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He Cheats – What to Do When Your Man Betrays Your Trust

What should you do when you are with a guy and he cheats on you? If you are asking yourself this question it means two things: First, a guy has cheated on you. Second, you do care about him enough that you cannot just walk away without first seeking some advice. This article will help you work through that and figure out whether or not if he cheats once it means he will cheat on you again.

First, infidelity is never excusable and it is one of the hardest things for a couple to get through. Usually, it signals the end of the relationship. But if you aren’t sure that you are ready to leave him, think about these things first.

Can you blame yourself for his cheating? Now, women blame themselves all of the time for a man’s straying when it really is not the woman’s fault. If he says it is because you gained weight or you just don’t excite him anymore, that is not a good reason. In fact, the only reason that a guy can give that you can take the blame for is if you are also seeing other people. In fact, that isn’t really even cheating. If you are both doing it you need to either BOTH agree to be exclusive or break up.

Now, you have to understand that some men will always been unable to be faithful to one woman. Whether he was just not taught to respect women or he has some flaw or insecurity that makes him hurt others around him, some men will never change. Don’t waste your time thinking that you are the one girl who can set him straight. If he has cheated on other girls, he will eventually cheat on you too.

But what if you don’t know of any other girls that he has been unfaithful to in the past and he only cheated on you once? Does that mean that he cheats in all of his relationships and he will cheat again?

Cheating is a red flag.

Regardless of his past and what you dreamed for the future together, if he cheats on you and gets away with it, he will probably do it again. It may hurt to walk away, but you will save yourself a lot of pain and tears in the long run.

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