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PlayStation 3 Problems: May Be Able to Be Fixed Without a Professional

  The Playstation 3 is a costly game console which raises your expectations regarding its reliability. Well, it is generally reliable as far as its hardware goes, the exception being a few minor glitches shared by the majority of such systems. However, it has given users some problems in the area of its software updates.

For a lot of reasons, many people have had to get the ps3 repaired because of botched software updates, especially 2.40. This problem has been fixed now, but if you should encounter it, there are some options. This is certainly one of the most irritating PlayStation 3 problems.

You could send it in and get it serviced but this will take a while and may cost a lot which is more than you want to spend fixing your ps3 problems. You can simply reformat the Hard Drive of your PS3 and the system will repair itself. Be careful because you will lose all your data.

The focus on memory may seem odd if you’re used to desktop systems that have never mounted a swap drive in anger, but, in fact, the PS3 doesn’t have enough memory for a modern desktop ps3 linux to feel comfortable on it out of the box. With a default PlayStation 3 problems Fedora 7 install, the system spends a lot of its time (and yours) swapping. Swapping imposes a large penalty on any system; on a system built around a 2.5-inch disk drive accessed through a hypervisor, with main memory that’s substantially faster than what you find in most desktops.

On top of your basic troubleshooting check list, you should double check your cable connections and make sure the power is properly connected. It is a good idea to safeguard any expensive electronics, such as your PS3, by having them connected to a surge protector.

Power, video, and audio cables have problems now and then so try to get new ones if you don’t see anything else that can be fixed on your ps3.

For a situation with a HD TV the ps3 doesn’t upgrade to 1080i so it doesn’t matter if the TV and cables can it still won’t have a better appearance.

If you have a disc that works perfectly well in alternate DVD or Blu-Ray devices, try cleaning the lens. This requires a steady hand, a cotton swab and a some rubbing alcohol. Try swabbing the glass in each direction. Be very careful though, as too much might cause additional PlayStation 3 problems.

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Major Cheats on the Internet That Cost You More Than Money

There is nothing worse than being ripped off. You feel like an idiot and the feeling of being a victim of a crime, any crime, is too much to bear. There are some major scams online that will cost you more than money. There are a few that will end up with you being charged and facing jail time.

We can all relate to those who fall for a scam in the hopes of becoming rich overnight. The money scams are all different and many can appear to be real deals of a lifetime. It is hard to determine what online scams will cost us a few bucks and which ones are major scams that could cost us our freedom.

One of the major scams that have ended with innocent people facing jail time is the overseas transfer scam. You will be approached by someone overseas who is trying to avoid huge fees and penalties that their country will charge for inheritance or other types of income. They ask you for help. The deal is they will send you the $ 30,000 and you keep $ 10,000 for yourself and send the other $ 20,000 back in a US money order.

You may agree thinking it is a scam and no money will be sent. When a money order or cashier’s check arrives for the amount you almost break your neck getting to the bank. You deposit the money order and the funds become available, all looks well. You send the $ 20,000 to the person as asked because you are an honest person and keep the $ 10,000 for yourself.

In a week or so after you have already sent the money your nightmare begins. The bank informs you the money order was falsified or stolen and the funds need to be replaced, by you! Now you may have the $ 10,000 that you kept but you already sent away $ 20,000.

By this time, since you sent the money order over night as requested it has been cashed and the person you helped is nowhere to be found.

The mail address will have been deleted and you are stuck with the mess. These major scams have ended in jail time for some who were unable to repay the amount owed to the bank.

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