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Chasing Ghosts!

Do you chase ghosts? I bet you have, at some point! I’m not talking about the free-floating spectral spirits found in Ghostbusters. Although, it can be a haunting experience non-the-less.

What I’m referring to… and you’ve most likely experienced this…

…is the fluttering sound of time, energy and resources being wasted trying to collect money owed from deadbeats (or ghosts as I like to call them).

My printer likes to advance credit to everyone, but has a tough time collecting. Although most of her clients do eventually pay, she has a few that continue to hide in the shadows and withhold payment.

She asked for my help. She informed me that she has been trying to collect a total of $ 1000 from three customers over the last 2 years. The lowest amount was $ 56. The next two amounts were $ 378 and $ 566.

As much as I wanted to tell her she was on the right track, I just could not! She was indeed chasing ghosts. She was wasting time, energy and resources trying to collect monies she would never see. She was stressing out! In addition, the time spent trying to collect could have been put into newer sales.

I explained to her the chances of ever seeing that money diminish with each passing day. That, and to keep spending money to mail out past due invoices was costing her way more than what she would end up collecting.

“Ten bucks”, I told her! That was the amount per week of the uncollectibles divided over 2 years. It just wasn’t worth worrying about! Heck, it’s the cost of two Starbucks coffees.

“But its a thousand dollars”, she snapped back.

“No, it’s not!” – it’s a ghost and you need to stop chasing it.

After our conversation, she immediately changed her way of doing business.

She now requires payment at time of service. No more billing! No more hassles! No more wasted energy spent collecting! Best of all, no more chasing ghosts!

How about you? Are you still chasing ghosts? I think you are! In fact, 99% of most businesses are!

We are programmed to offer credit, because that’s what we’ve been told! That’s what the industry has been doing since the beginning of time.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you can change your marketing habits, the supplies you use, or even the magazines you subscribe to… you can change the way you are paid.

I talk to service contractors all the time about “chasing ghosts” and I get a lot of same lame excuses.

“Well, we’ll place a mechanics lien on their property if they don’t pay in so much time!” In most cities, you can’t file a mechanics lien until after 90 days, sometimes longer by that time, the customer could have sold the property, skip town or filed bankruptcy. The money you spent on filing a lien is now money lost in the pursuit of a ghost. Sure, a mechanics lien sounds wonderful but, what if the sleazy non-paying customer never sells the property. Guess what, you don’t get paid.

“Well, if they don’t pay right away, we’ll charge interest.” Good luck with that! If you haven’t been able to collect in 90 days, the chance of receiving interest on the outstanding debt is slim to none.

“Our margins are too low; we can’t afford to pay the fee to accept credit cards or commercial lending!” Well, if your margins are too low, maybe you shouldn’t be in business.

Look, this isn’t the 1960’s where deals were made on handshakes, and people trusted each other. You just can’t afford to do business that way. You are in business to make money, plain and simple. You’re not a bank! You’re not a charity! You need to be paid! The only way to insure that payment is forth coming every time…is by informing your customer up front what your terms and conditions are.

Just because you have always extended credit before, doesn’t mean you have to continue to do so. When you allow the customer to dictate terms, you give them permission to rip you off.

When you don’t collect at time of service, you allow the customer to “call the shots” and take advantage of you.

Your terms and conditions can be whatever you wish! If a customer truly wants to use your service, they will honor your terms and conditions. Will you get every job, NO! Will you eliminate 99% of your collection headaches…YES!

Why complicate your business with chasing ghosts? Make getting paid a priority!

Don’t overly complicate your terms and conditions. Keep them simple! Above all, make sure payment for services is clearly spelled out.

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Dollar ReDe$ign Project: New designs unveiled

The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States. As one of the world\’s reserve currencies, it is most used in international transactions. It is time the U.S. dollar was redesigned so that it can keep pace with new appearances of the euro. “Dollar ReDe$ ign Project” was set up by strategy consultant Richard Smith to call for ideas of the dollar bank note designs in the future because the dollar has followed traditional designs since 1930. Through the project’s website and social networks, Richard attempted to advertise his programme as well as attract the participation of designers all over the world. From that, the dollar can make its way to revive the global recession. On September 30th 2010, there were about 50 designers submitting their works to the project.


The works of Lee Willet, a graphic designer and web developer living in South Salem, New York.


The dollar redesign of Micah Perez, a student at the University of Colorado


Heath Killen, a freelance graphic designer in Newcastle, Australia presents both elegant and powerful meaning in the one-dollar bill redesign.


Vincent Kettering, working as a bottle cap collector, expresses his admiration to Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin in the US$ 0.


Fabiano Pinel, a Brazilian art director, chooses the images of “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Pressley to feature the 100-dollar bank note.


The one dollar bill which features current U.S. President Barack Obama is redesigned by Dowling Duncan.


Evan Brogan in Austin features the American Bison on the 20-dollar bill.


Adriana Hurtado from San Antonio, Texas thinks it is time to have a new American currency.


George Washington is also depicted in the one-dollar note redesign of Juan Arreguin, a graphic design major from Evanston.


Ani Ardzivian, a freelance graphic designer in New York, drew inspiration from four main themes including environment, women\’s rights, civil rights and technological advancements.


A German college student Raffael Hannemann opts for famous people namely CEO of Apple Steve Jobs and the King of Pop to be put on his own designs.


Designer Dan Swenson from Minneapolis depicts former President of the United States George Washington in his redesigned one-dollar note.


Instead of American Presidents, Mike Sturgeon from Phoenix chose Ernest Hemingway to appear on the twenty-dollar bill.



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Lego star wars set

Aliens and unknown creatures belonging to another planet have always been among the favorites among a child’s consideration whereby most of his characters come from such characters. Mentioning about aliens not considering star wars would be unjustified, so it such regard, it becomes essential to mention about the Lego Star wars set which compromises of characters of star wars including Admiral Ackbar, Padme Amidala, Mas Amedda, Bail Antilles, Raymus Antilles, Wedge Antilles, Queen Breha Antilles Organa, Tavion Axmis, Darth Bane, Depa Billaba, Jar Jar Binks, Joruus C’baoth, Lando Calrissian, Chewbecca, Nas Choka, General Airen Cracken, etc.

The game includes taking oneself into his own world of imagination by use of the Legos and creating a situation as existed in the movie or even trying to create an abstract situation which can add thrill and chill to your experience. The scenario can be enhanced by use of some external means, say; using a black colored card board along with some white dots all over it can act as a background denoting the universe full of stars and planets. The game comes in a set which contains all the major characters and allows a child to create a situation according to his desire.

The Lego star wars set is an exclusive addition to the world of Lego as it reflects a situation where two giants collaborate, as Lego is the king in king in toy’s world and star wars is the king in the world of animated movies.

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