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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats – Key to Unlock New Features

Like millions of video game enthusiasts, you are probably dying to get ready
with your call of duty with the latest main edition among the Call of
Duty series. Black Ops proved to be the much-awaited computer game of
the year, if not of the decade. However, not knowing the ins and outs
of the game is such a frustrating experience and disappointingly
time-consuming. It is a good thing that there are Call of Duty: Black
Ops Cheats to guide you to different things that need to be unlocked to
take advantage of all the new features the game has to offer. The
cheats are available for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and WII to better suit your
game play comfort. The cheats will literally guide you through from the
start of the mission down to the last one. The first time that you are
going to need the cheat is when you access the Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA) Data System. You need to log in properly and enter the
correct username and password. The cheats will provide you a complete
list of the names and their corresponding passwords. Call of Duty:
Black Ops Cheats will also lead you to unlock the Zombies mode. All
Zombie maps will be provided to let you complete the entire campaign.
It will also walk you through on how to find the Pack-a-Punch needed to
complete the Five maps in Zombie mode. Another thing worth noting about
the cheats is that it explicitly gives accurate details about the
locations of all forty two intel laptops and how to actually grab it.
From Mission 1 (Operation 40) down to the last mission (Redemption),
the cheats will provide detailed description about the whereabouts of
the three intels included per mission. The cheat also gives out
multi-player unlockables to reach a certain level and get the
corresponding bonus. Finally, the complete codes are presented to make
your video game playing life easier and more exciting. For instance,
for Xbox 360, using the right analog stick, go to the main menu.
Alternately press the left and right button so you can escape from your
chair. Meanwhile, this also unlocks the “Just Ask Me Nicely” secret
achievement. After you break free from your chair, go behind it and
search for the computer terminal for you to access the CIA Data System.
The complete codes are ready for you to use to access hidden features
of the game and unlock the so-called “unlockables”. Such mind-blowing
and action-packed video game like the Black Ops deserves the most
comprehensive Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats so you can enjoy playing
until you successfully say, “Mission Accomplished!”

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Cheating at your favorite games

Nowadays, the ones that are very much attracted by games are of course kids and they will want to play only the meanest and best games out there. And that is why they will many times want to make use of cheats, as being 13 and playing a game meant for an 18+ audience, will require some mental skills these chaps don’t have.


The GTA series is very much adored by millions of players around the world, especially GTA4. In this game, you will get to kill, burn, shoot and also throw people off buildings and go over them with your car or your tank. So, if you are at a mission that just seems impossible to pass, then you will not have to worry, for there are some cheats that you can use. When it comes to the Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheats, you should know that they can also be found in the Dirty Little Helper, but I don’t know if there are many people aware of this program.


You will see that while some cheats will get to make you invincible, there will be some that will let you in on all of the weapons in the game and let us not forget that you will also get to be let in on all of the special cars in the game, especially the tank.


You should know that when it comes to the game, it is very much fun to play without cheats, but it is fun to play with cheats as well. But there are also many people out there that will love playing Starcraft. This is a game that has made history and it has a mind blowing gameplay that makes you really addicted if you will play this title.


Your goal in the game is to expand your base as to the extent when you will be powerful enough in order to have the enemy forces counteracted.

For example the cheats that you will be able to use will get to make you invincible, will give you unlimited resources and will of course, help you out with making your structures built faster. I bet that many people will thus delve into getting the fast building cheat and also the invincibility cheat. When you will make use of cheats, playing the game will be very easy.


Yet there are also some other games that don’t involve killing and they are very much fun to play despite of this. One of them is Sims 3, a game that revolves around the idea that you will need to have a character developed until the day that he or she will die. It is a game that really teaches you many things about human relationships and life in general. Like any other game out there, you will be able to use cheats in order to get past some situations that will be too hard for you to understand and find a proper solution for, so good luck with this awesome game!


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