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Call Of Duty Black Ops Free

I had Earlier written reviews for this game, but now I want you to know where to get Call Of Duty Black Ops for free! I have included my previous review in this article for you.

Call Of Duty black ops for Computer or desktop the PC running with windows OS, was made by Activision. There is also versions for DS, PS3 & Xbox360.
I really want to tell you about What I have to say about this game for the PC is..
They made the PC version much better than the console, the xbox 360 and PS3 are on their own spot. But we PC gamers love it, the online had dedicated servers! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

What more is , that the Desktop version can look way better with the addition with the latest hardware with full settings and using latest high end graphics card.

Using a Corei3 2.40ghz and a High end Nvidia graphics card is just a great experience!

Unless your not a gamer you won’t know what I am saying or not a nerd :P!

The guns and every stage looked so realistic!



But the gameplay matters! They did a sick thing with it
The online was fun, there is also a zombie mode.
Where you fight against a wave of hungry dead zombies, you can choose up to 6 in a team for online I saw!
In other words it is multiplayer mode, as much as online lags.
The offline ad hoc rules, I suggest you to host a tourney or so with your friends gather at some place and have a battle.
The score doesn’t even  sometimes distracts you with notices during gunfire, but they I think just added that radar thing there on bottom panel to just make use of the down part of the of the emptiness..
The game is good, but if you have a high end pc.
I suggest download it for that! You could enjoy this game as it’s meant to be! with great graphics and sound.
Hope you liked this review by me, it’s mostly rants and so but meh ;).
Enjoy! Go to link below please

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