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Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Assumptions To Make When Scouting Protoss

Learning to Scout can be what separates the good players from the bad in Starcraft 2. Most players know how to scout with Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, yet at the same time they have absolutely no idea what they are seeing other than the obvious. Today we’re going to talk about certain assumptions you can make when playing as any race and scouting the Protoss.

“I scouted a Gateway warping in and I see an Assimilator.”

This can mean many things it depends on what comes next that will give you the information you need. If he follows with another Gateway you can assume Stalkers, Sentries, and Zealots coming you’re way rather quickly. If he follows with a Cybernetics Core you can use this scouting information against him quickly and beat them with a rush strategy. If he spent the 150 minerals on the Cybernetics Core that’s money on tech that he didn’t spend on units and they most likely are Chronoboosting their Nexus for Probe production leaving them mostly undefended. This is a good time to strike!

“I scouted a Forge warping in.”

This most likely means he’s building defenses on his ramp or by his mineral line. You can use this information to assume that he just spent at least 300 minerals on the Forge and a single cannon (or more). Making this the perfect time to expand. You generally see Protoss players making more than a single cannon to defend their ramp so just estimate how much they have spent in this manner and use the time to your advantage by expanding or teching.

“I scouted and all I saw was a Nexus.”

This is a sure sign that you are about to be proxy rushed or worse… cannon rushed. If you see this you need to make sure that you have your ramp blocked to the best of your ability.

Also you may want to scout your own base because sometimes their scout gets through without you knowing and you most likely have a Pylon or Photon Cannon aimed right at your mineral line. If they aren’t Cannon rushing they’re definitely Zealot rushing so again just be sure to block your ramp off and in the event you’re playing as Zerg just drop a Spine Crawler or two down right by your ramp for quick defenses.

“I scouted 3 Gateways.”

The 3 Gate Expand is a popular build for the Protoss. Just seeing the 3 Gateways does not mean they are definitely going to expand because they very well could just be massing enough units to overpower you very early in the game. When you see this you want to at least match this or stop this quickly it would take a matter of 3 or 4 minutes before he has quite a sizable force big enough to win the match at least.

“I scouted 4 Gateways, a Cybernetics Core, and a Robotics Facility.”

This is what you want to see because this means he most likely has nothing but buildings. One base plays cannot support 4 gateways and a Robo Facility and they are going to produce units ultra slow. If you see this go in for the attack with whatever you got.

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Baby Star Wars Costumes – The Newest Rage

Dressing up for Halloween is something that both the young and old like to do. Choosing baby star wars costumes have become a trend with many of today’s parents. Since the popularity of this saga has increased, so has the demand for costumes of the characters in this movie that will fit infants.

Keeping your baby warm on while out trick or treating is very important for parents to remember. It does not take a big chill to make a tiny one get ill. Then we know that takes more of the parent’s already limited time away.

This could be why many people are looking at baby Chewbacca costumes. Many of them come in a style that is similar to a bunting bag. This design of a baby star wars costume will be able to ensure that your little bundle of joy will stay warm throughout the time that you are out.

If you are looking for a little girl costume for your baby, Princess Leia may be the perfect choice if you still want to keep the star wars theme of things. There are many adorable costumes of this nature that will have your little girl looking like a true princess. One has a hat type of attachment that is done in the same way that Princess Leia’s hair was in the movie.

Yoda is another very popular choice when nit comes to baby star wars costumes. They also have a headpiece that the baby wears that defines the look of Yoda for all to see. It is another adorable option for your baby’s first Halloween.

The type of costume that you buy can be determined a lot by the size of your baby. Smaller babies will need to be kept warmer and this is where costumes that resemble bunting bags come into play. There are many of these that a person can get even if they are on a mission to find baby star wars costumes.

There are also a large range of prices that baby star wars costumes come in.

Take your little one along on the shopping trip to make sure that you find one that will fit them.

Also when you are thinking of baby star wars costumes for Halloween, keep in mind that they are not going to be a cheap way to go when it comes to cost. Most of these costumes are licensed. Licensed items always tend to be more expensive then ones that are not.

One last option that a person has when it comes to baby star wars costumes is that they can make the costume at home. This will probably be the most economical way to go. All it takes is a bit of imagination. If you have the internet you can get a ton of ideas from looking around on it.

When you have your baby all dressed up in their star wars costume, make sure that you take a lot of pictures. You will want the memories that these pictures hold in years to come.

With a baby star wars costume you can be sure your baby will be the center of attention this Halloween. Check out http://www.starwarscostumesadult.com for information on discount star wars costumes.

Nintendo Wii – The Package And Its Features

Nintendo just revolutionized the world of gaming once again by releasing the Nintendo Wii console. Nintendo Wii comes in different bundles and every bundle supports various gaming activity. The console has its own built-in Motion Plus controller that allows the console to track the movements of the player and convert it to in-game character movements. Aside from this feature, there are a lot of things that will surely improve the way you play games.

The ordinary bundle comes with a built-in 512mb of internal memory, a slot for SD memory expansion, and 2 USB 2.0 ports. The main console also has its built-in accelerometers that allow the console to accurately capture the movements of the players in all directions. The bundle also comes with multi-functional wireless and Bluetooth capable controllers for people who still prefer traditional gaming controllers.

Having a Nintendo Wii offers a lot of features, not only does it help you stay in shape, it also enhances the way you play games by making it more interactive and fun. This will also make your bonding with family members more memorable and fun. Hardcore gamers may also find this console health-friendly because it will help them burn fat, stay fit, and improve their stamina. Games cause the gamers to forget about having a healthy lifestyle, but Nintendo Wii changed it by creating a game console that requires the participation of the gamers physically.

When you buy your own Nintendo Wii, you need this list to check whether the bundle that you have received is complete. The package contains the console itself, one wireless controller, one Nunchuk controller, standard composite cable, sensor bar, Wii Sports, power cord, and a stand.

Now, having fun with your children is easier with this game console, and the best thing is you dont have to over-spend just to have a memorable bonding time with them.

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Zombie Games

The Zombie game niche has been increasing in demand and more attention is being focused on this genre, more than ever before. The fact is many Zombie related games have have been released widely within the last few years and most of these games have modifications where the end user can create their own character or items that they can use within the game. As we look at the amount of people who play Zombies that have come out within the last 5 years we can see a demand and ensure that it is a popular niche.

Such games like Left 4 Dead series which is a revolution for the Zombie gaming niche displays the demand for this type of game. We can also look at the Resident Evil series, this one is one of the most popular and well known of the bunch. It has both basic and advanced features along with a great story line which makes Resident Evil a perfect example of a Zombie Game that everyone can enjoy.

Video games in the horror genre have become well known and popular, so popular infect that gamers have created modifications for their favorite games. With these modifications you can customize your character, or use the special items in the game. We have seen the Zombie culture around for a very long time. Hollywood movies such as Dawn of the Dead and Zombieland have added to the popularity of the Zombie niche. Since their is such a great appeal to this market and the demand is so high, game developers will try to make a profit and release new types of horror games.

The gaming environment will eventually grow into its own genre right up there next to Action, RPG and puzzle. A Zombie Game can simply be classified under the Action or Adventure title.

We won’t know how advance these games will get as technology changes every day, but we do know it holds its weight in an ever growing niche. We can see it grow as gamers will want to satisfy their addictions and play Zombie Games.

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Ps3 Hdmi – Far Better Value Than Xbox 360

I was debating which game console to get, the Wii, Xbox 360 or the PS3 HDMI. As a male with family of two kids, overall the PS3 HDMI was the best value for the money. Since PS3 and Xbox 360 are aiming for the same market, I was comparing the PS3 HDMI more to the 360:

-Most powerful system among 3 consoles.
-Blu Ray player included, also it can be upgraded via the internet. It is full functioning Blu Ray player, not watered down, the picture quality if awesome.
-Solid hardware, Xbox 360 hardware has many problems.
-Includes wireless Wi-Fi, but with Xbox 360 you have to buy it separately.
-Free online gaming, unlike Xbox’s which you have to pay each month.
-Internet web browser, which Xbox doesn’t have.
-Better menus for navigation than 360.
-Controllers have not only rumble, but also motion sensor like Wii.
-Hard drive is easily upgradable and inexpensive, unlike 360 which is expensive and very hard to upgrade if you want to put your own hard drive.
-Latest movies and TV shows can purchased online, 360’s Netflix has more titles but are old titles.
-Playstation Eye(motion sensing camera) accessory allows for motion games like Wii.

-Need more latest titles of movies(but same or better than 360 or Apple TV)
-Not all movies can be rented in the first few weeks of release, but have to be purchased.
-Need more variety of games, actually true for all 3 systems.

Overall compared to Wii: Kids will want the Wii no matter what anyone says as long as their friends have it.

The quality of Wii games are decreasing, game developers are not integrating the motion functionality well with the games. It feels like developers made the games and then added the motion feature as an afterthought. PS3’s included controller has motion sensors like the Wii, also Playstation Eye camera has motion sensoring also. There are PS3 HDMI accessories for Guitar Hero and Rock Band which allows physical games on the PS3 HDMI like the Wii. So you can do play physical games like the Wii on the PS3 HDMI.

Overall compared to Xbox 360: Even though Xbox 360 is less expensive initially, if you add everything that PS3 HDMI has, the Xbox 360 is much more expensive. People forgot this. 360 has more games than PS3 HDMI because it was introduced a year earlier, but starting in 2008 PS3 HDMI is coming out with many high quality exclusive games now that introduction period is over(PS3 HDMI has Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, Socom Confrontation, Resistance 2, Gran Turismo 4, etc). Unless you will play Halo or Gears of War, get the PS3 HDMI, it is a much better value.

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