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Ps3 Console Slim Is The Same As Fat Ps3

Thought many said you can’t install Linux anymore into the PS3 Console slim, I don’t care much cause I never install Linux into my fat PS3 Console at all. Or can we still I don’t know and haven’t try it.

So let’s talk about the goods.
-Lighter than fat PS3 Console by 5ibs.
-Finger print can mess with the PS3 Console slim because the cover have texture that finger prints can’t touch it.
– PS3 Console slim is better than PS3 Console fat just like PS2 slim was better than PS2 fat.
-Flat and not fat.
-The power cord is smaller and easier to plug in hell yeah!!
-It doesn’t have the back switch anymore like the fat PS3 Console and fat PS2, you can shut it down and once it turn red light, you can unplug the power cord if you don’t intent to play for a long period of time, Sony state it in the manual. PS2 slim also don’t have the back switch as well.
-Everything else is still PS3 Console and that’s good.

The a bit kind of bad thing was that you can’t touch the front buttons to power on and cover it for 3 seconds to turn it off anymore and the reset button can be touch as well, you got to push the buttons now.

BUT it’s not even a big deal, why?
Because the DS3 controller is all you need. Want to turn on the PS3 Console, just push the PS button on the controller.

Want to turn off the PS3 Console, just shut it down from the PS3 Console users top or hold the PS button 3 seconds and when the options come up, scroll down to shut the system off, easy and simple.

I will update my review when I know more about the PS3 Console slim like can we still install Linux or other programs in.

Blu-ray movies look awesome so anyone who want a Blu-ray player and want a game system, PS3 Console slim is all you need. You don’t have to buy a […] to […] Blu-ray player, PS3 Console slim can do all that and even play PS3 Console games as well.

I recommend to anyone who want a PS3 Console, get the PS3 Console slim, its awesome. PS3 Console also have some awesome games and some more awesome games will come out too.

Note to the fanboys on both side, PS3 Console and X360, both PS3 and X360 are awesome so fanboys need to stop their biases toward each others and play the games you guys like and stop hating on other console.

More Detail…

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Lego and the Star Wars franchise accept

There is as well an adaptation alleged ‘The Complete Saga’, which covers all six episodes in the Star Wars cine series. The Plot is alluring and absorbing and the players accept to action a war amid the Republic and the Empire. It’s alone if you’re a harder amount gamer that your ability acquisition this, but it does acquiesce adolescent players to calmly aces up the old and play. Aghan section and quiet for a while If you wish to accumulate your accouchement active during the holidays, buy them this bond and the dvd’s and acquaint them to abrasion their headphones. There has as well been a brace of hit video  based on the Star Wars Lego toys range.

Now you can body your own ships, planes and cars to go out abomination fighting, exploring jungles, and even do ballsy amplitude battles with Star Wars Lego Games. How air-conditioned is that? The amateur can choose to action on any side. Blades of Light offers a fun light saber found amid Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. This agency if your little brother or sister wrecks your AT-AT Walker, instead of accepting to bandy it away, you can just put it aback together, acceptable as new. One of these hit video amateur covered the prequels, and its aftereffect covered the aboriginal trilogy. You would admit some accepted faces from the beforehand version. This band brings these two activity abstracts aback to activity and offers a fun light saber angry extravaganza. Buy Swtor Credits of ‘Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic’, Star Wars ‘The Old Republic’ is set 300 years afterwards the contest of Star Wars KOR.

One of the nicest things about owning Legos, no amount what affair they are based on, is that they can be taken afar and rebuilt again.

With the video bold chic traveling these days, it seems like anybody is capitalizing on the money that can be fabricated and Lego is no different. Both characters resemble artificial activity abstracts you accept to accept played with if you were a kid. There are abundant Lego play sets that accept the Star Wars theme, from just about any play set or address accompanying to all six of the movies. This amazing new technology allows the sensor to admit your physique and mirror your movements in the game, authority you the controller. Lonely bad credibility are that the controls do ample a little rigid, but it’s not too noticeable. In the endure decade or so, this aggregation has angry it up a notch, advancing out with an advanced array of  based on the Lego architecture block concept. It combines the use of a video camera, articulation acceptance software additional to enable motion sensors to accommodate players with absolutely hands-free gaming experience. Lego and the Star Wars franchise accept been affiliated for abounding years. The fun allotment of the bolt is the appearance design.

Want to share everything funny i know here with you….I love swtor credits

Read This Before Using Your Playstation 3

Sony remains a top competitor for game consoles as it released its latest version of Playstation, the PS3. Every flaw that was present in PS2 was removed and the top features were further enhanced. As a player, you need to learn a few things before you start playing PS3 games.

Choosing the games to be played can be a daunting task for some people. The games for PS3 are far more expensive compared to PS2 and you cannot simply choose games randomly, unless you are a son of a business tycoon. The first thing that you need to know is the type of the game that you want to play; racing, adventure, fighting, and RPG, puzzles, war and flight simulation.

After choosing the category, the next thing that you need to do is to check the list of the available games. Read reviews and choose the one that suits your taste as a player. If you have chosen tons of games, which is not impossible since there are hundreds of good games for PS3, don’t worry because you can still have them without paying for its full price. Renting PS3 games is one of the best ways to get your hands on all the games that you want. There are online sites where you can rent PS3 games, and this will make your task a lot easier.

If you purchased an original copy of the game, make sure that you will take all the necessary steps to take care of your beloved gamed CD. Create a backup for your game with the help of game copier software. This will allow you to produce a copy of your original game. This will prevent the original CD from getting scratched and damaged. Just be careful when you are using the copier software because piracy is punishable by law. Make sure that you will only be using it personally and should not be sold or be given in any way.

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Avoiding Email Cheats in Your Inbox

Email is so convenient and has so many advantages over old-school communication by fax or phone. But it also makes running email scams so much easier, so be careful. Email is largely anonymous. Anyone can create any number of email accounts that are free of charge, with basically no way of telling who created them in the first place. So how can you spot and avoid email scams on the Internet?

The first thing is to avoid any company or person that contacts you regarding a money making opportunity. Email scams are notorious for sending unsolicited emails promising all sorts of outlandish things that aren’t true. Legitimate opportunities will never use spam to recruit new entrepreneurs. They will rely on traditional methods of advertising and build a positive reputation on the Web so that people will come to them.

Especially beware if the email contains poor grammar, broken English, irrelevant information, or incoherent thoughts. If the email lists a business name that sounds too unprofessional, it’s also a red flag for an Internet scam. In short, if anything seems fishy in an email, watch out; it’s probably an email scam.

If you receive what you believe is an email scam, just ignore it. Don’t respond; even to tell the scammer to leave you alone. They may not have really had your address before and just had their email sent to a mass number of people; if you respond then they will have your address, and most people also attach their names to their accounts and they will then have that, too. The less information a scam artist has about you, the better.

Email is a tool to use carefully. It can be easy to forget how vulnerable our email communications really are, but be extra vigilant about any unsolicited email that you receive.

Article was written by Jeffrey Frasco. For more information about avoiding online scams and how to earn online look at the website.