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Plastic Surgery in Arizona: Preparing Pre-Op Checklist before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Recovering from plastic surgery may not be easy— it can be an extremely painful and uncomfortable process. Fortunately, the effects and the pain can be alleviated if you are well-prepared. Preparing a pre-op checklist is one of the things you need to do before you undergo plastic surgery. The checklist is composed of precautionary measures and advice from the surgeon, which should be observed before and after surgery. Listed below are some of the things that you need to include in your pre-op checklist.

Stop consuming alcohol and cigarettes: Alcohol and cigarettes have chemicals that can impede the healing process and your body’s blood clotting. Alcohol and cigarette consumption should be stopped two weeks prior to the surgery. By observing temporary abstinence, your body will quickly recover from the surgical wounds.

Let your body rest: Rest is one of the keys for speedy recovery. Before undergoing plastic surgery, you should set an area in your home where you can take it easy. Your rest area must be as comfortable as possible. You can include entertainment like reading materials, TV, radio, etc. The beddings should also be warm and comfortable with fresh bed sheets and soft pillows. As much as possible, avoid doing physical activities. Instead, have someone come over and take charge of the home.

Avoid taking certain medications: Some Arizona plastic surgeons advise their patients to stop taking certain medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen during the recovery period. These medicines can adversely affect the recovery of the body. Some medicines can inhibit blood clotting, while some can impede the healing of wounds. You should always consult your surgeon for the medications you are allowed to take. You should also update your surgeon on your medical history, so that your surgeon can make recommendations.  

Prepare and eat healthy foods: Next to rest, eating healthy foods is a good way to speed up recovery. You should eat nutritious vegetables and fruits to help your body recover more quickly. In addition, you should drink plenty of water to replenish the fluids in your body. It is advisable to prepare meals before the surgery, and freeze them, so that you won’t have trouble preparing your meals when you are recuperating. You can ask your Arizona plastic surgeon for a diet plan you can follow.

The recovery period is important so that no complications will arise after the surgery. Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, stress, as well as eating healthy foods is just some of the suggestions offered by plastic surgeons Phoenix patients recommend. By following the advice of these medical experts, your body will recover more quickly.

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Ghosts And Spirits And Ghost Walking Tours In Lousiana

Ghosts and Spirits have intrigued and puzzled individuals and researchers for centuries. What exactly are they? Why are they here? How many and what kinds of forms can these apparitions take on? Where and why do they make their presence known? These are but a few of the primary questions of those who have seen a ghost or spirit and those who haven’t, as well as by investigators and skeptics. Let’s briefly examine how A. ghosts are commonly encountered and B. which forms are most commonly observed.


To set the record straight, the terms ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ are sometimes used as separate, distinguishable terms; more commonly, though, they’re used interchangeably. However, ghosts are usually viewed as visible manifestations of deceased individuals’ souls or spirits. Spirits, when the term is used explicitly, may refer to either ghosts or any other non-corporeal material or entity–including, but not limited to: deceased persons, demons, angels, and so forth.

Encounters with Ghosts

Encounters with ghosts and spirits can take place in nearly any location, at any time, and for many reasons. Most of the time they are unexpected chance encounters, other times they are heard making noises or “seen” slamming doors or throwing objects. In addition, those who dabble in the occult side of the paranormal routinely practice necromancy and/or with séances (spiritism) in attempts to evoke spirits of those deceased and even non-human entities such as demons and deities.

First-hand reports of ghosts and spirits take place, perhaps, most frequently in places or on sites that have less-than-favorable histories. Many of them are old homes, small motels or B&B’s, and other historic places that have experienced macabre things in the past like murders, suicides, and other tragic happenings.

Typical Forms of Ghosts

Ghosts manifest themselves in a myriad of forms; only a few are well-known, though. Ghosts and spirits are typically reported to range in form from near invisible, to translucent full-bodied, to orb-like, to ‘wispy’. It’s also very common for them to be completely invisible, but to make eerie, low-pitched or screeching noises. Footsteps, especially on wooden floors, seem to be a favorite scare tactic and objects being thrown or pushed are also experienced.

New Orleans Ghost Walking Tours

New Orleans, the southern American city that’s been dubbed “Most Haunted City in America”, is definitely no stranger to ghost sightings and other highly paranormal phenomena. The occurrences like those at the celebrated Bourbon Orleans Hotel or Pat O’Briens bar are so numerous and some–so seemingly legit–that even documentaries are routinely published on haunted New Orleans by organizations such as The History and Discovery channels. Ghost walking tours of New Orleans are offered daily.

Just north of New Orleans, in Folsom Louisiana, there have been numerous sprit and orb sightings. Ghost walking tours are offered there as well.

Audrey Montgomery offers Ghost Walking Tours in Folsom, Louisiana, where numerous Orb and Spirit sitings have occurred. For more information on Ghosts, Orbs, and Spirits, check out the Folsom Spirits website, http://www.folsomspirits.com, where you will also find more information on Ghost walking tours in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Surgeon’s Advice: Preparing a Pre-Op Checklist Prior to Plastic Surgery

Undergoing plastic surgery should not be taken lightly. After the surgery, you might feel discomfort or pain due to the stitches and alterations made in your body. To alleviate the effects brought about by the surgery, prepare a pre-op checklist beforehand. The checklist should list precautionary measures that should be observed before and after the surgical procedure. Listed below are some of the things to consider before undergoing plastic surgery.

Abstain from alcohol and tobacco: You should stop all alcohol and tobacco intake two weeks before the operation. These substances have chemicals that can prevent the wounds from healing, and slows down the recovery process. Abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes will help your body recuperate from the wounds brought about by plastic surgery.

Relax and Recover: You should set up a spot in your home where you can rest and recover. The area must be free from distractions or anything that can cause stress while you are recovering. You can add things that entertain and make you feel comfortable such as pillows, reading materials, TV, etc. Let your mind and body rest during the recovery period. It is also advisable to have someone take charge of the house and aid you during your recovery.

Keep medications in check: You should always consult your surgeon before taking any medication, as some medications have serious side effects. For instance, some Arizona plastic surgeons advise their patients to temporarily stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen. These medicines can stop blood clotting, which impedes the recovery process. The wounds might not heal properly, causing pain and discomfort. It is also advisable to tell your surgeon about any other medications you are currently taking to avoid severe side effects during the recovery period.

Prepare healthy foods: A healthy diet plan can help your body recover quickly. Some surgeons advise their patients to eat vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients like iron, protein, and calcium to let the cells and wounds heal. If you live alone, then you should prepare your meals and freeze them so that you will only need to heat them later on. You can consult your Arizona plastic surgeon for suggestions regarding your diet plan.

Recovering from plastic surgery does not happen overnight. Taking it easy, lessening alcohol and cigarette intake, eating healthy meals, and avoiding medications are just some of the suggestions given by plastic surgeons Phoenix patients recommend. Make sure that you follow the advice of the experts before undergoing plastic surgery. This will help your body cope with the changes.

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For post-op disease counseling, consider V58.42

There is this patient with a prostate cancer diagnosis who had an office visit during the post op period to discuss treatment options (not for surgical follow up). So can I bill for this office visit during the global period, and what diagnosis code should I use to indicate that the service was unrelated to surgery?

Well, yes you can separately bill an office visit for treatment counseling during the post-op period. You should report the underlying diagnosis — 185 (Malignant neoplasm of prostate).

The global package doesn’t not include treatment directed at the underlying disease process even for the most conservative payers such as Medicare.

The Claims Processing Manual (Internet only manual 100-04) section 40.1B lists “treatment for the underlying condition or an added course of treatment which isn’t part of normal recovery from surgery” as a service not covered in the global surgical package.

Keep in mind: Add modifier 24 (Unrelated E&M service by the same doctor during a postoperative period) to your evaluation & management visit to indicate that this visit is unrelated to the surgical procedure. This’ll guarantee payment for the office visit within the global period of the surgery.

Counseling on treatment choices and prognosis is not normal recovery from surgery, however is care directed at the underlying disease process.

Check diagnosis: Some payers might warrant an additional diagnosis to further support the reason for the encounter. For example, V58.42 (Aftercare following surgery for neoplasm), V58.76 (Aftercare following surgery of the genitourinary system, NEC), or V65.8 (Other reasons for seeking consultation) might help establish the separate nature of the encounter.

Get in touch with your major payers and see how they want you to report these services so that you can get paid for proper additional services during the global period.You can separately bill an office visit for treatment counseling during the post-op period. You should report the underlying diagnosis — 185 (Malignant neoplasm of prostate). You can separately bill an office visit for treatment counseling during the post-op period.

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Catching Cheating Spouse

You’re suspicious that your spouse is a cheat. You’re undecided about what to do about it. It’s time you learned how to catch a cheating spouse. Read this article for more information.

First, remain calm. Try not to arrive at unfounded conclusions. Don’t waste your money on pricey spy cams or a spy for that matter – not unless you are certain you need to.

This is a tough process and you should do your best to be methodical. First try and observe your partner’s behavior closely for signs that reinforce your belief.

Collect Hard Evidence At the very moment you small signs of infidelity, you should start noting them methodically. Relying on your memory would only complicate things. Remember, having tangible proof of cheating will be a great aid to you when the time comes for you to confront your cheat of a husband.

Take Precautions – One you’ve gathered hard evidence, it is imperative to keep your emotions and actions under control. Make sure you secure any physical evidence of his infidelity, including love letters, photos and phone bills in a place he’d never look for them.

Pay Attention to details – It’s incredibly helpful to are alert. Love is blind and so are so many women to the tell-tale signs he’s being unfaithful. A great number consider it a breach of privacy to rummage through their spouses belongings. In our opinion it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A great many times, the only surefire way to be certain is only by looking through their things.

Don’t Ask Questions – When you become more sure that he’s a cheater; don’t immediately be lured into asking him outright.

Remember the old adage, “Ask no questions and you will get no lies”. Asking him too soon might cause him to be even more cautious about getting caught before you’ve even gotten the proof you need to confront him outright.

How To Confront Him – Now you’ve arrived at the final and most critical phase. Stay as calm and composed as you can when you confront him. The timing, location and the specific questions you ask, is an invaluable way to help ensure you keep your composure as you work to reveal his infidelity for once and for all. Always consider safety here and if possible get another person with you, just in case.

So, remember, it’s not that hard in catching cheating spouse Always remember to play safe and gather real evidence before any confrontation.

The Wii Homebrew Installer

Nintendo has its own tools and applications that Wii users have been used to deal with already. Now, to elevate yourself from doing those same old stuffs that Nintendo has in stored for you, Wii Homebrew Download will best provide you the way towards change. It is now possible to do more fun things into your Wii which is one of the things that Wii users have been looking forward to. Your Wii console can now be unlocked to allow you to have access to more applications.

There are so many benefits that one can get when Wii homebrew is downloaded. That is why more and more people are now more into it. The most wonderful thing that you can do with this is the capability to play DVD movies directly through your Wii console. Another thing is that youll have the chance to save the original copy of your favorite video games since you can now import and backup those said games. MP3s can also be played on it plus you can play that game that you downloaded over the Internet too. These things make this console the best venue for your entertainment.

Its everyones knowledge that Nintendo Wii console was not capable of DVD playback before. However, that problem is already fixed with the use of Wii DVD Installer. This software enables your console to fill that missing feature of your Nintendo Wii. Infront of your own console, you can now play that favorite DVD movies of yours without using any mod chip. Such additional feature will surely make your time with your console more exciting than ever. You just need to have a Homebrew Installer, a software that does not void the warranty of the device, to get it working. Thus, no hardware is needed anymore.

It will just take a few minutes for you to have your own Wii DVD Installer. The first thing that you have to do is the installation of the Homebrew channel to your console. Next, you also have to install that application that enables your Wii to act accordingly; it is called Mplayer. The next task to do is to install a Dvdx loader program. Such program allows DVD playback on the Wii. Since these recommended steps are simple, you dont have to be a technical person first before you can perform them. The said Wii DVD Installer also has an Emulator, which is another type of application, which will allow you to play classic games from retro consoles too.

As it seems interesting, the basic question one may have in mind now is How To Unlock Wii. Well, you might want to know the three ways that you can choose from when you wanted to do the process. These three ways in which you can open your Wii console for more applications are by turning into those Wii membership sites, by using a Homebrew software, or by plugging into your console a chip or a mod. The first way needs you to pay for the service but your guaranteed with loads of fun from their various databases and own software to unlock the Wii. The second way can only offer a few games, and the last way is not at all advisable because it can void the warranty of your console and it is also prone to some risks.

Those smart people created these things for the benefit and advantage of all Wii users. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is done accordingly as any error you may commit may cause danger to your Wii console. Therefore, while you think of having fun with this gadget, consider those precautionary measures that are provided too to make your Wii risk-free.

Learn how to Unlock Wii with Homebrew application. We also show why Wii Homebrew Installer Software is better than the Mod Chip.