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Ps3 Consoles – Had 360 And Then Ps3

This is for anyone deciding to buy the 360 or PS3 Consoles.

I bought the 360 in december 07.. and since, I have had THREE (3) Xboxes. Microsoft is known for Software, not Hardware.. so when they decided to make this machine, they got it all wrong. Everything from the chips, the fans, power plug, disk tray, heat-sinks, etc, is ALL WRONG. Play the 360 everyday, and it will break in 9 – 12 months tops! Sure, Xbox Live is good, but how can you enjoy that if your console is going to break a lot (and I mean A LOT). The “Jasper” chip came out in the newer Xboxes.. but they still sound like an airplane on the runway, and they still get hot. Just give it the usual 12 months, and they will start breaking (ok, maybe 15 months now with Jasper lol).

You can’t go wrong with the PS3 Consoles. It feels like a tank, a true warrior. Even turning on this beautiful machine is a charm.. it’s got a neat sensor-like button, and you just have to slide your finger. With the Xbox, you press this cheap power button, and pray that you don’t get the 3 RED LIGHTS! I swear that every single time I was turning on my 360, I was terrified!

I find the PS3 Consoles a very VERY SUPERIOR machine.

Believe me when I tell you that from the moment you turn on this beauty, you are going to feel you made the BEST investment possible. I remember that when I purchased the 360, and actually had it in my hands, I was like.. oh boy.. this thing doesn’t look like it’s built to last. […]

And for those that say that the PS3 Consoles doesn’t have any games.. God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, Infamous, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy XIII Versus.. there’s 10 right there. And sure you get the Call of Duty franchise (and you don’t have to worry that the console is going to break!!!).

I had CoD4 on 360, and I couldn’t even get to the 10th PRESTIGE because the stupid console broke! From that point I was on my 3rd Box.. and then I decided to sell all my games, get the PS3 Consoles, and I have been playing CoD WaW.. oh yeah, I’m going for the 10th Prestige now baby!!! Lol

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Ps3 Console – Video Review Of Ps3 Slim

This is my video review of the PS3 Console.

There are some fine write ups here on Amazon regarding this new console. Please refer to them for detailed analysis. My video is meant as a quick primer on the new PS3 Console Slim and the benefits of owning it. If you want to see more detail with regard to the specs or other things just pause the video. I have all 3 main consoles now, each has their merits and shortcomings. Please keep comments focused to this model. THIS REVIEW IS A PRIMER. The video is just a fast way to watch all of the information that you may find out there on a billion other sites. Its presented here to be fast and informative without having to look all over… Also At the end I give MY review of the product. Please see my UPDATE below to see what I think of owning it for nearly a month now.
Music by: Positively Dark (Orbit)

Games Featured: Some are not out yet – (Can only insert 10)

Assassin’s Creed II,Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,Brutal Legend,Little Big Planet: Game of the Year Edition,FIFA Soccer 09,Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection,Uncharted 2: Among ThievesDirt 2,Madden NFL 10,Need for Speed: Shift

One Month UPDATE:

Ok so I have had this since the day it came out and I mus leave a review as a owner of roughly a month;

First off I wont be comparing it directly to the Wii or Xbox, I am not a fanboy and do not wish to incite a riot or anything of the sort. I have played roughly 12 games on this system now. It looks fantastic. The cell engine is so smooth, I dont think I have ever seen it jerk or tear the video. I am really in awe of games like Little Big Planet, Uncharted 1, and Ghostbusters to name a few. They look just so beautiful.

Blue Ray Disc playback:
The ability to play BD movies is really a plus. If you know some of my earlier reviews of a couple of years ago you would see that I attempted to own a Toshiba HD DVD player. That was a literal nightmare to own. Since getting the PS3 Console I have watched about 5 BD DVD’s and not one has skipped or locked up. I realize that this is in effect a computer and that may be why it plays “software” such as a BD disc better but whatever it is it plays 1080i and 1080p just beautifully. I am using HDMI of course.

I have read some of the reviews that mention how loud it is. I cant say that I agree wholly. It is not silent by any means but my Tivo is actually louder when it is recording 2 shows. If the room is completely silent then yes, you can hear it running, but generally it cannot be heard over the TV when it is being used.

I like the new buttons. A friend has the PS3 Console Fat and its lack of real buttons can be a pain. This one gives you a solid click when turning it off and on.

Some tips:
If you are just getting into the HD video gaming systems with the PS3 Console Slim and do not have a small fortune, I recommend a video game rental place. That way you can play games and not have to own them when you finish them. If you really LOVE it then you can purchase that particular game. Also there are full demo’s available for just about every PS3 Console game out there that you can download and install via the PS3 Console game menu. I have tried a TON of games this way and it gave me some ideas of the ones I would like to rent, and its free.

Also I recommend connecting this to your WIRED network. It does have wireless but downloading several GB of data via the air takes a while. It uses a 10 base T Cat5 Ethernet connection.

If you are sitting on the fence waiting, wait no longer and get this now!

Thank you for reading/watching my review, I really hope it helps.

More Detail…

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