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Call of Duty Black OPS

If Call of Duty: Black Ops is responsible for consoles this summer’s blockbuster movie, Black Ops is the DS version you can see the basic cable a few years later. It was excised and cut into an appropriate system, and a number of issues to be Lost in Translation, but it is always a fun experience that captures the spirit of the console cousin. Black Ops single player campaign is a dark Cold War cases of special forces officers. Levels have experienced flashbacks during a mission debriefing. Story to try to identify an atmosphere of espionage behind the scenes, but unlike the console version of the story, it is inconsistent and imprecise, and only serves as a pretext to create tasks. These tasks can not associate the whole plot well, but that occasional excursions are varied and interesting. And to top it all, you can jump on some great action shooting game online with up to five other players.

Single player campaign is doing a good job of balancing the various factors. You can spend a lot of driving and shooting through the narrow corridors that funnel and out of open areas but also in situations that allow you to take a more tactical fight. Example of a level and you have to fight through a jungle of small shantytown. We need to Hunker down with your squadmates and defend the area of assault. Before each wave of enemies, you get some rudimentary commands in real-time strategy call of duty black ops game, you can choose the type of areas on the map to defend squadmates. These moments, and some solid ground and a way to combine operations as well. Many levels when the group has two teammates under the control of AI. These computer-controlled allies kicked out of their light weight and to pursue their own enemy. Their support is invaluable because you are against the AI is aggressive, and the enemies will not let you stay covered long before they start throwing grenades. Difficulty inconsistent and difficult to control the contents of the helicopter is only one disadvantage otherwise exciting campaign.

This is a Call of Duty game views “arm” is important – the hip shooting is completely wrong most of the time. Checking previous Call of Duty DS games have seen some improvements. You now have two options to start sightseeing. You can double click on the touch screen, tap the icon at the top of the screen. You can also adjust the sensitivity if you accidentally double-click to start it. You can also change the command button with the face buttons handle to move the truss. They are just as accurate, but they are useful for self-locking function. Function button you use a vault over objects and the activation switch is a bit too small, but you do not use it enough that it will harm the game.

Impressive, Black Ops is the DS can also be the most addictive multiplayer game is a carrot stick from the console game Call of Duty. You can play online or locally up to six people, and open the weapons and perks, while the level. Interface selection of these weapons and perks that the console is awkward, and instead save the completed load outs, you can choose a weapon, and the benefits that you take with you each session. But there is an impressive amount of customization, and the game is fast and easy. On top of the competition in multiplayer mode, such as Black Ops Zombie fashion that started in the Call of Duty: World at War. Zombie fashion here is so fascinating and frightening that you wait for your teammates and fight against waves of undead insatiable. The only downside is that you can argue with partners to coordinate their defense when playing online, if this function is best played with friends in the same room.

Black Ops DS looks amazing, especially the levels of the vehicle. When you walk in beautiful surroundings, and looking down barrels of weapons detailed, you can not help but be impressed. Frame rate is consistent throughout, rarely dipping despite chaos on screen. Sounds like a problem, it can be inconsistent. The music is super tight, a good complement to the hectic and all cutscenes and dialogue are absolutely free. Some weapons are good, however. Some, such as MA16, gives a punch you would expect, while others look more like someone tapping their fingers a coffee table.

Although there are some rough spots, Black Ops is the DS is the best Call of Duty Mobile yet. He has all the features that make the console version so popular – an exciting campaign, the mechanisms of fire fighting and addictive multiplayer. Apart from the fundamental experience is an arcade mode that gives you a number of lives that put a high score and of course zombie mode that’s great to play with others. There is a wide range of content in Black Ops, and everything is high quality, give or take a few poorly-level helicopter. If you want some Call of Duty on the road, he does not get better than that.

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