accurate or perfect nuances that are needed. To overcome this difficulty it is imperative that there should be professionally qualified man power to do the translation and the technology used should be latest. The ever-expanding world of the Internet and IT, you can be sure to get top-quality translation that would satisfy even those customers who do not happen to be born in an English-speaking country. Localization and globalization are two words that are fit for translation service.

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The Need For Gaming Hardware

Video games have continued to enthrall entire generations and it is not going to change in a hurry. Todays video games have grown bigger, better and more exciting. This also means that they have become more complex, and it might not be enough to play them using conventional methods. In the case of consoles, there is the age-old joystick, which is getting some competition with new-age remotes and motion detectors. Coming over to the PC gaming arena, the keyboard-mouse combo is no longer enough to satisfy the hunger of todays gamers. They need more, a lot more.

Gaming hardware is specially designed for power-intensive games which require special input from the users. These games may or may not be played using the more conventional keyboard-mouse combo, but they tend to be more exciting when they are played with these specially designed hardware. In fact some games ship out along with these hardware enabling the gamers to get their hands on the game and the hardware at the same time. But there have been a few questions posed about the need for such hardware. Guns, racing wheels, airplane joysticks are all examples of hardware for playing games that can be played using the traditional methods. So what exactly is the need for such gaming hardware?

The answer lies in the design of todays video games. Racing wheels and guns have been present since the old 16-bit computer games came out. They never really caught on because they werent too fun to use given the limited graphical display and gameplay. But todays games are rich in both, the graphical and gameplay fronts. That is the reason playing these games using these hardware is very exciting and fun as well. It has been proven that gamers are more at ease playing these games using these hardware and they tend to enjoy it a lot more as well.

So if you are a hardcore gamer then you might just find that getting these hardware will allow you to enjoy your favorite games in a much more excited manner. You will be thrilled by the rich experience you get out of playing your favorite games using these hardware. So all you need to do is to find the right kind of hardware to play your games and you will soon be able to enjoy a rich experience in playing your games.

When you are looking for gaming hardware, always remember to trust the more established brands and do not be tempted to go in for the cheap duplicates. There are a lot of companies out there which produce high quality gaming hardware and it is these companies that you should look up to when you are ready to get some high-octane action for your favorite games. Once you have the required hardware you will be able to notice that playing your favorite game becomes even more thrilling and you will be able to enjoy it a lot more than you did earlier with your keyboard-mouse combo.

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