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If He Cheats Once Will He Cheat Again?

Would there be any way to prevent a similar painful experience from happening again? What should a loving woman do in this situation? It may be hard to think about when it just happened, but it’s important to remember these tips after he cheats once.

When he cheats on you, it’s probably because he has a problem with the relationship — or you do. Surprised? It’s understandable — after all, it’s easy to think that the one who cheated is the one who has the problem. But shockingly, this isn’t always how things go.

The most common reason men cheat is because they’re unhappy with the relationship for some reason. It could be simply that you’ve lost the good feelings you shared when things were just starting out, or you’re putting too much pressure on him. It’s never a good idea to be the “bad guy” in the relationship, even if you have your reasons for being it.

Whatever his reasons are for cheating on you, relentlessly nagging and accusing him of many things is a bad idea — with the relationship already on a precarious position, pumping even more negative emotions into it will only make things much worse.

The worst alternative — breaking up with him — is the best way to avoid any further heartache. After all, it’s a proven phenomenon — if he cheats once, he will cheat again. If he’s been unfaithful in his past relationships, then it’s likely he’ll be like that with you, as well.

So remember — if he cheats once, you should be on your guard. Remember that trust is one of the hardest things to gain, and if the situation is too much for you to bear, then it’s best to just call things off. It’s probably not worth it to be the martyr in any relationship.

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