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Starcraft 2 Scouting – Find Your Opponent’s Weaknesses

Scouting in Starcraft 2 is one of those things you may not think about when you start playing, but soon becomes an absolute must.

If you don’t scout you will open yourself up to a whole world of hurt and you can guarantee that it will cost you the game at higher levels.

Firstly I will describe exactly what scouting is:

Starcraft 2 Scouting is revealing the map, clearing the fog of war that covers the map so you can see what your opponent is up to. If you are paying attention, or know the maps well, you will know pretty much where your opponent’s base is. Sometimes there is more than 1 possibility and that’s the first thing you will be looking for. Get this wrong and you may well end up sending your army to attack an enemy that’s not there.

Generally though, you’ll know roughly where the enemy is and scouting in Starcraft 2 will reveal a whole lot more than just your opponent’s whereabouts.

So, how do you scout? Well the answer is simple. Send a unit, more often than not a worker (SCV, Drone, Probe) to your enemy’s encampment and have a look around. What you hope to learn is at least one of the following…

* Their strategy – Have they dropped a cannon outside your base? Are they building Barracks (without Tech Labs) galore? Are they planning a Dark Templar rush?

* Which tech line they are planning on using; air assault, mass infantry, etc.

* If they have more than 1 base

* If they have an army secreted away somewhere preparing for a surprise attack

* Weak spots; maybe they have 20 cannons down, but you’ll be able to sneak 20 marines past them, or they have no Anti-Aircraft capabilities.

You can see from the above list how vitally important scouting in Starcraft 2 really is.

Interpreting your opponent’s actions can be key to victory.

Here are some hints as to what he or she might be planning…

* Vital buildings seem to be missing from base; Hmm, no Barracks, but he has Orbital Command – his Barracks are elsewhere, probably right on top of your base!

* No Vespene gas harvesting; They’re going for the rush!

* Few worker units; They’re going for the rush!

* Blocked ramp; Either they fear a rush, probably because that’s what they are planning, or they are going to turtle, grr!

You’ll never know exactly the mind of your opponent, but this gives you a fighting chance!

More guides ranging from basic strategy to rush tactics and more can be found at Starcraft 2 Guide.

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