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BlackBerry Tracking – How To Use BlackBerry Tracking Software To Catch A Cheating Spouse

If you’re worried that your spouse is having an affair, and you’re looking for an easy and effective way to track their movements to get the evidence you need (good or bad), then you should look into BlackBerry Tracking software.

BlackBerry tracking software is not well known by mainstream consumers, but it’s been the “tool of choice” over the past year by thousands of tech savvy private investigators and suspicious spouses from around the world. The reason why it’s becoming so popular among the people in the know, is due to the ease of use, low cost, and combination of both tracking and monitoring features offered by this type of software.


The way BlackBerry tracking software works, is it secretly records the GPS location of a BlackBerry that has the software installed on it. GPS coordinates are captured in certain intervals, and then are uploaded to an account where you can then access the logs and see exactly where the BlackBerry was at any given time. Details are provided using Google Maps, which means you can easily zoom in or out and get other details on the location such as driving directions, nearby businesses, etc. The nice thing about this type of software, is it will keep historical tracking logs, which enables you to go back in time and look into a specific date and time that you are possibly suspicious about. This could be the result of finding a receipt that didn’t match up to where your spouse said they were, or just having that feeling that they were not where they said.


One of the main reasons why BlackBerry tracking software is so popular, is because it doesn’t only track the location of the BlackBerry, but it does a LOT more.

When you purchase this type of software, you essentially get a powerful BlackBerry spy application that enables you to track and monitor all activities that occur on the BlackBerry. You’ll be able to view call logs, text messages, emails, web browser history, photos, videos, and even BlackBerry Messenger chats. These additional monitoring features are what truly make BlackBerry tracking software so popular because it provides you a way to first “track” your spouse, then it enables you to “monitor” what they do. For example, if your spouse says they are going on a business trip, you’ll be able to track them and verify that they are where they said they. Now if you find something does not look right, you can then use the software’s monitoring features to dig into their emails, view their photos, etc. to look for signs that they are with someone else. This will give you the evidence you need to confront them and get them to tell you what really is going on.

In summary, BlackBerry tracking software is a tracking and monitoring application for BlackBerry cell phones that enable suspicious spouses to not only track their spouse, but also monitor a variety of activities that their spouses do on their phone in order to uncover signs of relationship cheating.


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Playstation 3 3d System Update

The PlayStation 3 certainly is the premier video game console that is 3D-ready. The Xbox 360 Elite does have 3d compatibility, but Microsoft is not planning to develop many video games that support 3-d graphics. The PS3 now has lots of 3d video game titles to choose from, and even more are expected to be sold in 2011. However, before you can begin playing 3-d video games (or watch 3d Blu-rays) on your Ps3, you may need to up-date your system firmware.

The 3d firmware updates to your Ps3 were introduced in 2010, so if you haven’t performed an update in a while, you should do one to confirm 3d compatibility. Normally, it is a good idea to test for updates every month or so. To perform the update, stick to these instructions:

1: Start up your PlayStation 3 and proceed to the “Settings” menu, choose System Update. Choose to update via the internet (you have to be connected to the internet to download and install firmware updates). If the PS3’s system firmware is NOT up to date, it will prompt you to download the newest update. Begin the download.

2: After completing the download, you’ll be asked to install the update, doing this will first restart the PlayStation 3 and you will need to connect your Ps3 controller to the gaming system with the USB cable.

3: After the restart, you’ll have to accept the terms and conditions and start the firmware install. After the install is finished, you will have to reboot your PlayStation 3 one last time. Now you’re done!

With your updated Ps3 firmware, your console will now have 3d gaming and 3d Blu-ray capabilities. This is a great advantage of the Ps3 because it enables you to eliminate the need for a Blu-ray or DVD player.

Now that your PlayStation 3 is 3D-ready, visit our 3-d Ps3 Setup Guide for more info on 3-d home theater components or look at our 3-d Ps3 Games page to see all of the available and upcoming 3d Ps3 Games.

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Automated analysis of test results is going to catch cheats

To say the cheats never prosper is to elevate hope over experience. Modern technology, in the form of cameras, smart phones and the Internet, means stealing in sharing answers has never been easier. Indeed, the problem has got so bad that on March 1 the Japanese government asked universities to ban mobile phones from the rooms are used to conduct their entrance exams. More students the only cheats. Teachers, whose salaries often depend on the success of the charges, and not above dropping the odds think about what is the right answer before during a test or even correcting test papers after the event. And invigilators who police the actual exam are not always immune to bribery either. At the same time, technology can detect cheats more easily than before.

Software developed by exam setting firms like pro Electric of Baltimore, Maryland and Utah detect cheats by calculating the probability of particular patterns and answers being honest. A correct answer is a correct answer of course, but unless the candidate answers all questions correctly the pattern of right or wrong answers can point to collaboration. You too can expand the answers are similar or identical warning flags go up. If more than two, dishonest behaviour is a racing certainty. In tests where the candidate is allowed to change his mind about events, the pattern changes also provides information. Several candidates making the same change is suspicious. So is a case where all changes are from right in to write.

Sudden improvements in scores by an individual candidate compared with previous attempts also raise an electronic eyebrow. Crossing international border to take a test is also suspicious and doubly so of involvement in one place generally reckoned clean to one generally reckoned corrupt.

Some companies administer the test online and invigilators sit at the headquarters in a remote location watching testtakers around the world through web cams and never meeting in person. The opportunities for envelopes stuffed with banknotes to change hands of us minimised. Rogue computers a lockdown security software (unauthorised windows from being open. Invigilators while disqualified testtakers whose eyes of hands wander in suspicious ways. The software also alerts if typical questions are being answered suspiciously quickly worked to testtakers answers match too closely to comfort.

Nor is the scrutiny stop when the test is over. When patrol software that hunts day night for illicitly reveal test information is one protection against dishonest behaviour and there is also a program that has an additional security measure which inserts a unique question in some individual exam purposes. If that question later appears online, that indicates a week. Some companies now to take so much cheating every week it investigates about 5000 test centres around the world. Of those, around five week have to be shut down permanently. Numerous administrators and invigilators and even those places that survive investigation are fired for lax security for accepting bribes and undisclosed numbers of testtakers are charged with cheating. It is a far cry from the days finances scribbled in viral on the palms sweaty hand was all that stood between the candidate’s success and failure.

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Get Your Marriage Back on Track After Your Husband Cheats

Do you believe you can get your marriage back on track after your husband cheats? It’s true. You can. But, it’s going to take a serious amount of elbow grease, from both of you, to make that happen. Here are just a few of the things you can do to really get your marriage back on track after your husband cheats.

1) Spend 30 minutes a day talking to each other. Relationships evolve over time but they need a certain amount of care and feeding in order to evolve in a positive manner. Spend a little bit of time every day talking to each other. This gives you time to learn new things about one another and to stay connected. Talking is part of the intimacy that is so important in marriages.

2) Do things as a couple. Too many couples fall into a pattern of going your own way and pursuing your own interests. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are doing things together as a couple too. For every hour you spend apart you need to commit to spending an hour together doing something you both like (television time doesn’t count).

3) Keep the spark alive with a weekly date night. Money gets tight at times and the first thing to go in many family budgets is the date night for mom and dad. Even if you have to trade babysitting duty with other couples to make it happen, this is important together time for the two of you that you really can’t afford to miss. It’s a chance to recharge, reconnect, and converse as grownups away from the house, the kids, and the responsibilities of being parents.

4) Tell your husband he’s your hero and then let him know why. He needs to feel as though you respect him. Nagging him about cleaning out the garage, fixing the leaky roof, or painting the house are signs to him that you’ve lost that respect.

Tell him that isn’t so and find new ways to encourage him to do the things you want him to do. Exploring those possibilities can be fun for both of you.

5) Flirt! It’s important. Dress to impress your husband. Tease him mercilessly and bring the spark of passion and the light of laughter back into your lovemaking. Now is not the time to let things get boring or stale. Let the excitement build and then make it worth the wait.


When you do these things your focus won’t have to be on how to get your husband back but on how to make your marriage stronger instead.


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