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Abdominoplasty Post-op Diet And Exercise

The operation known as an abdominoplasty is also referred to as a tummy tuck. It is a procedure performed by a cosmetic surgeon in order to tighten up loose muscles and skin in the belly region. As a fairly normal part of the aging process, human skin begins to lose its elasticity, causing it to become saggy in many regions. Rapid weight gain and loss through the years may add to this problem. The aftermath of pregnancy and childbirth is often a stretched out belly, as well. Not only is the external skin stretched out in these cases, but the internal corset of connective tissue which should hold the organs tautly in place is also stretched out and drooping, as well. No amount of exercise will help the internal corset of connective tissue to morph back into a tighter position.

During an abdominoplasty, a patient is sedated via general anesthesia in a hospital or another clinical setting. An overnight or even two night stay is usually required following the procedure. Incisions will be made by the surgeon to cut away redundant skin, tissue and fat. The midsection will be tightened both internally and externally and sutured closed. Drains will be placed in order to alleviate the build-up of fluids. Following the procedure, a compression garment called an abdominal binder will be worn in order to support the healing tummy.

It will take from six weeks to three months for swelling to recede after this operation. There will be redness, bruising and pain in the initial days and weeks post-op. Once three months time has passed, the patient will have a flattened abdominal region and will want to keep it that way.

If a patient did not adhere to a healthy diet and exercise routine before surgery, they will definitely want to commit to that afterward. Exercise should be incorporated into a daily routine in order to keep the body healthy and slim. Formal exercises are not mandatory, however. Walking around the block each night with the family or pets is a great casual way to incorporate daily fitness. Dancing, bowling and skating can be fun ways to socialize and burn calories, too. Joining some more formal classes for such practices as aerobics or yoga will be helpful, if time and budget allow for it.

Diet should be healthy every day and include plenty of water, lean proteins, fresh veggies and fruits along with whole grains. Desserts, alcoholic beverages and junk food don’t need to be completely eradicated, but they should be severely curtailed. A person can begin to view fresh seasonal fruits as a delicious dessert option rather than a part of a restrictive diet. This view is all in the attitude of the individual. Restaurant meals can be fat laden and served in oversized portions. Split restaurant meals with a friend or spouse in order to save on calories as well as cash. Taking home half for another meal will be a wise choice, too.

An abdominoplasty can slenderize a stretched out tummy, allowing a person to feel good again in swimwear and shirts tucked in. The proper diet and exercise can keep it that way.

Looking to have a abdominoplasty in Maryland performed? It is important that you research both what is expected of you as a patient as well as what options you may have in terms of surgeons locally. For more information on this procedure or to find a doctor who is in your area to consult with, please visit: http://www.drcohenplasticsurgery.com/

How To Catch Cheating Online

Today modern technology allows us to be just about anywhere without needing to be there physically. Social networking and web communication can be wonderful tools.  It can keep extended families close.  It can allow you to communicate with others quickly and easily.  But, it can also have a dark side.  It can allow bored, restless, or experimenting spouses or loved ones to get what they should be seeking from you with anonymous (and sometimes not so anonymous) strangers.

There’s a great deal of debate as to whether cyber cheating is really infidelity.  I’ll explore this issue in the following article, but that’s really for you to decide.  However, no matter how you feel on the topic, I’ll also tell you how you can catch this online activity should you chose to.

Is Online Cheating Really Infidelity Or “Real Cheating?”:  Many will argue that flirting, chatting, meeting up, or carrying on on the net doesn’t really mean anything.  It’s just a way to relieve boredom and pass the time.  Well, there are many other websites from which your loved one can chose.  I don’t buy any of these arguments.

I’ve read statistics that indicate that over 30% of people who have an online chat follow it up physically.  There are large numbers of people who meet folks on the net and then follow up on it in person.  It’s often not just a one time interaction that never happens again, as much as we would like to believe this.  And, fooling around on the web often begins habits that only progressively get worse and more physical.

I often use this litmus test.  Does your loved one hide their online activities? Would they allow to sit beside them or look over their shoulder as they conducted this cyber business or relationship?  Probably not.  It’s more likely you catch them on the computer in the middle of the night, or they lock the door, or they go in and try to erase their Internet history or clear their cache. 

In short, they know that they are doing something wrong.  They know that they are getting something from someone else that they should be seeking from you.  This little clandestine activity gives them almost the same pay off they would get in meeting face to face (which may eventually happen anyway.) And, they do it on the sly because they know that you would have a problem with it and they know they would most definitely put a stop to it if the roles were reversed.

Using Your Computer To Catch The Online Cheating: Often the evidence that you need is on your computer or phone.  Before you do anything else, check the recycling bin on your computer.  They are often not so stupid as to not empty this, but sometimes they get in a hurry and you’ll find emails that they thought that they deleted.

Next, we’ll go into your computer’s Internet history.  This is found by clicking on “my computer.” Then at the top of the screen click on “view.” Then click on “explorer bar.” Then go to history.  This will tell you what sites have been visited and hit on your computer.  It will give you the main page of the sites, but you often won’t get password, print outs of emails or transcripts of chats.

Still, this is a good place to start because you can see if there are unsavory sites that they have been visiting and at what time during the day.

If this isn’t enough to tell you what you need to know, the next step would be to install spy software on your computer that you show you everything – every password, every email, every interaction, every chat.  You’ll see the screen exactly as your spouse was seeing it at the time.  There is also similar software for cell phones and you can check out both remotely, in real time, or later.

If you really want to know if your spouse is cyber cheating, there are very cheap tools to help you do this.  What you do with the information is really up to you.

Spyware was one way that I caught my husband cheating. I avoided this for a long time. My heart knew that he was cheating, but my head didn’t want to acknowlege it. After thinking on it for a long time, I decided that I really wanted to know the truth, no matter what that truth was. I learned how to get concrete information and proof that my husband thought that he had hid and erased. Once I presented this to him, he had no choice but to come clean. You can read my very personal story at http://catch-the-cheating.com/.

Seeta Dean’s catch cheating website is at http://catch-the-cheating.com/

Ps3 Console – Decent System That Does

First let me say that I love the form factor of the new PS3 Console slim…I just never liked the glossy behemoth design style of the original. It felt like Sony was trying to hard with their hardware design. Next let me say that I own all three consoles so this review is not meant to be a fan boy rant for or against any one console. I am and always have been a diehard gamer at heart no matter what format the games were on.

After having spent a fair amount of time with the new PS3 Console Slim and having played some of the better games the system offers (God of War collection, MGS, Uncharted, Wipeout HD, Stardust) here is my breakdown of pros and cons and what Sony needs to do to make this system truly worthy of a 5 star rating.

Hardware/Form Factor:
The new re-design is truly what the PS3 Console should have been from the very beginning, both in quality and price point. I feel that the initial design was far too radical for a gaming console. The system was bulky/bloated looking and I really hate glossy equipment; they attract dust and smudges so easily. Furthermore, I always felt that the lack of a re-designed controller made it feel like the system design as a whole package was never well thought out. The new slim corrects some of this and brings back a bit of cohesiveness to the overall design, keeping it in-line with the previous PS2 and the existing controller. As for the other aspects of the hardware, here is a breakdown:

Pros: Built-in WiFi, nice power/reset/eject button design, Slot Load disc drive, HDMI support, BluRay support.

USB cable provided for controller
Cons: USB port placement, no headset for online gaming, no HDMI cable provided

I am really having a hard time getting used to the PS3 Console after not playing a Sony system for so many years. I have just gotten very used to the 360 controller and it feels more naturally laid out, especially for those with larger hands and fingers. Why this controller has not been redesigned after three generations of PS systems is a mystery. I also don’t see any usefulness in the sixaxis features in any of the games I have played. The controller also feels very cheap and lightweight.

OS/Menu System:
The PS3 XMB is quite possibly the worst and most illogically setup GUI I have used. Functional yes, but underwhelming and somewhat painful to use. The Xbox Gen 1 had a better menu. Even the Wii’s clunky menu is laid out nicer. Many people seem to rave about the ability to modify the look with background pictures and icons or color theme, but that doesn’t make up for a poorly laid out user experience. There are also several items that are useless to the PS3 Console slim like the PS2 memory card utility and minis utility since the new system is not backwards compatible. The ability to remove useless menu items would be a better feature to me than changing the wallpaper. Hopefully Sony will look at the 360’s GUI for inspiration and do something about this in the future.

BluRay and Games:
I have watched a couple of movies (Dark Knight, Hulk) on the PS3 Console and I will say that the picture is fantastic. Just be sure and calibrate your system correctly. The exclusive games are the main reason to buy this system; (Metal Gear, Uncharted, Killzone2,etc). The third party games I have compared (Arkham Asylum, BioShock and Assassin’s Creed 2) just look crisper and more detailed on the 360.

Overall I think the PS3 Console is a great secondary system and I am pleased with the games that I have bought so far. I think the new price point is a great step at getting more people to buy it, but there still is a lot of work needed to make this system into a what it should be – a great game console that happens to play bluray movies and not a great bluray player that happens to play games.

PS3 Console The Best

In my opinion the PS3 Console was already the best value piece of home entertainment tech on sale and its just got even better with a larger hard drive, smaller size and lower price.

A genuine 5* piece of kit with fantastic gaming and home entertainment capability. Blu-Ray, fantastic DVD upscaling, built in WiFi, Blutooth, wireless rechargeable controllers, free online play and an ever growing lineup of phenomenal exclusive and third party games.

While inheriting the sleek curved body design of the original model, the form factor of the new PS3 Console system features a new meticulous design with textured surface finish, giving an all new impression and a casual look. With the compact body and casual appearance, the newly introduced model will appeal to a wider audience who are looking to buy the best entertainment system for their home.

More Detail…

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Nintendo Wii in Red

There has been so much hype in the last few years over the Nintendo Wii that I finally was convinced to get one.  Yes, I caved into peer pressure.  It just seemed like there were so many neat things this console could do that other video game system can’t.  I like the idea of using it to help me keep in shape and exercise.  It seemed like a really good investment.  And then I found a bundle package, in red…


Yes, the Nintendo Wii in red.  A dream come true.  Here is what comes in the bundle package; a red Wii console, a red remote, a red nunchuk, the new Super Mario Bros. video game, and Wii Sports video game.  All in all quite the package deal, in red!


For those of you that these things make a difference to here are the specs as I have learned; 512 MB of internal flash memory, two USB ports, a space for expanded memory, special processing chips which bring the best performance of any gaming system, plus it will play games from older systems.  Not to mention that this unit uses less energy than older gaming systems, while offering more features.


Something I didn’t know about the Wii at first was the amount of additional stuff you get with it.  There is a bunch of built in information channels that come included in the console system.  These channels range from fun gaming information, to news, to interaction with people all over the world.


I shopped around because I wanted to try and find the best deal for my Nintendo Wii.  Really most of the online stores where I looked were all charging around the same price.  Maybe one or two dollars cheaper, but when you are making a big purchase like this one, one or two dollars doesn’t make that much of a difference.


What I ended up doing is getting my Nintendo Wii, did I mention it is red, from newegg.com.  They sell all kinds of electronic pieces at lower prices than anyone else out there, but they have an additional feature that really makes them stand out.  With newegg promo code you can get deeper discounts on highly rated and popular items.


Confronting a Cheating Lover

You have a strong sense that your lover is cheating. You know at some point a confrontation concerning the affair is inevitable. There are some definite “do’s” and “don’ts” to keep in mind when the moment arrives.

1. Never assume that by confronting your partner about their affair that it will automatically end the relationship. As a member of the clergy for the past 24 years I have seen countless relationships battered by a cheating spouse and not all of them ended in divorce. There is such a thing as a “happy ending” in some of these situations where true “change of heart” and forgiveness take place. Don’t be afraid to confront fearing a termination of the relationship. A confrontation just might be the best thing to save your love.

2. Never divulge your suspicions with numerous friends, family and work mates. It is a sad reality that most people cannot keep a confidence. Irreparable damage can occur by reckless gossip. If you have a desire to reconcile with your loved one than keep this information to yourself or to a very trusted confidante or counselor.

3. Be discreet in the investigation of your partner. If they sense you are paranoid about all of their behavior more permanent damage can be done that might imperil your future together. Again, keep in mind that there is hope for a remedy to this crisis that may allow your hopes of living as a couple stay alive.

4. Try to keep extreme emotions under control when confrontation actually takes place. Get all of the crying, screaming, swearing, and rage out of your system when it actually comes for the time when you say “we need to talk”. Extreme emotions at the point of confrontation could lead you to do or say something that you will deeply regret just moments later.

Brad Richardson is an ordained minister with 24 years of experience dealing with the relationships of his parishoners. He shares more of his thoughts on his blog at http://catchthecheat.blogspot.com